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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.1210674-6.3.0Rel-7Convert 34.121 to a multipart specification; 34.121-1 modification Details R5-060574 agreedRP-060167approved 
34.1210673-6.3.0Rel-6Replace the content of 34.121 with reference pointer to Version 7.0.0 Details R5-060557 agreedRP-060166approved6.4.0
34.1210672-6.3.0Rel-6New Test Case Introduction to 34.121: Power control in the downlink, different transport formats Details R5-060588 agreedRP-060164approved6.4.0
34.1210671-6.3.0Rel-6Correction of HSDPA EVM test case 5.13.1A Details R5-060590 agreedRP-060146approved6.4.0
34.1210670-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to 34.121: HSDPA and E-DCH beta configurations Details R5-060468 agreedRP-060144approved6.4.0
34.1210669-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to the operating conditions in TS34.121 5.13.1 and 5.13.1A Details R5-060043 agreedRP-060155approved6.4.0
34.1210668-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to Frequency Error Details R5-060235 agreedRP-060155approved6.4.0
34.1210667-6.3.0Rel-6Correction of TGD parameter for compressed mode tests Details R5-060237 agreedRP-060155approved6.4.0
34.1210666-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to 7.8.2 Details R5-060238 agreedRP-060155approved6.4.0
34.1210665-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to 7.12 Details R5-060239 agreedRP-060163approved6.4.0
34.1210664-6.3.0Rel-6Change to the statistical analysis of multiple events in 8.6.x.x. tests Details R5-060047 agreedRP-060155approved6.4.0
34.1210663-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to FDD/FDD Hard Handover to inter-frequency cell Details R5-060240 agreedRP-060155approved6.4.0
34.1210662-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to MEASUREMENT CONTROL message in Details R5-060241 agreedRP-060163approved6.4.0
34.1210661-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to Inter frequency measurement requirement Details R5-060242 agreedRP-060155approved6.4.0
34.1210660-6.3.0Rel-6Clarifications to TC Details R5-060288 agreedRP-060163approved6.4.0
34.1210659-6.3.0Rel-6Corrections to downlink code allocation tables in Annex E.6 Details R5-060046 agreedRP-060155approved6.4.0
34.1210658-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to HSDPA call setup levels in 34.121 Details R5-060297 agreedRP-060146approved6.4.0
34.1210657-6.3.0Rel-6Introduction of Band VII and Band VIII to Chapter 4 and introduction of new UARFCN scheme Details R5-060038 agreedRP-060152approved6.4.0
34.1210656-6.3.0Rel-6Introduction of Band VII and Band VIII to Chapter 6 Details R5-060040 agreedRP-060152approved6.4.0
34.1210655-6.3.0Rel-6Detection and measurements of new cells not belonging to monitored set Details R5-060418 agreedRP-060155approved6.4.0
34.1210654-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to 34.121: FDD/TDD Cell Re-selection, TDD measurements and P-CCPCH RSCP test cases Details R5-060441 agreedRP-060163approved6.4.0
34.1210653-6.3.0Rel-6Code allocation for EDCH testing Details R5-060437 agreedRP-060144approved6.4.0
34.1210652-6.3.0Rel-6Band IX additions to tables and Details R5-060408 agreedRP-060155approved6.4.0
34.1210651-6.3.0Rel-6Editorial errors in Clause 5 Details R5-060403 agreedRP-060155approved6.4.0
34.1210650-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to TC7.7.2 power step threshold Details R5-060407 agreedRP-060155approved6.4.0
34.1210649-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to 7.7.3 Combining of reliable TPC commands from radio links of different radio link sets Details R5-060246 agreedRP-060155approved6.4.0
34.1210648-6.3.0Rel-6Editorial errors and missing changes in Section 9 and related annexes Details R5-060409 agreedRP-060164approved6.4.0
