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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
22.0020014-4.2.0Rel-5Correction of terminology and references Details S1-021076 agreedSP-020244approved5.0.0
22.0020013-4.1.0Rel-4Corrections to erroneous implementation of CRs SP-010039 and SP-010040 to 22.002. Details S1-010357 agreedSP-010257approved4.2.0
22.0020012-4.0.0Rel-4Restructuring of tables in section 3.1 Details S1-010266 agreedSP-010040approved4.1.0
22.0020011-4.0.0Rel-4Restructuring of 22.002 Details S1-010254 agreedSP-010040approved4.1.0
22.0020010-4.0.0Rel-4to 22.002 clarification on Circuit Switched Bearer Services in UMTS Details S1-010253 agreedSP-010039approved4.1.0
22.0020009-3.5.0R1999to 22.002 clarification on Circuit Switched Bearer Services in UMTS Details S1-010252 agreedSP-010039approved3.6.0
22.0020008-3.4.0Rel-4Deletion of bearer service BS 30 NT Details S1-000595 agreedSP-000390approved4.0.0
22.0020007-3.4.0R199932 kbit/s UDI/RDI multimedia in GSM Details S1-000561 agreedSP-000371approved3.5.0
22.0020006-3.3.0R1999Lower User Rates in UMTS for Circuit Switched Data Services Details S1-000274 agreedSP-000192approved3.4.0
22.0020005-3.2.0R1999Corrections on 3,1 kHz Audio support Details S1-000132 agreedSP-000054approved3.3.0
22.0020004-3.1.0R199922.002 made only applicable to CS Domain. Details S1-991075 agreedSP-99520approved3.2.0
22.0020003-3.1.0R1999Addition of new general bearer service user data characteristics for 33.6kbit/s modem, FTM and multimedia calls Details S1-991008 agreedSP-99520approved3.2.0
22.0020002- R1999Bearer Services Details S1-99659 agreedSP-99446approved3.1.0
22.0020001- R1999Editorial changes for alignment Details S1-99608 agreedSP-99479approved3.1.0