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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
22.0300020-13.0.0Rel-14Incorrect references in Annex B Details S1-170046 agreedSP-170154approved14.0.0
22.0300019213.0.0Rel-14Addition of Mobile Data and Data Roaming on/off functions to the MMI of Mobile Equipment. Details S1-160527 withdrawn   
22.0300019113.0.0Rel-14Addition of Mobile Data and Data Roaming on/off functions to the MMI of Mobile Equipment. Details S1-160315 revised   
22.0300019-13.0.0Rel-14Addition of mobile data and Data Roaming on/off functions to the MMI of mobile equipment Details S1-160136 revised   
22.0300018112.0.0Rel-12Displaying of PIN and PIN2 entry to the user Details S1-133018 agreedSP-130196approved12.1.0
22.0300015210.0.0Rel-12Adding the presentation of e-marking Details S1-122440 agreedSP-120534approved12.0.0
22.0300014-8.0.0Rel-8Correction of ICE access procedure Details S1-080706 agreedSP-080302approved8.1.0
22.030001327.0.1Rel-8ICE: to TS 22.030 Details S1-080320  SP-080036approved8.0.0
22.0300011-5.0.0Rel-7Add a MMI Service Code of UE Details S1-040239 agreedSP-040097approved7.0.0
22.0300010-4.0.0Rel-4correct terms and references Details S1-020457 agreedSP-020045approved4.1.0
22.0300009-3.3.0R1999Codes for defined Supplementary Services Details S1-000501 agreedSP-000376approved3.4.0
22.0300008-3.2.0R1999MMI(Man-Machine interface) of Multicall Details S1-000172 agreedSP-000056approved3.3.0
22.0300007-3.2.0R1999Introduction of Service Code 214 for “Follow Me” Details S1-000166 agreedSP-000056approved3.3.0
22.0300006-3.1.0R1999Mainly an editorial update for GSM/3GPP use. Details S1-991029 agreedSP-99519approved3.2.0
22.0300004-3.0.0R1999Indication to user in case of an error during Data Download Details S1-99847 agreedSP-99439approved3.1.0
22.0300003-3.0.0R1999Support for Anonymous Call Rejection Details S1-99664 agreedSP-99447approved3.1.0
22.0300002-3.0.0R1999Data services streamlining Details S1-99744 agreedSP-99447approved3.1.0
22.0300001-3.0.0R1999Editorial changes for alignment Details S1-99614 agreedSP-99479approved3.1.0