34.1210647-6.3.0Rel-6Clarification of CN domain for BLER measurements Details R5-060261 agreedRP-060155approved6.4.0
34.1210646-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to monitored cell lists Details R5-060420 agreedRP-060155approved6.4.0
34.1210645-6.3.0Rel-6Addition of Test System Uncertainties for 9.3.x Details R5-060411 agreedRP-060146approved6.4.0
34.1210644-6.3.0Rel-6Definition of downlink power level for HSDPA RF transmitter test cases Details R5-060416 agreedRP-060146approved6.4.0
34.1210643-6.3.0Rel-6Missing references and definitions for performance requirements for HSDPA Details R5-060417 agreedRP-060146approved6.4.0
34.1210642-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to TRANSPORT CHANNEL RECONFIGURATION message for test cases with HSDPA Details R5-060423 agreedRP-060146approved6.4.0
34.1210641-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to Annex F Statistical Requirements for HSDPA tests Details R5-060425 agreedRP-060151approved6.4.0
34.1210640-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to 34.121 for HSDPA: UE max output power with HS-DPCCH Details R5-060426 agreedRP-060146approved6.4.0
34.1210639-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to Performance requirements for HSDPA in Clause 9 Details R5-060243 agreedRP-060146approved6.4.0
34.1210638-6.3.0Rel-6Introduction of UMTS band VII and VIII test cases for TS34.121 chapter 8 and annex D Details R5-060428 agreedRP-060153approved6.4.0
34.1210637-6.3.0Rel-6Alignment of 34.121 and 25.133 for TC Details R5-060421 agreedRP-060155approved6.4.0
34.1210636-6.3.0Rel-6New Rel-6 RRM test case for combined inter-frequency and GSM measurements Details R5-060460 agreedRP-060166approved6.4.0
34.1210635-6.3.0Rel-6Clarification of Connection Diagrams in Annex A Details R5-060452 agreedRP-060155approved6.4.0
34.1210634-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to spurious emissions requirements in TC 5.11 Details R5-060461 agreedRP-060155approved6.4.0
34.1210633-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to tolerance of setting -20 dBm output power in tests 5.13.1 and 5.13.2 Details R5-060458 agreedRP-060155approved6.4.0
34.1210632-6.3.0Rel-6Introduction of test case 5.10B Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio (ACLR) with E-DCH Details R5-060456 agreedRP-060144approved6.4.0
34.1210631-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to SIB11 signaling for interfrequency test cases Details R5-060464 agreedRP-060155approved6.4.0
34.1210630-6.3.0Rel-6Allowance of DL power control response time in TC 7.8.2 Details R5-060114 agreedRP-060155approved6.4.0
34.1210629-6.3.0Rel-6Introduction of Band VII and Band VIII to Chapter 5 Details R5-060427 agreedRP-060153approved6.4.0
34.1210628-6.3.0Rel-6Allowance of alternative DL power control response time Details R5-060466 agreedRP-060155approved6.4.0
34.1210627-6.3.0Rel-6Introduction of test case 5.9B Spectrum Emission Mask with E-DCH Details R5-060465 agreedRP-060144approved6.4.0
34.1210626-6.2.0Rel-6Introduction of UMTS1700 for TS34.121 Details R5-052334 agreedRP-050780approved6.3.0
34.1210625-6.2.0Rel-6Removal of temporary BLER measurement configuration Details R5-051935 agreedRP-050770approved6.3.0
34.1210624-6.2.0Rel-6Corrections to Annex F for Change of TFC Details R5-052316 agreedRP-050770approved6.3.0
34.1210623-6.2.0Rel-6Correction to Measurement Report messages Details R5-052344 agreedRP-050770approved6.3.0
34.1210622-6.2.0Rel-6Introduction of PRACH timing accuracy test Details R5-052337 agreedRP-050779approved6.3.0
34.1210621-6.2.0Rel-6New test scenario: Scenario 3: HCS with only UTRA level changed. Details R5-052347 agreedRP-050779approved6.3.0
34.1210620-6.2.0Rel-6Correction to SIB 11 of in Annex I Details R5-052315 agreedRP-050777approved6.3.0
34.1210619-6.2.0Rel-6Addition of integrity check info in MEASUREMENT CONTROL messages Details R5-052314 agreedRP-050770approved6.3.0
