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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
25.3090025-6.5.0Rel-6Non-serving to total E-DCH power ratio clarification Details R2-060763 agreedRP-060085approved6.6.0
25.309002416.5.0Rel-6Support for different E-DCH and HS-DSCH serving cells Details R2-060768 agreedRP-060086approved6.6.0
25.3090024-6.5.0Rel-6Support for different E-DCH and HS-DSCH serving cells Details R2-060756 revised-  
25.3090023-6.5.0Rel-6Correction to signalling of load excess indicator Details R2-060669 agreedRP-060084approved6.6.0
25.3090022-6.5.0Rel-6Correction to signalling of reference power offset Details R2-060668 agreedRP-060069approved6.6.0
25.3090021-6.4.0Rel-6Alignment to stage 3 and removal of details Details R2-053093 agreedRP-050789approved6.5.0
25.309002016.4.0Rel-6Secondary Absolute Grant Scope Details R2-053174 agreedRP-050789approved6.5.0
25.309001916.4.0Rel-6E-DCH RRM measurements in case of multi-cell RLS Details R2-053148 agreedRP-050789approved6.5.0
25.3090018-6.4.0Rel-6Simultaneous E-DCH and DCH (DCH UL capability) Details R2-053078 agreedRP-050789approved6.5.0
25.309001726.4.0Rel-6HARQ process restricition/reservation for non-scheduled/scheduled transmissions Details R2-053173 agreedRP-050789approved6.5.0
25.309001616.4.0Rel-6Criteria for the Happy Bit Details R2-052727 agreedRP-050789approved6.5.0
25.3090015-6.3.0Rel-6Definition of UE power Headroom  RP-050452approved6.4.0
25.3090014-6.3.0Rel-6Maximum number of reference E-TFCs Details R2-052328 agreedRP-050470approved6.4.0
25.3090013-6.3.0Rel-6Introduction of Reference Received Total Wideband Power Details R2-052295 agreedRP-050470approved6.4.0
25.3090012-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to MAC-e/es Entity Details R2-052251 agreedRP-050470approved6.4.0
25.3090011-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to E-TFC selection in compressed mode for 10 ms TTI Details R2-052250 agreedRP-050470approved6.4.0
25.3090010-6.3.0Rel-6UE behavior to RGs when holding SG Details R2-052137 agreedRP-050470approved6.4.0
25.3090009-6.3.0Rel-6Clarification of the term “pre-emption” for E-DCH Details R2-052116 agreedRP-050470approved6.4.0
25.3090008-6.3.0Rel-6Minor corrections to E-DCH Stage 2 following offline review Details R2-052115 agreedRP-050470approved6.4.0
25.3090007-6.3.0Rel-6SG update and retransmission of scheduling information corrections Details R2-052114 agreedRP-050470approved6.4.0
25.309000636.2.0Rel-6Introduction of resource management considerations and refinement of the scheduling mechanism Details R2-051707 agreedRP-050326approved6.3.0
25.3090005-6.1.0Rel-6Introduction of Details for the scheduling operation, non-scheduled transmission and E-TFC selection Details R2-050716 agreedRP-050115approved6.2.0
25.3090004-6.0.0Rel-6Scheduling Grants as (E-DPDCH+DPDCH/DPCCH) power ratio Details R2-042731  RP-040487rejected 
25.309000316.0.0Rel-6Proposed rewording on scheduler sections compared to 001r3 Details R2-042728 agreedRP-040486approved6.1.0
25.3090003-6.0.0Rel-6Proposed rewording on scheduler sections compared to 001 Details R2-042723 revised-  
25.309000226.0.0Rel-6Scheduling Grants as E-DPDCH/DPCCH power ratio Details R2-042733  RP-040487approved6.1.0
25.309000216.0.0Rel-6Content of the absolute grant Details R2-042726 revised-  
25.3090002-6.0.0Rel-6Content of the absolute grant Details R2-042720 revised-  
25.309000136.0.0Rel-6Inclusion of e.g. physical layer model, MAC architecture, detail Node B scheduler mechanism and QoS Control principles Details R2-042730 agreedRP-040486approved6.1.0
25.309000126.0.0Rel-6inclusion of e.g. physical layer model, MAC architecture, detail Node B scheduler mechanism and QoS Control principles Details R2-042725 revised-  
25.309000116.0.0Rel-6inclusion of e.g. physical layer model, MAC architecture, detail Node B scheduler mechanism and QoS Control principles Details R2-042719 revised-  
25.3090001-6.0.0Rel-6Outcome of RAN2-44 and Conference Calls Details R2-042716 revised-