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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
32.1510084- Rel-11CMO qualifier in 32151 Details S5-120578 withdrawn-  
32.1510083-9.3.0Rel-9Clarification on the meaning of the imported entities Details S5-101907 agreedSP-100488approved9.4.0
32.1510082-10.0.0Rel-10Clarification on the meaning of the imported entities Details S5-101989 agreedSP-100488approved10.1.0
32.1510081-9.2.0Rel-10Clarify Attribute constraints Details S5-100349 agreedSP-100036approved10.0.0
32.1510019-9.0.0Rel-10Correct the pseudo subclause numbering Details S5-100463 agreedSP-100036approved10.0.0
32.1510017-9.2.0Rel-9Clarify support qualifier usage in Notification Table in 32.151 Details S5-100085 agreedSP-100035approved9.3.0
32.1510016-9.1.0Rel-9Add template text for Scope section for all IRP IS Details S5-094098 agreedSP-090719approved9.2.0
32.1510015-9.0.0Rel-9Introduce Information Type in IS template Details S5-093474 agreedSP-090627approved9.1.0
32.1510014-8.2.1Rel-9Introduce Information Type in IS template Details S5-092490 agreedSP-090290approved9.0.0
32.1510013-8.1.0Rel-8Correct subclause numbering Details S5-091384  SP-090207approved8.2.0
32.1510013-8.1.0Rel-8Correct subclause numbering Details S5-091384 agreedSP-090041reissued 
32.1510012-8.0.0Rel-8Introduction of traceability in the IS template Details S5-080789 agreedSP-080329approved8.1.0
32.1510011-7.2.0Rel-8Remove visibility qualifier usage Details S5-071490 agreedSP-070614approved8.0.0
32.1510010-7.2.0Rel-8Add missing instructions for Interface IRP ISs Details S5-071331 agreedSP-070610approved8.0.0
32.1510009-7.2.0Rel-8Correct open issues in the IS template Details S5-071268 agreedSP-070610approved8.0.0
32.1510008-7.1.0Rel-7Correct the references of IRPAgent and IRPManager Details S5-070304 agreedSP-070045approved7.2.0
32.1510007-7.1.0Rel-7Improve specification of Common notifications Details S5-070265 agreedSP-070045approved7.2.0
32.1510006-7.1.0Rel-7Suppress inherited items Details S5-070212 agreedSP-070045approved7.2.0
32.1510005-7.0.0Rel-7Correct the clause numbering instructions for Operations and Notifications Details S5-061578 agreedSP-060724approved7.1.0
32.1510004-6.2.0Rel-7Update of 32.151 to use a MCC supported font Details S5-061090 agreedSP-060548approved7.0.0
32.1510003-6.2.0Rel-6Correct the definition of supportQualifier and readQualifier for IOC attributes Details S5-061168 agreedSP-060528approved6.3.0
32.1510002-6.1.1Rel-6Correction to Conditional qualifiers Details S5-062139 agreedSP-060098approved6.2.0
32.1510001-6.0.0Rel-6Address 3GPP2 Liaison point 8 from tdoc S5-048704 to have a common notifications section Details S5-056083 agreedSP-050023approved6.1.0