34.1210618-6.2.0Rel-6Correction to 8.3.7 Cell Re-selection in URA_PCH Details R5-052007 agreedRP-050770approved6.3.0
34.1210617-6.2.0Rel-6Clarification of monitored cell list Details R5-052336 agreedRP-050770approved6.3.0
34.1210616-6.2.0Rel-6Correction to 8.3.1 Test procedure Details R5-052312 agreedRP-050770approved6.3.0
34.1210615-6.2.0Rel-6Correction to and Monitored cell list information added Details R5-052338 agreedRP-050770approved6.3.0
34.1210614-6.2.0Rel-6Removal of some event 1C reporting which may fill RLC buffer in RRM testcases and Details R5-052310 agreedRP-050770approved6.3.0
34.1210613-6.2.0Rel-6Modification of BLER target in RRM hard handover test cases Details R5-051853 agreedRP-050770approved6.3.0
34.1210612-6.2.0Rel-6Test time optimization for test cases 7.11 and 7.12 Details R5-052022 agreedRP-050776approved6.3.0
34.1210611-6.2.0Rel-6Correction to TC7.7.2 statistical requirements Details R5-052306 agreedRP-050770approved6.3.0
34.1210610-6.2.0Rel-6Clarification on TFCS size for DCH demodulation requirements Details R5-051934 agreedRP-050770approved6.3.0
34.1210609-6.2.0Rel-6Correction to Measurement Configuration in TS34.121 Chapter 7 Details R5-052309 agreedRP-050770approved6.3.0
34.1210608-6.2.0Rel-6Correction to TS34.121 TC7.7.3 Details R5-051844 agreedRP-050770approved6.3.0
34.1210607-6.2.0Rel-6Correction to TC5.4.1 and 5.5.2 <REFIor> and levels Details R5-052304 agreedRP-050770approved6.3.0
34.1210606-6.2.0Rel-6Addition of test tolerance to Power setting in Uplink compressed mode Test Case Details R5-052303 agreedRP-050770approved6.3.0
34.1210605-6.2.0Rel-6Addition of test tolerance to Change of TFC Test Case Details R5-051843 agreedRP-050770approved6.3.0
34.1210604-6.2.0Rel-6Clarification of UE measurement reference point Details R5-052305 agreedRP-050770approved6.3.0
34.1210603-6.2.0Rel-6Revision of additional receiver spurious emissions requirements on 800MHz band in Japan Details R5-051995 agreedRP-050770approved6.3.0
34.1210602-6.2.0Rel-6Modification of the protection band for PHS Details R5-051994 agreedRP-050770approved6.3.0
34.1210601-6.2.0Rel-6Addition of Open and Closed loop diversity Rel-6 test cases for CQI reporting in section 9.3 and calculation of BLER during CQI reporting tests Details R5-052318 agreedRP-050767approved6.3.0
34.1210600-6.2.0Rel-6Addition of HSDPA Enhanced performance requirements plus splitting of Test Cases in Sections 9.2.1, 9.2.2 and 9.2.3 Details R5-052343 agreedRP-050719approved6.3.0
34.1210599-6.2.0Rel-6Restructuring of chapter 9.4 (HS-SCCH detection performance) Details R5-052333 agreedRP-050719approved6.3.0
34.1210598-6.2.0Rel-6Addition of reference measurement channel for E-DCH RF testing Details R5-052327 agreedRP-050716approved6.3.0
34.1210597-6.2.0Rel-6Correction to power step size for HSDPA test case 5.7A: HS-DPCCH Details R5-051927 agreedRP-050767approved6.3.0
34.1210596-6.2.0Rel-6Correction to 34.121: UE Capabilities for HSDPA testing Details R5-052341 agreedRP-050767approved6.3.0
34.1210595-6.2.0Rel-6Correction to 34.121 for HSDPA test case 5.7A: HS-DPCCH Details R5-051921 agreedRP-050767approved6.3.0
34.1210594-6.1.0Rel-6Corrections to Inter-system handover TC 8.3.4 Details R5-051590 agreedRP-050518approved6.2.0
34.1210593-6.1.0Rel-6Corrections and Clarification of TC8.6.4.1 Details R5-051589 agreedRP-050518approved6.2.0
34.1210592-6.1.0Rel-6Removal of 1st BLER measurement in TC 7.8.1 and 7.9.1 Details R5-051438 agreedRP-050518approved6.2.0
34.1210591-6.1.0Rel-6Correction to 34.121 for HSDPA test case 5.7A: HS-DPCCH Details R5-051450 agreedRP-050513approved6.2.0
34.1210590-6.1.0Rel-6Correction to 5.10A ACLR with HS-DPCCH Details R5-051449 agreedRP-050518approved6.2.0
34.1210589-6.1.0Rel-6Table C.8.1.5 Correction Details R5-051433 agreedRP-050518approved6.2.0
