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See details 22.100A014-B R1999UMTS Phase 1 core network to support facilities for monitoring and measurement of traffic flows and characteristics within the network eg for congestion control. Details S1-99195 agreedSA1-#2 + SMG1 Details SP-99103 approvedSA-#3S13.2.0UMTS1
See details 22.100A010-B R1999Mobiles to operate in different access arrangements Details S1-99221 agreedSA1-#2 + SMG1 Details SP-99103 approvedSA-#3S13.2.0UMTS1
See details 22.100A009-F R1999Introducing the support of multiple parallel bearers (CS, PS) in support of Multicall. Details S1-99222 agreedSA1-#2 + SMG1 Details SP-99103 rejectedSA-#3S1 Multicall, UMTS1
See details 22.100A008-C R1999Added support of real time non-transparent fax service as an option.Alternatively, a store and forward service can be envisaged for sub-sequent delivery to FAX Machine in PSTN/ISDN. Details S1-99196 agreedSA1-#2 + SMG1 Details SP-99103 approvedSA-#3S13.2.0UMTS1
See details 22.100A0052B R1999Addition of new phrase for optimisation of inter-network signalling: UMTS Phase 1 network shall provide an effective solution of inter-network traffic and signalling in case of global roaming. Details S1-99193 agreedSA1-#2 + SMG1 Details SP-99103 approvedSA-#3S13.2.0UMTS1
See details 22.100A0032B R1999Adding a sub-section on Emergency Call handling and addressing the possibility of having more than one Emergency number. Details S1-99190 agreedSA1-#2 + SMG1 Details SP-99103 postponedSA-#3S1 UMTS1
See details 22.10000302F3.6.0R1999Correction of support of facsimile teleservice for UMTS R99 specifications Details S1-010862 agreed Details SP-010428 approvedSA-#13S13.7.0FAX
See details 22.1000030-F3.6.0R1999Request for clarification on the fax service in UMTS R99 Details S1-010561 agreed Details SP-010242 rejectedSA-#12S1 FAX 2G
See details 22.1000029-F3.5.0R1999SoLSA not applicable for UMTS release 99 Details S1-000125 agreed  Details SP-000064 approvedSA-#7S13.6.0
See details 22.1000028-B3.4.0R1999Support of Mobile IP in release 99 Details S1-991047 agreed  Details SP-99528 approvedSA-#6S13.5.0
See details 22.1000027-D3.3.0R1999Editorial changes for references (was #024) Details S1-99641 agreed  Details SP-99479 approvedSA-#5s13.4.0 2G
See details 22.1000026-F3.3.0R1999Support of SAT by USIM (was #023) Details S1-99736 agreed  Details SP-99439 approvedSA-#5s13.4.0SAT 2G
See details 22.1000025-F3.3.0R1999Release 99 alignments and corrections Details S1-99856 agreed  Details SP-99452 approvedSA-#5s13.4.0
See details 22.1000024-F3.3.0R1999UMTS Phase 1 future releases Details S1-99538 agreed  Details SP-99452 approvedSA-#5s13.4.0
See details 22.1000023-D3.3.0R1999Editorial changes for terminology Details S1-99544 agreed  Details SP-99479 approvedSA-#5s13.4.0
See details 22.1000022-D3.3.0R1999Editorial changes for new spec numbering scheme Details S1-99382 agreed  Details SP-99479 approvedSA-#5s13.4.0
See details 22.10000213F3.3.0R1999Clarification of the fax requirements and including a definition of the real-time fax requirements. Replaces 388 Details S1-99394 agreed  Details SP-99227 approvedSA-#4S13.4.0
See details 22.10000201B3.3.0R1999Clarify the numbering scheme in UMTS/IMT2000:The phase 1 UMTS core network shall support single and multiple numbering schemes described in 22.101 Details S1-99377 agreed  Details SP-99229 approvedSA-#4S13.4.0
See details 22.1000019-B3.3.0R1999Handling of Emergency Numbers:Adds a requirement to support an emergency call teleservice as defined in TS22.101 Details S1-99373 agreed  Details SP-99226 approvedSA-#4S13.4.0
See details 22.1000018-F3.3.0R1999Relationship between UMTS 22.00 and other 22.xx document series Details S1-99369 agreed  Details SP-99232 approvedSA-#4S13.4.0
See details 22.1000017-C3.3.0R1999on security requirements for UMTS Phase 1 Release 99: To align the specification with the fact that S3 defines security requirements for UMTS Phase 1 Release 99. Details S1-99366 agreedSA1-SMG1-VHE Details SP-99233 approvedSA-#4S13.4.0
See details 22.1000016-D3.3.0R1999Reflect the view of TSG T WG2 which is that for Release 99 SMS specifications are based on the current GSM SMS specifications see 309 Details S1-99355 agreedSA1-SMG1-VHE Details SP-99234 approvedSA-#4S13.4.0
See details 22.1000015-B3.3.0R1999Re-negotiation during Call / Session - Modify QoS Parameters Details S1-99378 agreedSA1-SMG1-VHE Details SP-99231 approvedSA-#4S13.4.0