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See details 32.7550009-B9.3.0Rel-9Add mMEForMTC attribute Details S5-140059 notedSA5#93Intel   S5 OAM12
See details 32.7550008-F9.2.0Rel-9Changing the name of SGWFunction IOC in order not to conflict with the SGWFunction IOC in TS 32.632 Details S5-102256 agreedSA5#73Nokia Siemens N... Details SP-100488 approvedSA#49S59.3.0OAM9
See details 32.7550007-F9.1.0Rel-9Removal of sgwAddress and sgsnAddress in MMEFunction Details S5-100466 agreedSA5#69Motorola Details SP-100035 approvedSA#47S59.2.0OAM9
See details 32.7550006-F9.0.0Rel-9Discontinue from Rel-9 onwards the XML schema extraction and storage Details S5-094148 agreedSA5#68Huawei Details SP-090719 approvedSA#46S59.1.0OAM9
See details 32.7550005-C9.0.0Rel-9Update the linked IS version increased by for 32.752 to make sgWAddress and sgsnAddress in MMEFunction optional, and read-only. Details S5-094064 withdrawnSA5#68Motorola   S5 OAM9
See details 32.7550004-B8.1.0Rel-9Add QCI model Details S5-093563 agreedSA5#67Motorola Details SP-090627 approvedSA#45SA59.0.0OAM9
See details 32.7550003-F8.1.0Rel-8XML:Removal of the Write Qualifier from the TACList attribute for the MMEPoolArea Details S5-093461 agreedSA5#67Vodafone Details SP-090534 approvedSA#45SA58.2.0OAM8
See details 32.7550002-F8.0.0Rel-8Add the missing ExternalSGWFunction IOC and attributes for SGWFunction Details S5-092610 agreedSA5#65Motorola Details SP-090291 approvedSA#44S58.1.0EPC-OAM
See details 32.7550001-F8.0.0Rel-8Add the missing ExternalMmeFunction IOC Details S5-092608 agreedSA5#65Motorola Details SP-090291 approvedSA#44S58.1.0EPC-OAM