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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.121-20178115.0.0Rel-15Update release applicability of TC 9.2.2D Details R5-204732 agreedRP-201466approved15.1.0
34.121-20178-15.0.0Rel-15Update release applicability of TC 9.2.2D Details R5-204045 revised   
34.121-20177-14.1.0Rel-14Removal of technical content in 34.121-2 v14.1.0 and substitution with pointer to the next Release Details R5-184137 agreedRP-181583approved14.2.0
34.121-20176-14.1.0Rel-14Applicability modification of E-UTRAN measurements performance requirement test cases Details R5-173640 withdrawn   
34.121-20175-13.0.0Rel-13Removal of technical content in 34.121-2 v13.0.0 and substitution with pointer to the next Release Details R5-173544 agreedRP-171700approved13.1.0
34.121-20174-12.5.0Rel-12Removal of technical content in 34.121-2 v12.5.0 and substitution with pointer to the next Release Details R5-173543 agreedRP-171699approved12.6.0
34.121-20173114.0.0Rel-14Correction to Table 4.1-1. Details R5-173337 agreedRP-171363approved14.1.0
34.121-20173-14.0.0Rel-14Correction to Table 4.1-1. Details R5-172686 revised   
34.121-20172112.4.0Rel-12Add New column to handle test case release related information when converting to XML format Details R5-169086 agreedRP-162101approved12.5.0
34.121-20172-12.4.0Rel-12Add New column to handle test case release related information when converting to XML format Details R5-168524 revised   
34.121-20171112.4.0Rel-12Correction to the test case numbering for sub-test of the blocking testing Details R5-169085 agreedRP-162101approved12.5.0
34.121-20171-12.4.0Rel-12Correction to the test case numbering for sub-test of the blocking testing Details R5-168523 revised   
34.121-20170112.3.0Rel-12Editorial changes for PICS XML conversion Details R5-166293 agreedRP-161439approved12.4.0
34.121-20170-12.3.0Rel-12Editorial changes for PICS XML conversion Details R5-165635 revised   
34.121-20169112.3.0Rel-12Correction of ICS table for EUTRA Feature group indicators declaration Details R5-166020 agreedRP-161439approved12.4.0
34.121-20169-12.3.0Rel-12Correction of ICS table for EUTRA Feature group indicators declaration Details R5-165419 revised   
34.121-20168112.2.0Rel-12Applicability update for Enhanced UTRA DCH test cases Details R5-162876 agreedRP-160832approved12.3.0
34.121-20168-12.2.0Rel-12Applicability update for Enhanced UTRA DCH test cases Details R5-162341 revised   
34.121-20167-12.2.0Rel-12Correction to the applicability condition for the Test cases 8.7.10 and 8.7.12 Details R5-162323 withdrawn   
34.121-20166-12.2.0Rel-12Updates to Table 1 for PICS XML conversion Details R5-162300 withdrawn   
34.121-20165112.1.0Rel-12Applicability update for Enhanced UTRA DCH test cases Details R5-160897 agreedRP-160100approved12.1.0
34.121-20165-12.1.0Rel-12Applicability update for Enhanced UTRA DCH test cases Details R5-160600 revised   
34.121-20164-12.1.0Rel-12Applicability update for Enhanced UTRA DCH test cases Details R5-160599 withdrawn   
34.121-20163-11.5.0Rel-11Removal of technical content in 34.121-2 v11.5.0 and substitution with pointer to the next Release Details R5-155028 agreedRP-151696approved11.6.0
34.121-20162-12.0.0Rel-12Applicability for Receiver Spurious emissions test case for DB-DC-HSDPA in DL-only bands Details R5-153616     
34.121-20161111.5.0Rel-12Addition of frequency UTRA band 32 Details R5-151890 agreedRP-150905approved12.0.0
