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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
21.2010019-14.0.0Rel-14Replace list of specs with pointer to web page showing up to date list.  SP-170460approved14.1.0
21.2010018112.0.0Rel-13Update to list of LTE specs  SP-160974approved13.0.0
21.2010018-12.0.0Rel-13Update to list of LTE specs  SP-160804revised 
21.2010017-11.1.0Rel-12Update to list of specs  SP-160126approved12.0.0
21.2010016-11.1.0Rel-11Update to list of specs  SP-160125approved11.2.0
21.2010015-11.0.0Rel-11Update to list of specs- SP-140200approved11.1.0
21.2010014-10.3.0Rel-10Update to list of specs- SP-140200approved10.4.0
21.2010013-10.2.0Rel-11Update to list of specsSP-130155 SP-130155approved11.0.0
21.2010012-10.2.0Rel-10Update to list of specsSP-130155 SP-130155approved10.3.0
21.2010011110.1.0Rel-10Changes to list of Specs: LTE systems- SP-120114approved10.2.0
21.2010011-10.1.0Rel-10Changes to list of Specs- CP-120138noted 
21.201001019.1.0Rel-9Changes to list of Specs: LTE systems- SP-120114approved9.2.0
21.2010010-9.1.0Rel-9Changes to list of Specs- CP-120138noted 
21.201000918.4.0Rel-8Changes to list of Specs: LTE systems- SP-120114approved8.5.0
21.2010009-8.4.0Rel-8Changes to list of Specs- CP-120138noted 
21.2010008-10.0.0Rel-10Correction to list of specs- SP-110298approved10.1.0
21.2010007-9.0.1Rel-9Correction to list of specs- SP-110298approved9.1.0
21.2010006-8.3.0Rel-8Correction to list of specs- SP-110298approved8.4.0
21.2010005-8.2.0Rel-9Update list of specs- SP-100012approved9.0.0
21.2010004-8.2.0Rel-8Update list of specs- SP-100012approved8.3.0
21.201000318.1.0Rel-8Corrections to list of Specifications- SP-090695approved8.2.0
21.2010003-8.1.0Rel-8Corrections to list of Specifications- -  
21.201000228.0.0Rel-8Clarification of scope- SP-090495approved8.1.0
21.201000218.0.0Rel-8Clarification of scope- -  
21.2010002-8.0.0Rel-8Clarification of scope- SP-090383postponed 
21.2010002-8.0.0Rel-8Clarification of scope- -  
21.201000128.0.0Rel-8Update list of Specs- SP-090495approved8.1.0
21.201000118.0.0Rel-8Update list of Specs- SP-090383postponed 
21.201000118.0.0Rel-8Update list of Specs- -  
21.2010001-8.0.0Rel-8Update list of Specs- -