34.1210588-6.1.0Rel-6Correction to 34.121 for HSDPA test case: Maximum Output Power with HS-DPCCH and addition of Uplink Reference Measurement Channel for testing Details R5-051431 agreedRP-050513approved6.2.0
34.1210587-6.1.0Rel-6Correction to 5.9A Spectrum Emission Mask with HS-DPCCH Details R5-051429 agreedRP-050518approved6.2.0
34.1210586-6.1.0Rel-6Correction to 9.2.3 Closed Loop Diversity Performance Details R5-051279 agreedRP-050518approved6.2.0
34.1210585-6.1.0Rel-6Correction to Annex F for 6.3A Maximum Input Level for HS-PDSCH Reception Details R5-051278 agreedRP-050518approved6.2.0
34.1210584-6.1.0Rel-6Feature Clean Up to 34.121: Removal of CPCH Details R5-051447 agreedRP-050518approved6.2.0
34.1210583-6.1.0Rel-6Feature Clean Up: Removal of DSCH Details R5-051426 agreedRP-050518approved6.2.0
34.1210582-6.1.0Rel-6Feature Clean Up: Removal of compressed mode by puncturing Details R5-051425 agreedRP-050518approved6.2.0
34.1210581-6.1.0Rel-6Feature Clean Up: Removal of SSDT from TS 34.121 Details R5-051424 agreedRP-050518approved6.2.0
34.1210580-6.1.0Rel-6Feature Clean Up: Removal of Observed Time Difference to GSM cell from TS 34.121 Details R5-051423 agreedRP-050518approved6.2.0
34.1210579-6.1.0Rel-6Feature Clean Up: Removal of DRAC from TS 34.121 Details R5-051422 agreedRP-050518approved6.2.0
34.1210578-6.1.0Rel-6Feature Clean Up: Removal of Closed Loop mode 2 Details R5-051072 agreedRP-050518approved6.2.0
34.1210577-6.1.0Rel-6Correction / Clarification to Annex E Transmit Diversity Details R5-051416 agreedRP-050518approved6.2.0
34.1210576-6.1.0Rel-6Update of Annex I and K Details R5-051421 agreedRP-050518approved6.2.0
34.1210575-6.1.0Rel-6Correction to procedure for RRM test case Details R5-051418 agreedRP-050518approved6.2.0
34.1210574-6.1.0Rel-6to 34.121: Addition of SFN-SFN type 2 and RX-TX type 2 measurement requirements Details R5-051417 agreedRP-050517approved6.2.0
34.1210573-6.1.0Rel-6Correction to Reporting cell status in Measurement Control Messages Details R5-051276 agreedRP-050517approved6.2.0
34.1210572-6.1.0Rel-6Correction to Details R5-051275 agreedRP-050517approved6.2.0
34.1210571-6.1.0Rel-6to 34.121: Correction to RXLEV in test requirements for cell re-selection to GSM test cases Details R5-051193 agreedRP-050517approved6.2.0
34.1210570-6.1.0Rel-6Removal of TC from R99, Rel-4 and Rel-5 Details R5-051160 agreedRP-050517approved6.2.0
34.1210569-6.1.0Rel-6Removal of TC Correct reporting of neigbours in fading propagation condition Details R5-051159 agreedRP-050517approved6.2.0
34.1210568-6.1.0Rel-6on 34.121: Correction to TC 8.3.3 Details R5-051099 agreedRP-050517approved6.2.0
34.1210567-6.1.0Rel-6Correction to UE parameters for AI test Details R5-051452 agreedRP-050517approved6.2.0
34.1210566-6.1.0Rel-6Corrections to Procedure and Test System Uncertainty for TC7.7.3 Details R5-051444 agreedRP-050517approved6.2.0
34.1210565-6.1.0Rel-6to 34.121: Correction to TC 7.11 PCH detection regarding SIB5 Details R5-051117 agreedRP-050517approved6.2.0
34.1210564-6.1.0Rel-6Correction to 5.11 Details R5-051453 agreedRP-050517approved6.2.0
34.1210563-6.1.0Rel-6Correction to 5.4.1and 5.5.2 Details R5-051442 agreedRP-050517approved6.2.0
34.1210562-6.1.0Rel-6Output power control in the uplink procedure changes (TC5.4.1) Details R5-051441 agreedRP-050517approved6.2.0
34.1210561-6.1.0Rel-6Correction to 5.3 Frequency Error Details R5-051440 agreedRP-050517approved6.2.0
34.1210560-6.1.0Rel-6Correction to 34.121 for test case: 5.7 Power setting in uplink compressed mode Details R5-051412 agreedRP-050517approved6.2.0
34.1210559-6.1.0Rel-6Correction to 5.6 Details R5-051408 agreedRP-050517approved6.2.0
34.1210558-6.1.0Rel-6Clarification to TX OFF power Test Tolerance in TC 5.5.2 Details R5-051406 agreedRP-050517approved6.2.0
