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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
27.010001019.0.0Rel-9Correcting non-specific external references Details C3-101392 agreedCP-100779approved9.1.0
27.0100010-9.0.0Rel-9Correcting non-specific external references Details C3-101156 revised-  
27.010000918.0.0Rel-8Correcting non-specific external references Details C3-101391 agreedCP-100779approved8.1.0
27.0100009-8.0.0Rel-8Correcting non-specific external references Details C3-101155 revised-  
27.0100008-4.1.0Rel-4Incorrect explanation of length indicator bit Details T2-020096 agreedTP-020014approved4.2.0
27.0100007-3.3.0R1999Incorrect explanation of length indicator bit Details T2-020095 agreedTP-020014approved3.4.0
27.0100006-4.0.0Rel-4Conversion of GSM to 3GPP references Details T2-010716 agreedTP-010212approved4.1.0
27.0100006-4.0.0Rel-4Conversion of GSM to 3GPP references Details T2-010716 agreedTP-010193revised 
27.0100005-3.2.0R1999Adaptations for UMTS Details T2-000057 agreedTP-000024approved3.3.0
27.0100004-3.1.0R1999Correction of the bits in the start and close flags of the frame in the example on Annex B Details T2-99667 agreedTP-99177approved3.2.0
27.0100003-3.1.0R1999Clarification of bit Details T2-99664 agreedTP-99177approved3.2.0
27.0100002- R1999Editorial corrections Details T2-99250 agreedTP-99146approved3.1.0
27.0100001- R1999Clarification of how to handle the length field in basic mode Details T2-99498 agreedTP-99124approved3.1.0