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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
32.6340011-6.1.0Rel-6Add link objects to the CN Resource Model IRP CMIP SS - Align with 32.632 Details S5-058524 agreedSP-050725approved6.2.0
32.6340010-6.0.0Rel-6Add the IMS objects - Align with 32.632 Configuration Management (CM); Core Network Resources IRP NRM Details S5-058134 agreedSP-050047approved6.1.0
32.6340009-6.0.0Rel-6Align with 32.632, regarding the IS template and UML repertoire Details S5-058127 agreedSP-050047approved6.1.0
32.6340008-5.3.0Rel-5Align with 32.632, with regards to ExternalRncFunction Details S5-058123 agreedSP-050047approved5.4.0
32.6340007-5.3.0Rel-5Align with 32.632, regarding the IS template and UML repertoire Details S5-058122 agreedSP-050047approved5.4.0
32.6340006-5.2.0Rel-5Removal of the 3GPP Release# cross references in the GDMO section Details S5-048759 agreedSP-040591approved5.3.0
32.6340005-5.2.0Rel-5Correction of modelling of Media GateWay (MGW) Details S5-048758 agreedSP-040582approved5.3.0
32.6340004-5.1.0Rel-5Removal of the attribute uraList from the MOC MscServerFunction – Alignment with the IS 32.632 Details S5-048148 agreedSP-040130approved5.2.0
32.6340003-5.0.0Rel-5Add notifications to functional objects - Align with 32.632 (IS) Details S5-038791 agreedSP-030642approved5.1.0
32.6340002-4.1.1Rel-5Alignment of the CMIP SS with the Rel-5 version of the IS in 32.632 Details S5-027012 agreedSP-020749approved5.0.0
32.6340001-4.0.0Rel-4Correction due to TS renumbering Details S5-010575 agreedSP-010478approved4.1.0