34.1210557-6.1.0Rel-6Correction of Transmit ON/OFF Test Case 5.5.2 Details R5-051405 agreedRP-050517approved6.2.0
34.1210556-6.1.0Rel-6Correction to 5.13.3 Details R5-051282 agreedRP-050517approved6.2.0
34.1210555-6.1.0Rel-6Addition of test tolerances to open loop power control tolerance Details R5-051155 agreedRP-050517approved6.2.0
34.1210554-6.0.0Rel-6Changes to 8.3.1 FDD/FDD Soft Handover. Details R5-050877 agreedRP-050270approved6.1.0
34.1210553-6.0.0Rel-6Corrections to TC 5.4.1 and 5.5.2 due to too low S-CCPCH level Details R5-050614 agreedRP-050270approved6.1.0
34.1210552-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to ”Read SFN indicator” in Measurement Control Messages in Details R5-050863 agreedRP-050270approved6.1.0
34.1210551-6.0.0Rel-6OCNS for TX diversity Details R5-050859 agreedRP-050270approved6.1.0
34.1210550-6.0.0Rel-6Corrections to test tolerances in TC 7.8.2 Details R5-050847 agreedRP-050270approved6.1.0
34.1210549-6.0.0Rel-6Corrections to TC 7.12, detection of acquisition indicator (AI) Details R5-050819 agreedRP-050270approved6.1.0
34.1210548-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to 9.2.1 Single Link Performance in 9.2 Demodulation of HS-DSCH Details R5-050864 agreedRP-050270approved6.1.0
34.1210547-6.0.0Rel-6to 34.121: New test case for HS-DPCCH. Details R5-050860 agreedRP-050270approved6.1.0
34.1210546-6.0.0Rel-6to 34.121: Addition of a new annex section for uplink Reference Measurement Channel for testing of UE Transmitter Characteristics with HS-DPCCH. Details R5-050841 agreedRP-050270approved6.1.0
34.1210545-6.0.0Rel-6Editorial correction to TS34.121 TC 9.3.2 Details R5-050718 agreedRP-050270approved6.1.0
34.1210544-6.0.0Rel-6Clarifications of TS34.121 section 9.1 Details R5-050575 agreedRP-050269approved6.1.0
34.1210543-6.0.0Rel-6to TC 5.9 Spectrum emission mask Details R5-050814 agreedRP-050269approved6.1.0
34.1210542-6.0.0Rel-6to 34.121: Corrections to Annex C and Annex E Details R5-050830 agreedRP-050269approved6.1.0
34.1210541-6.0.0Rel-6to 34.121 Rel-6; Update of the MEASUREMENT REPORT message to RRC release 5 Details R5-050821 agreedRP-050269approved6.1.0
34.1210540-6.0.0Rel-6Statistical approach for 8.7.3A GSM Carrier RSSI Details R5-050837 agreedRP-050269approved6.1.0
34.1210539-6.0.0Rel-6to 34.121: GSM band corrections Details R5-050829 agreedRP-050269approved6.1.0
34.1210538-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of test tolerances and corrections for Correct reporting of neighbours in fading propagation condition Details R5-050825 agreedRP-050269approved6.1.0
34.1210537-6.0.0Rel-6Modification of call setup procedure for inter-RAT connected state RRM tests Details R5-050823 agreedRP-050269approved6.1.0
34.1210536-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to TS34.121 TC Details R5-050822 agreedRP-050269approved6.1.0
34.1210535-6.0.0Rel-6Corrections to test cases having power control ON. Details R5-050652 agreedRP-050269approved6.1.0
34.1210534-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to TS34.121 TC Details R5-050573 agreedRP-050269approved6.1.0
34.1210533-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to TS34.121 TC Details R5-050571 agreedRP-050269approved6.1.0
34.1210532-6.0.0Rel-6Change of 34.121 test case 7.8.2 Details R5-050850 agreedRP-050269approved6.1.0
34.1210531-6.0.0Rel-6to 34.121: Clarification of Annex C.6 for BLER measurement configurations Details R5-050843 agreedRP-050269approved6.1.0
34.1210530-6.0.0Rel-6Clarification of TS34.121 Closed Loop Transmit Diversity test cases Details R5-050833 agreedRP-050269approved6.1.0
34.1210529-6.0.0Rel-6Correction to 7.7.2 Combining of TPC commands from radio links of different radio link sets Details R5-050820 agreedRP-050269approved6.1.0
34.1210528-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of test tolerances to TC 7.11 Details R5-050615 agreedRP-050269approved6.1.0
