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See details 27.00300093D4.1.0Rel-5Terminology clarifications as requested by TSG GERAN Details N3-010592 agreedCN3-#20 Details NP-010604 approved N3 TEI
See details 27.00300092D4.1.0Rel-5Terminology clarifications as requested by TSG GERAN Details N3-010565 revisedCN3-#20   N3 TEI
See details 27.00300091D4.1.0Rel-5Terminology clarifications as requested by TSG GERAN Details N3-010496 revisedCN3-#20   N3 TEI
See details 27.0030009-D4.1.0Rel-5Terminology clarifications as requested by TSG GERAN Details N3-010408 revisedCN3-#19   N3 TEI
See details 27.0030008-C4.0.0Rel-4Removal of FAX NT in GSM from REL-4 Details N3-010077 agreedCN3-#15 Details NP-010046 approved N34.1.0 2G
See details 27.0030007-C3.5.0Rel-4Removal of BS 30 NT Details N3-000606 agreedCN3-#14 Details NP-000606 approved N34.0.0TEI4 2G
See details 27.0030006-F3.4.0R1999Modification from V.25bis to V.250 Details N3-000433 agreedCN3-#12 Details NP-000552 approved N33.5.0TEI
See details 27.0030005-C3.3.0R1999Adaptations for UMTS Details N3-000266 agreedCN3-#10 Details NP-000229 approved N33.4.0TEI
See details 27.0030004-F3.2.0R1999UMTS clean up Details N3-000085 agreedCN3-#8 Details NP-000044 approved N33.3.0CS_Data
See details 27.0030003-C3.1.0R1999Service clean-up for Release 99 Details N3-99354 agreed Details NP-99436 approved N33.2.0R99_Service_Clean_up
See details 27.0030002-F3.1.0R1999Introduction of Asynchronous interface for Real-time non-transparent FAX Details N3-99488 agreed Details NP-99435 approved N33.2.0Realtime_NT_FAX...