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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
32.106-60011-3.3.0R1999Remove characters causing IDL Compilation error Details S5-037275 agreedSP-030625approved3.4.0
32.106-60010-3.2.0R1999Duplicated exception definition for FilterComplexityLimit Details S5-010459 agreedSP-010473approved3.3.0
32.106-60009-3.1.0R1999Correction of UTRAN attributes Details S5-010337 agreedSP-010284approved3.2.0
32.106-60008-3.1.0R1999Reposition “#pragma prefix” directive Details S5-010231 agreedSP-010284approved3.2.0
32.106-60007-3.0.0R1999UMTS Network Resource Model alignment with TSG RAN specifications Details S5-010134 agreedSP-010030approved3.1.0
32.106-60006-3.0.0R1999Update Structured Event table to be consistent with Alarm IRP Details S5-010051 agreedSP-010030approved3.1.0
32.106-60005-3.0.0R1999Removing nested IDL modules Details S5-010049 agreedSP-010030approved3.1.0
32.106-60004-3.0.0R1999Update Basic CM IRP Iterator to be consistent with Alarm IRP Iterator Details S5-010048 agreedSP-010030approved3.1.0
32.106-60003-3.0.0R1999Mismatched irpVersion types Details S5-010047 agreedSP-010030approved3.1.0
32.106-60002-3.0.0R1999Update get_basicCm_IRP_version to be consistent with Alarm IRP and Notification IRP Details S5-010046 agreedSP-010030approved3.1.0
32.106-60001-3.0.0R1999Remove TimeBase.idl not used in the module NotificationDefs Details S5-010045 agreedSP-010030approved3.1.0