34.1210527-6.0.0Rel-6Clarification of the interfering signal in 6.5 Blocking Characteristics and 6.7 Intermodulation Characteristics Details R5-050816 agreedRP-050269approved6.1.0
34.1210526-6.0.0Rel-6Removal of TGPL2 Details R5-050842 agreedRP-050269approved6.1.0
34.1210525-6.0.0Rel-6to 34.121: Correction to operating conditions for TCs: 5.13.1, 5.13A.1 & 5.13.2 Details R5-050671 agreedRP-050269approved6.1.0
34.1210524-5.6.0Rel-5Replacement of technical contents of version 5 by pointer to version 6. Details T1-050499 agreedTP-050033approved5.7.0
34.1210523-5.6.0Rel-6Corrections to demodulation of HS-DSCH Details T1-050383 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210522-5.6.0Rel-6Corrections to TC 8.5.1 UE transmit timing Details T1-050318r3 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210521-5.6.0Rel-6Corrections to maximum input level for HS-PDSCH reception Details T1-050382 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210520-5.6.0Rel-6to 34.121: Changes to RRM test cases for introduction of UMTS 850 Band Details T1-050381 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210519-5.6.0Rel-6to 34.121 section 5: Introduction of a new test case for spectrum emission mask with HS-DPCCH Details T1-050379 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210518-5.6.0Rel-6to 34.121 section 5: Introduction of new test case for Error Vector Magnitude with HS-DPCCH Details T1-050378 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210517-5.6.0Rel-6to 34.121 section 5: Introduction of new test case for HSDPA: UE max output power with HS-DPCCH Details T1-050377 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210516-5.6.0Rel-6to 34.121 section 5: Introduction of test case for Adjacent Channel Leakage Power Ratio with HS-DPCCH Details T1-050376 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210515-5.6.0Rel-6Corrections to detection of HS-SCCH Details T1-050375 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210514-5.6.0Rel-6Correction to H Set-4/5 pattern length Details T1-050374 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210513-5.6.0Rel-6Corrections to reporting of CQI Details T1-050373 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210512-5.6.0Rel-6Correction to the event triggered reporting test cases Details T1-050371 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210511-5.6.0Rel-6Correction to TS34.121 TC 8.4.2 Details T1-050370 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210510-5.6.0Rel-6Level Definition HS_SCCH_1 and DPCH for Test 9.2.1 Single link performance Details T1-050368 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210509-5.6.0Rel-6Changes to Annex I to harmonise System Information scheduling for RRM test cases. Details T1-050366 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210508-5.6.0Rel-6Level Definition HS_SCCH_1 and DPCH for Test 9.2.2 Open loop diversity performance And Test 9.2.3 Closed loop diversity performance Details T1-050362 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210507-5.6.0Rel-6Level Definition HS_SCCH_1 and DPCH for Test 9.2.1 Single link performance Details T1-050361  -  
34.1210506-5.6.0Rel-6Correction to OCNS value in Details T1-050356 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210505-5.6.0Rel-6Clarification for Test Case 7.9 Details T1-050352 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210504-5.6.0Rel-6Correction of 34.121 Power vs. Time diagrams Details T1-050351 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210503-5.6.0Rel-6to 34.121: Changes to Annex D and Annex H to introduce UMTS 850 Band Details T1-050347 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210502-5.6.0Rel-6Test tolerances for Test 9.2.2 Open loop diversity performance and 9.2.3 Closed loop diversity performance Details T1-050338 