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See details 22.13500101F4.1.0Rel-4to 22.135 Corrections on terminology Details S1-022201 agreed Details SP-020648 approvedSA-#18S14.2.0TEI 2G
See details 22.1350010-F4.1.0Rel-4Corrections on terminology Details S1-021077 agreed Details SP-020242 approvedSA-#16S14.2.0TEI 2G
See details 22.1350009-F4.0.0Rel-4correct terms and references Details S1-020457 agreed Details SP-020045 approvedSA-#15S14.1.0TEI
See details 22.1350008-F3.3.0R1999Addition of Ncs_MT limitation to number of MPTY members Details S1-000657 agreed Details SP-000406 approvedSA-#9S13.4.0
See details 22.1350007-F3.3.0R1999Removal of the Requirement on Network to Tear Down Calls to Accept EC in Multicall Details S1-000656 agreed Details SP-000406 approvedSA-#9S13.4.0
See details 22.1350006-F3.3.0R1999Interaction with MSP Details S1-000585 agreed Details SP-000375 approvedSA-#9S13.4.0
See details 22.1350005-F3.2.0R1999Alignment of handover requirements for Multicall Details S1-000348 agreed  Details SP-000205 approvedSA-#8S13.3.0
See details 22.1350004-F3.1.0R1999Clarification of requirement for Multicall Details S1-000168 agreed  Details SP-000068 approvedSA-#7S13.2.0
See details 22.1350003-C3.0.0R1999Registration, Interrogation and Restriction of Packet Domain Details S1-99963 agreed  Details SP-99554 approvedSA-#6S13.1.0
See details 22.1350002-D3.0.0R1999Clarification on handling of multiple bearers Details S1-991065 agreed  Details SP-99523 approvedSA-#6S13.1.0
See details 22.1350001-D3.0.0R1999Transfer of Handover chapter to 22.129 Details S1-991020 agreed  Details SP-99523 approvedSA-#6S13.1.0