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See details 33.9160012-F17.0.0Rel-18Clarification on SCAS Details S3-233241 agreedSA3#111Huawei, HiSilicon Details SP-230677 approvedSA#100SA WG318.0.0SCAS_5G_Ph2
See details 33.9160011-B17.0.0Rel-18SCAS process enhancements Details S3-223569 not pursuedSA3#109Huawei, HiSilicon    Limbo
See details 33.9160010-A15.1.0Rel-15Editorial and corrections Details S3-214423 agreedSA3#105-eEricsson Details SP-211369 approvedSA#94-eSA WG315.2.0SCAS
See details 33.9160009-F14.3.0Rel-14Editorial and corrections Details S3-214421 agreedSA3#105-eEricsson Details SP-211369 approvedSA#94-eSA WG314.4.0SCAS
See details 33.91600081A16.0.0Rel-16Editorial and corrections Details S3-214420 agreedSA3#105-eEricsson Details SP-211369 approvedSA#94-eSA WG316.1.0SCAS
See details 33.9160008-F16.0.0Rel-16Editorial and corrections Details S3-214113 revisedSA3#105-eEricsson    SCAS_5G
See details 33.9160007-F15.0.0Rel-16Update of clause 4 Details S3-194161 not pursuedSA3#97Huawei, Hisilicon    SCAS_5G
See details 33.9160006-F15.0.0Rel-15Miscellaneous Editorial clarifications in 33.916 Details S3-194157 agreedSA3#97Huawei, Hisilicon Details SP-191140 approvedSA#86SA WG315.1.0SCAS-SA3, TEI15
See details 33.9160005-A14.2.0Rel-15Collection of changes based on feedback from GSMA SECAG - CR to 33.916v1 Rel.15 Details S3-180091 not pursuedSA3#90Nokia    SCAS-SA3TR
See details 33.91600041F14.2.0Rel-14Collection of changes based on feedback from GSMA SECAG - CR to 33.916v1 Rel.14 Details S3-180420 agreedSA3#90Nokia Details SP-180123 approvedSA#79SA WG314.3.0SCAS-SA3TR
See details 33.9160004-F14.2.0Rel-14Collection of changes based on feedback from GSMA SECAG - CR to 33.916v1 Rel.14 Details S3-180090 revisedSA3#90Nokia    SCAS-SA3TR
See details 33.9160003-F14.1.0Rel-14Resolution of editor's notes in 33.916 Details S3-171437 agreedSA3#87NTT DOCOMO Details SP-170431 approvedSA#76SA WG314.2.0SCAS-SA3TR
See details 33.9160002-F14.1.0Rel-14Update of references to GSMA NESAS documents in TR 33.916 Details S3-171420 agreedSA3#87Deutsche Telekom AG Details SP-170431 approvedSA#76SA WG314.2.0SCAS-SA3TR
See details 33.9160001-B14.0.0Rel-14The evaluation of a new version of a 3GPP network product Details S3-170481 agreedSA3#86China Mobile,Nokia Details SP-170104 approvedSA#75SA WG314.1.0SCAS-SA3