34.121-20161- Rel-12Addition of frequency UTRA band 32 Details R5-151172     
34.121-20160-11.4.0Rel-11Add a new table for DB-DC-HSDPA enhance performance test cases Details R5-145914 agreedRP-142056approved11.5.0
34.121-20159-11.4.0Rel-11Update of ICS table for Enhanced Receiver type declaration Details R5-145538 agreedRP-142051approved11.5.0
34.121-20158-11.3.0Rel-11Applicability update for Multiflow HSDPA test cases Details R5-144863 agreedRP-141592approved11.4.0
34.121-20156-11.3.0Rel-11Addition of test case applicability for Occupeid Bandwith for OLTD / CLTD Details R5-144516 agreedRP-141593approved11.4.0
34.121-20155-11.2.0Rel-11Update for 34.121-2 UL-OLTD and CLTD Details R5-143127 agreedRP-140831approved11.3.0
34.121-20154-11.2.0Rel-11Applicability update to newly added chapter-5 test cases with UL-CLTD Details R5-143126 agreedRP-140831approved11.3.0
34.121-20153-11.2.0Rel-11Introduction of new test cases for uplink OLTD in TS 34.121-2 Details R5-143125 agreedRP-140831approved11.3.0
34.121-20152-11.2.0Rel-11Reinsertion of accidentally deleted applicabilities 5.9C and 5.9D Details R5-142585 agreedRP-140837approved11.3.0
34.121-20151-11.2.0Rel-11Adding Applicability statements to several enh CELL_FACH test cases Details R5-142453 agreedRP-140835approved11.3.0
34.121-20150-11.2.0Rel-11Introduction of new EVM test cases for uplink CLTD in TS 34.121-2 Details R5-142221 agreedRP-140831approved11.3.0
34.121-20149-11.2.0Rel-11Update of applicability for 4C-HSDPA in the Table 1. Details R5-142163 agreedRP-140817approved11.3.0
34.121-20148-11.1.0Rel-11Correction to applicability of UL CLTD test cases Details R5-141002 agreedRP-140324approved11.2.0
34.121-20147-11.1.0Rel-11Introduction of enh CELL_FACH test cases to TS34.121-2 Details R5-140862 agreedRP-140328approved11.2.0
34.121-20146-11.1.0Rel-11Addition of applicability for new UL OLTD test cases Details R5-140860 agreedRP-140324approved11.2.0
34.121-20145-11.1.0Rel-11Adding test cases 5.4.3C and 5.4.3D into TS 34.121-2 Details R5-140387 agreedRP-140324approved11.2.0
34.121-20144-11.0.0Rel-11Update of titles in applicability table for legacy RRM test cases due to introduction of Further Enhancement to CELL_FACH RRM test cases Details R5-134974 agreedRP-131885approved11.1.0
34.121-20143-11.0.0Rel-11Addition of new UL OLTD test cases Details R5-134335 agreedRP-131881approved11.1.0
34.121-20142-10.8.0Rel-10Removal of technical content in 34.121-2 v10.8.0 and substitution with pointer to the next Release Details R5-134101 agreedRP-131875approved10.9.0
34.121-20141-10.7.0Rel-11Updating applicability for Chapter 5 UL CLTD test cases. Details R5-133881 agreedRP-131121approved11.0.0
34.121-20140-10.7.0Rel-1034.121-2 specification clean up Details R5-133719 agreedRP-131097approved10.8.0
34.121-20139-10.7.0Rel-10Addition of applicabilities for RSRQ based reselection TC Details R5-133216 agreedRP-131124approved10.8.0
34.121-20138-10.6.0Rel-10Applicability update to Chapter 6 test cases for 4C-HSDPA Details R5-132109 agreedRP-130621approved10.7.0
34.121-20137-10.5.0Rel-10Applicability update to Chapter 6 and 9 test cases for 4C-HSDPA Details R5-130976 agreedRP-130155approved10.6.0
34.121-20136-10.4.0Rel-10Removing redundant testing for Type3/Type3i UEs (34.121-2) Details R5-125928 agreedRP-121654approved10.5.0
34.121-20135-10.4.0Rel-10Applicability changes for test case 9.2.1GC and 9.2.1GD Details R5-125919 agreedRP-121680approved10.5.0
