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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
22.105A008- R1999UMTS shall support GSM General Bearer Services (GBS) and interworking scenarios as specified in 02.02. Details S1-99209 agreedSP-99105approved3.4.0
22.105A007- R1999Added requirement for high quality speech in UMTS Phase 1 but not in Release 1999. Details S1-99211 agreedSP-99105approved3.4.0
22.1050058-13.0.0Rel-14eFMSS CR for supporting third party owned (S)Gi-LAN service Details S1-160138 withdrawn   
22.1050057-12.0.0Rel-12Addition and correction of ITU-T References Details S1-144316 agreedSP-140780approved12.1.0
22.1050056111.0.1Rel-11Correction of external references Details S1-135288 agreedSP-130592approved11.1.0
22.1050054-9.0.0Rel-9Removal of references to 3GPP OSA Details S1-102050 agreedSP-100575approved9.1.0
22.105005318.4.0Rel-9Requimements for IP Addressing Support and Dual stack PDP context Details S1-084316 agreedSP-080783approved9.0.0
22.105005218.4.0Rel-9Aggregate Maximum Bit Rate (AMBR) for EPS, UMTS and 2G networks Details S1-083466 agreedSP-080783approved9.0.0
22.105005128.3.0Rel-8SMS service Level interworking Details S1-070791 agreedSP-070358approved8.4.0
22.105005028.2.0Rel-8CR0050 on 22.105 for SMS – IM service level interworking Details S1-070293 agreedSP-070124approved8.3.0
22.105005018.2.0Rel-8CR0050 on 22.105 for SMS IM service level interworking Details S1-070256 revised-  
22.1050050-8.2.0Rel-8CR0050 on 22.105 for SMS – IMS service level interworking Details S1-070100 revised-  
22.1050049-8.1.0Rel-8Support of SMS over generic 3GPP IP access Details S1-061421 agreedSP-060767approved8.2.0
22.1050048-7.0.0Rel-7Support of SMS over generic 3GPP IP access Details S1-061420 agreedSP-060767approved7.1.0
22.1050047-8.0.0Rel-8Emergency call - addition of data component Details S1-060857 agreedSP-060648approved8.1.0
22.1050047-8.0.0Rel-8Emergency call - addition of data component Details S1-060857 agreedSP-060481reissued 
22.1050046-6.4.0Rel-7QoS requirements for gaming Details S1-060605 agreedSP-060325approved7.0.0
22.105004516.4.0Rel-8Add requirement for -authentication of source of SMS and provision of sender’s name to 22.105 (replaces SP-060322 containing 22105CR0045_(Rel-8)_S1-060539.doc)  SP-060438approved8.0.0
22.1050045-6.4.0Rel-8Add requirement for -authentication of source of SMS and provision of sender’s name to 22.105 Details S1-060539 agreedSP-060322revised 
22.105004426.3.0Rel-6Clarification on service based QoS requirement  SP-050635approved6.4.0
22.105004416.3.0Rel-6Clarification on service based QoS requirement  SP-050632revised 
22.1050044-6.3.0Rel-6Clarification on service based QoS requirement Details S1-050919 agreedSP-050519revised 
22.1050043-6.2.0Rel-6Removal of Reference to TS 22.121 Details S1-050216 agreedSP-050059approved6.3.0
22.1050042-6.1.0Rel-6Service Based Local Policy Requirements Details S1-030566 agreedSP-030254approved6.2.0
22.1050041-6.0.0Rel-6Correlation between service class and traffic class Details S1-030274 agreedSP-030018approved6.1.0
22.1050040-5.2.0Rel-5Correlation between service class and traffic class Details S1-030273 agreedSP-030018rejected 
22.1050039-5.2.0Rel-6on subscriber certificates Details S1-021782 agreedSP-020558approved6.0.0
22.1050038-5.2.0Rel-5Forbidden LAs for regional provision of service Details S1-021634 agreedSP-020548rejected 
22.1050037-4.3.0Rel-4Forbidden LAs for regional provision of service Details S1-021631 agreedSP-020548rejected 
22.1050036-5.1.0Rel-5GERAN Iu mode related updates Details S1-020887 agreedSP-020248approved5.2.0
22.1050035-5.0.0Rel-5correct terms and references Details S1-020357 agreedSP-020045approved5.1.0
22.1050034-4.2.0Rel-4correct terms and references Details S1-020457 agreedSP-020045approved4.3.0
22.1050033-5.0.0Rel-5End-user performance expectations-Streaming Services Details S1-020635 agreedSP-020063approved5.1.0
22.105003214.2.0Rel-5Introduction of High Speed Downlink Packet Access Details S1-010897 agreedSP-010442approved5.0.0
22.1050031-4.1.0Rel-4Removal of features due to deletion of the workitem on “Bearer modification without pre-notification”. Details S1-010560 agreedSP-010264approved4.2.0
22.1050030-4.0.0Rel-4Alignment of delay definition agreedSP-000683approved4.1.0
22.1050029-4.0.0Rel-4Correction to list of access dependent features. Details S1-000850 agreedSP-000547approved4.1.0
22.105002813.9.0R1999Alignment of delay definition Details S1-000812 agreedSP-000683approved3.10.0
22.1050028-3.9.0R1999Alignment of delay definition Details S1-000812 agreedSP-000535revised 
22.1050027-3.9.0Rel-4Bearer Modification without pre-notification Details S1-000641 agreedSP-000389approved4.0.0
22.1050026-3.9.0Rel-4Change of MExE name Details S1-000639 agreedSP-000381approved4.0.0
22.1050025-3.8.0R1999Access dependent services Details S1-000442 agreedSP-000203approved3.9.0
22.105002413.8.0R1999Clarification of requirement in TS 22.105 for Delay Details S1-000364 agreedSP-000352approved3.9.0
22.1050024-3.8.0R1999Clarification of requirement in TS 22.105 for Delay Details S1-000364 agreedSP-000203revised 
22.1050023-3.7.0R1999Clarification of SoLSA support Details S1-000047 agreedSP-000065approved3.8.0
22.1050022-3.7.0R1999Correction related to FAX support Details S1-000045 agreedSP-000065approved3.8.0
22.1050021-3.6.0R1999Mainly editorial update for GSM/3GPP use. Details S1-991027 agreedSP-99519approved3.7.0
22.1050020-3.5.0R1999Editorial changes for alignment (was #017) Details S1-99761 agreedSP-99479approved3.6.0
22.1050019-3.5.0R1999Removal of material not in release 99 (was #016) Details S1-99763 agreedSP-99453approved3.6.0
22.1050018-3.5.0R1999Editorial changes for alignment Details S1-99548 agreedSP-99479approved3.6.0
22.1050017-3.5.0R1999Dynamically variable rate QoS requirements Details S1-99547 agreedSP-99453approved3.6.0
22.1050016-3.5.0R1999Editorial changes for alignment Details S1-99481 agreedSP-99479approved3.6.0
22.1050015-3.5.0R1999Service Capabilities and Service Capabilities Features. Details S1-99746 agreedSP-99442approved3.6.0
22.105001413.4.0R1999The informative annex on communication schemes is enhanced to provide more detailed background information on the QoS requirements of typical end user applications that can be expected in UMTS Details S1-99393 agreedSP-99324approved3.5.0
22.105001333.4.0R1999End to end QoS is required for UMTS Release'99 to enable satisfactory operation of end user applications, Details S1-99392 agreedSP-99324approved3.5.0