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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
25.9130014-7.3.0Rel-7E-UTRA support for location based services- RP-070423postponed 
25.9130013-7.2.0Rel-7Revision of LTE Work Plan- RP-060207approved7.3.0
25.9130012-7.2.0Rel-7Broadcast in LTE- RP-060206rejected 
25.913001117.2.0Rel-7Introduction of specfic requirements for support of Broadcast mode in MBMS in LTE- RP-060200rejected 
25.9130011-7.2.0Rel-7Introduction of specfic requirements for support of Broadcast mode in MBMS in LTE- RP-060132revised 
25.913001017.2.0Rel-7Introducing the support of 1.6MHz bandwidth- RP-060210approved7.3.0
25.9130010-7.2.0Rel-7Introducing the support of 1.6MHz bandwidth- RP-060197revised 
25.9130010-7.1.0Rel-7Introducing the support of 1.6MHz bandwidth- RP-060080revised 
25.9130009-7.1.0Rel-7Revision of LTE Work Plan- RP-050905approved7.2.0
25.9130008-7.1.0Rel-7The support of 1.6MHz bandwidth- RP-050834rejected 
25.9130007-7.0.0Rel-7Change of LTE Work Plan- RP-050616approved7.1.0
25.9130006-7.0.0Rel-7Migration Requirements- RP-050631postponed 
25.913000517.0.0Rel-7Clarifications to interworking requirements- RP-050643approved7.1.0
25.9130005-7.0.0Rel-7Clarifications to interworking requirements- RP-050628approved7.1.0
25.913000417.0.0Rel-7Introduction of high-level deployment scenarios- RP-050638approved7.1.0
25.9130004-7.0.0Rel-7Introduction of high-level deployment scenarios- RP-050624revised 
25.9130003-7.0.0Rel-7Clarification of interruption times requirements- RP-050623rejected 
25.9130002-7.0.0Rel-7Modification on clause 12.1 (b) on re-use- RP-050622approved7.1.0
25.9130001-7.0.0Rel-7Change of intra EUTRAN and EUTRAN-GERAN/UTRAN mobility requirements- RP-050621postponed