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210501-5.6.0Rel-6Removal of Rel-5 specific reference to TS 25.101 Details T1-050329 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210500-5.6.0Rel-6Correction to MEASUREMENT REPORT message in Annex I Details T1-050326 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210499-5.6.0Rel-6Correction to 8.3.1 Details T1-050324 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210498-5.6.0Rel-6Correction to Reporting cell status in Measurement Control Messages Details T1-050322 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210497-5.6.0Rel-6Clarification of RRM TC 8.2.3 Details T1-050321 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210496-5.6.0Rel-6Clarification of reference value for T Reconfirm Abort Parameter in Inter-Rat Test Case 8.3.4 Details T1-050319 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210495-5.6.0Rel-6Deletion of Target quality value on DTCH in Clause 8.7.3C UE transmitted power Details T1-050316 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210494-5.6.0Rel-6to 34.121: Changes to Event triggered reporting of multiple neighbours in AWGN propagation condition (R99) Details T1-050315 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210493-5.6.0Rel-6to 34.121: Changes to 7.12: Detection of Acquisition Indicator Details T1-050313 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210492-5.6.0Rel-6Omission of test points in 6.5. Blocking Characteristics Details T1-050311 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210491-5.6.0Rel-6Addition of uncertainties and test tolerances to TC 7.7.3 Details T1-050309 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210490-5.6.0Rel-6Measurement configuration setup information Details T1-050308 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210489-5.6.0Rel-6Addition of fading case 8 for HSDPA testing Details T1-050235 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210488-5.6.0Rel-6Addition of 25.212 to reference list Details T1-050234 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210487-5.6.0Rel-6Table E.3.4 Correction Details T1-050233 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210486-5.6.0Rel-6Correction to ”Read SFN indicator” in Measurement Control Messages Details T1-050221 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210485-5.6.0Rel-6Correction to CPICH_Ec/Io in Details T1-050219 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210484-5.6.0Rel-6Correction to RRC CONNECTION SETUP and RB SETUP messages for TX diversity Details T1-050217 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210483-5.6.0Rel-6Invalid MAC header for downlink dummy DCCH (mandatory) Details T1-050215 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210482-5.6.0Rel-6Removal of editorial notes from TC 8.7.3C Details T1-050186 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210481-5.6.0Rel-6Ior value correction for RRM test case, Details T1-050124 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210480-5.6.0Rel-6Corrections to RRM test case “Transport format combination selection in UE” Details T1-050122 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210479-5.6.0Rel-6Change of test method and test time optimization in TC 8.7.3A Details T1-050080 agreedTP-050033approved6.0.0
34.1210478-5.5.0Rel-5Addition of UMTS-850 Band V to chapter 4. Details T1-041523? agreedTP-040291approved5.6.0
34.1210477-5.5.0Rel-5Introduction of Test Tolerances to Event triggered reporting of multiple neighbours in AWGN propagation condition (Rel-4 and later), test Details T1-041507? agreedTP-040291approved5.6.0
34.1210476-5.5.0Rel-5Introduction of UMTS-850 MHz band V Details T1-041882 agreedTP-040234approved5.6.0
34.1210475-5.5.0Rel-5Corrections to Information elements for Monitored Cells in Annex I. Details T1-041881 agreedTP-040234approved5.6.0