34.121-20134-10.4.0Rel-10Addition of Test Case applicability for new RRM Test Case Details R5-125915 agreedRP-121665approved10.5.0
34.121-20133-10.4.0Rel-10Adding missing DC-HSUPA test cases to 34.121-2 Details R5-125913 agreedRP-121673approved10.5.0
34.121-20131-10.4.0Rel-10Correction to applicability of inter-RAT measurement related TCs(TS34.121-2) Details R5-125863 agreedRP-121655approved10.5.0
34.121-20130-10.4.0Rel-10Adding applicability for many 4C-HSDPA tests into TS 34.121-2 Details R5-125259 agreedRP-121680approved10.5.0
34.121-20129-10.3.0Rel-10Specifying redundant test cases in 34.121-2 Details R5-123976 agreedRP-121089approved10.4.0
34.121-20128-10.3.0Rel-10Applicability changes for test case 9.2.1LC and 9.2.1LD Details R5-123968 agreedRP-121115approved10.4.0
34.121-20127-10.3.0Rel-10Adding band XXVI into ICS proforma tables Details R5-123578 agreedRP-121120approved10.4.0
34.121-20126-10.2.0Rel-10Update to 34.121-2 for TCs 9.3.1BA & 9.3.2AA for DB-DC-HSDPA CQI reporting Details R5-121917 agreedRP-120649approved10.3.0
34.121-20125-10.2.0Rel-10Applicability changes for TC 9.2.1HC and 9.2.1HD Details R5-121915 agreedRP-120664approved10.3.0
34.121-20124-10.2.0Rel-10Adding band XXV into ICS proforma tables Details R5-121643 agreedRP-120660approved10.3.0
34.121-20123-10.2.0Rel-10Change the content of C_RF53 to 'Void' Details R5-121153 agreedRP-120635approved10.3.0
34.121-20122-10.1.0Rel-10Addition of test case 9.2.1LB (HSDPA, type 3i, Dual Band Dual Cell) to 34.121-2 Details R5-120898 agreedRP-120193approved10.2.0
34.121-20121-10.1.0Rel-10Corrections to the applicability of HS-SCCH Type 3 Performance for MIMO only with single-stream restriction Details R5-120889 agreedRP-120198approved10.2.0
34.121-20120-10.1.0Rel-10Applicability changes for TC 9.2.1FC and 9.2.1FD Details R5-120864 agreedRP-120201approved10.2.0
34.121-20119-10.1.0Rel-10Addition of DC-HSUPA test cases in 34.121-2 Details R5-120862 agreedRP-120194approved10.2.0
34.121-20118-10.1.0Rel-10Introduction of new spurious emissions test case for DC-HSUPA Details R5-120350 agreedRP-120194approved10.2.0
34.121-20117-10.1.0Rel-10Correction to TC 9.2.1J title and the name and release for 9.2.1JA in TS 34.121-2 Details R5-120309 agreedRP-120174approved10.2.0
34.121-20116-10.1.0Rel-10CR Update TCs 9.3.1BA & 9.3.2AA for DB-DC-HSDPA CQI reporting Details R5-120298 agreedRP-120193approved10.2.0
34.121-20115-10.0.0Rel-10Modification of Applicability tests conditions according to comments column of applicablity table in TS 34.121-2 Details R5-115873 agreedRP-111571approved10.1.0
34.121-20114-10.0.0Rel-10Transmit Intermodulation for DC-HSUPA (applicability) Details R5-115872 agreedRP-111595approved10.1.0
34.121-20113-10.0.0Rel-10Modification for the deficiency explanation of the duplicated tests for DC-HSDPA capable UE’s in 34.121-2 Details R5-115864 agreedRP-111594approved10.1.0
34.121-20112-10.0.0Rel-10Introduction of applicability of HS-SCCH Type 3 performance single stream restriction-STTD enabled-asymmetric CPICHs test Details R5-115862 agreedRP-111598approved10.1.0
34.121-20111-10.0.0Rel-10Introduction of applicability of HS-SCCH Type 3 performance single stream restriction-STTD disabled-asymmetric CPICHs test Details R5-115861 agreedRP-111598approved10.1.0
34.121-20110-10.0.0Rel-10Adding band XXII (3500MHz) to 34.121-2 Details R5-115811 agreedRP-111597approved10.1.0
34.121-20109-10.0.0Rel-10Update to 34.121-2 Details R5-115412 agreedRP-111594approved10.1.0
