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See details 31.1040006-F15.0.0Rel-15Update of spec. reference Details C6-200660 agreedCT6#101-eMediaTek Inc. Details CP-202130 approvedCT#89-eCT615.1.0TEI15
See details 31.10400051A16.0.0Rel-16Update of spec. reference Details C6-200661 agreedCT6#101-eMediaTek Inc. Details CP-202130 approvedCT#89-eCT616.1.0TEI15
See details 31.1040005-F16.0.0Rel-16Update of spec. reference Details C6-200532 revisedCT6#101-eMediaTek Inc.    TEI16
See details 31.10400041A12.0.0Rel-12Allocation of 3G application code for the HPSIM Details C6-150095 agreedCT6#75Gemalto Details CP-150157 approvedCT#67C612.1.0HPM_UICC
See details 31.1040004-A12.0.0Rel-12Allocation of 3G application code for the HPSIM Details C6-150072 revisedCT6#75Gemalto    HPM_UICC
See details 31.10400031F11.2.0Rel-11Allocation of 3G application code for the HPSIM Details C6-150094 agreedCT6#75Gemalto Details CP-150157 approvedCT#67C611.3.0HPM_UICC
See details 31.1040003-F11.2.0Rel-11Allocation of 3G application code for the HPSIM Details C6-150071 revisedCT6#75Gemalto    HPM_UICC
See details 31.10400021F11.1.0Rel-11Correction to delete a duplicate reference Details C6-130571 agreedCT6#70Morpho Cards GmbH Details CP-130790 approvedCT#6211.2.0TEI11
See details 31.1040002-F11.1.0Rel-11Correction to delete a duplicated reference Details C6-130542 revised Morpho Cards GmbH    TEI11
See details 31.1040001-D11.0.1Rel-11Update of reference to ASN.1 coding specification Details C6-120441 agreedCT6#65Gemalto (Rapporteur) Details CP-120621 approvedCT#57C611.1.0TEI11