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See details 23.0830010-F5.0.0Rel-5Determining the basic service for MT calls Details N4-020808 agreedCN2-3GPPCN4-#15 Details NP-020454 approved N45.1.0TEI5
See details 23.0830010-A4.1.0Rel-4Interworking cases for Long Forwarded-to Numbers Details N4-010656 agreed  Details NP-010298 approved N44.2.0TEI
See details 23.08300091B4.3.0Rel-5Introduction of CAMEL Phase 4 Details N4-020009 agreed  Details NP-020063 approved N45.0.0CAMEL4
See details 23.0830008-F4.2.0Rel-4Missing connector in procedure Process_Call_Waiting_MSC Details N4-011042 agreedCN4-#10 Details NP-010623 approved N44.3.0TEI4
See details 23.08300071C4.1.0Rel-4Enhancement of CW procedures Details N4-010358 agreedCN4-#7 Details NP-010088 approved N44.2.0TEI 2G
See details 23.0830007-C4.0.0Rel-4Enhancement of CW procedures Details N4-010358 agreedCN4-#7 Details NP-010088 rejected N4 TEI 2G
See details 23.08300063C4.0.0Rel-4Enhancement of procedures for Call Hold    Details NP-010219 approved N44.1.0TEI4
See details 23.08300062C4.0.0Rel-4Enhancement of procedures for Call Hold Details N4-010426 agreedCN4-#7 Details NP-010088 revised N4 TEI 2G
See details 23.08300051D3.2.0Rel-4Inclusion of call hold in basic call handling Details N4-000572 agreedCN4-#4 Details NP-000545 approved N44.0.0TEI
See details 23.08300041D3.1.0R1999SDL refresh Details N4-000431 agreedCN4-#3 Details NP-000556 approved N43.2.0TEI
See details 23.0830004-D3.1.0R1999SDL refresh Details N4-000431 agreedCN4-#3 Details NP-000500 revised N4 TEI
See details 23.08300011B3.0.0R1999Inclusion of the handling of the Service Interaction Indicators Two parameter Details NSS-99128 agreed  Details NP-99463 approved NS3.1.0MSP2