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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
33.1030017-4.1.0Rel-4Correction of USIM data elements for AKA Details S3-010396 agreedSP-010493approved4.2.0
33.103001623.6.0R1999Correction of USIM data elements for AKA Details S3-010395 agreedSP-010493approved3.7.0
33.1030015-4.0.0Rel-4The multiplicity of Data integrity symbols Details S3-010186 agreedSP-010320approved4.1.0
33.1030014-3.5.0R1999The multiplicity of Data integrity symbols Details S3-010185 agreedSP-010320approved3.6.0
33.1030013-3.4.0R1999Add bit ordering convention Details S3-010065 agreedSP-010133approved3.5.0
33.1030012-3.3.0R1999Computation of the anonymity key for re-synchronisation Details S3-000612 agreedSP-000445approved3.4.0
33.1030011-3.3.0R1999Correction to BEARER definition Details S3-000586 agreedSP-000446approved3.4.0
33.1030010-3.3.0R1999Removal of Network Wide Confidentiality for R99 ( clause 6) Details S3-000493 agreedSP-000443approved3.4.0
33.1030009-3.2.0R1999SQN length Details S3-000337 agreedSP-000271approved3.3.0
33.1030008-3.2.0R1999Removal of MAP Security from 33.103 Details S3-000336 agreedSP-000273approved3.3.0
33.1030007-3.2.0R1999Removal of EUIC from 33.103 Details S3-000335 agreedSP-000273approved3.3.0
33.1030006-3.1.0R1999Alignment of integration Guidelines with Security Architecture at S3#10 Details S3-000138 agreedSP-000047approved3.2.0
33.103000523.1.0R1999Refinement EUIC (according to TS 33.102) Details S3-000198 agreedSP-000075approved3.2.0
33.1030004-3.0.0R1999Change length of KSI (and other miscellaneous corrections) Details S3-99415 agreedSP-99586approved3.1.0
33.103000213.0.0R1999Corrections to figure 1 Details S3-99390 agreedSP-99586approved3.1.0
33.103000113.0.0R1999Refinement of Enhanced User Identity Confidentiality Details S3-99456 agreedSP-99586approved3.1.0