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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
28.7030009114.0.0Rel-14R14 CR TS28.703 Update the XML Schema definitions of the IOCs inherited from ManagedFunctionS5-173427agreedSP-170510approved14.1.0
28.7030009-14.0.0Rel-14R14 CR TS28.703 Update the XML Schema definitions of the IOCs inherited from ManagedFunctionS5-173290revised   
28.7030008-14.0.0Rel-14Rel-14 CR 28.703 Update link from IRP SS to ISS5-173067agreedSP-170502approved14.1.0
28.7030007-13.0.0Rel-13Rel-13 CR 28.703 Update the link from IRP Solution Set to IRP Information ServiceS5-163117agreedSP-160407approved13.1.0
28.7030006-12.0.0Rel-12Update SS-IS version linkS5-145292agreedSP-140798approved12.1.0
28.7030005-11.2.0Rel-11Update SS-IS version linkS5-145291agreedSP-140797approved11.3.0
28.7030004-11.2.0Rel-12Update the link from Solution Set to Information Service due to the end of Release 12S5-144539agreedSP-140560approved12.0.0
28.7030003-11.1.0Rel-11Rel-11 CR 28.703 remove the feature support statementsS5-143163agreedSP-140360approved11.2.0
28.7030002-11.1.0Rel-11Rel-11 CR 28.703 Upgrade W3C XML Schema version from 1.0 to 1.1S5-140587agreedSP-140332approved11.2.0
28.7030001111.0.0Rel-11Correction of proceduralStatus attribute mapping and datatypeS5-140235agreedSP-140031approved11.1.0
28.7030001-11.0.0Rel-11Correct proceduralStatus attribute mapping and datatypeS5-140127revised-