34.121-20108-10.0.0Rel-10Update to 34.121-2 Details R5-115410 agreedRP-111598approved10.1.0
34.121-20107-10.0.0Rel-10Introduction of new DB-DC-HSDPA test cases 9.2.1GB, 9.2.1IB and 9.2.1KB Details R5-115156 agreedRP-111594approved10.1.0
34.121-20106-10.0.0Rel-10Introduction of new ACLR test case for DC-HSUPA Details R5-115153 agreedRP-111595approved10.1.0
34.121-20105-9.6.0Rel-9Removal of technical content in 34.121-2 v9.6.0 and substitution with pointer to the next Release Details R5-115087 agreedRP-111584approved9.7.0
34.121-20104-9.5.0Rel-9Correction to test case applicability for 6.3A and 6.3B Details R5-114114 agreedRP-111132approved9.6.0
34.121-20103-9.5.0Rel-10Update to 34.121-2 Details R5-114108 agreedRP-111154approved10.0.0
34.121-20102-9.5.0Rel-9Addition of applicability for new test case of system information acquisition for CSG cell Details R5-114107 agreedRP-111146approved9.6.0
34.121-20101-9.5.0Rel-10Introduction of applicability of HS-SCCH Type 3 Performance Single Stream restriction test Details R5-114090 agreedRP-111154approved10.0.0
34.121-20100-9.5.0Rel-9Adding recommended test case applicability for DC-HSUPA test cases into 34.121-2 Details R5-114083 agreedRP-111150approved9.6.0
34.121-20099-9.5.0Rel-9Correction to the DB-DC test cases applicability of 34.121-2 Details R5-114030 agreedRP-111149approved9.6.0
34.121-20098-9.5.0Rel-9Modification of the table A.11 in 34.121 Details R5-113149 agreedRP-111134approved9.6.0
34.121-20097-9.4.0Rel-9Reduction of duplicated tests for DC-HSDPA capable UE's in 34.121-2 Details R5-112869 agreedRP-110638approved9.5.0
34.121-20096-9.4.0Rel-9Addition of DB-DC-HSDPA into 34.121-2 Details R5-112848 agreedRP-110667approved9.5.0
34.121-20095-9.4.0Rel-9Applicability changes to TC 8.7.10 - 8.7.13 Details R5-112201 agreedRP-110643approved9.5.0
34.121-20094-8.9.0Rel-9Correction to Band XII frequency range in 34.121-2 Details R5-112134 agreedRP-110652approved9.0.0
34.121-20093- Rel-9Change the reference document of item A.7/18 for “Support of F-DPCH”. Details R5-110857 agreedRP-110373approved9.4.0
34.121-20092-9.3.0Rel-9Applicability for features not supported in all supporter bands Details R5-110922 agreedRP-110373approved9.4.0
34.121-20092-9.3.0Rel-9Applicability for features not supported in all supporter bands Details R5-110922 agreedRP-110155reissued 
34.121-20091-9.3.0Rel-9Update to 34.121-2 Details R5-110659 agreedRP-110177approved9.4.0
34.121-20090-9.3.0Rel-9Clarification of CQI reporting requirement applicability Details R5-110465 agreedRP-110373approved9.4.0
34.121-20090-9.3.0Rel-9Clarification of CQI reporting requirement applicability Details R5-110465 agreedRP-110155reissued 
34.121-20089-9.3.0Rel-9Correction to the conditions on C_RF28 and C_RF33 to include category 7 of HSUPA Details R5-110135 agreedRP-110373approved9.4.0
34.121-20089-9.3.0Rel-9Correction to the conditions on C_RF28 and C_RF33 to include category 7 of HSUPA Details R5-110135 agreedRP-110155reissued 
34.121-20088-9.2.0Rel-9Update of applicability of legacy HSDPA performance test cases for UE HS-DSCH Physical Layer category 25 to 28 Details R5-106838 agreedRP-101160approved9.3.0
34.121-20087-9.2.0Rel-9Applicability change to TC 9.3.7A and 9.3.7B in TS 34.121-2 Details R5-106415 agreedRP-101146approved9.3.0
34.121-20086-9.1.0Rel-934.121-2 Correction to the applicability of test case 9.2.1F, 9.2.1J,9.2.2D, and 9.2.3D Details R5-104858 agreedRP-100808approved9.2.0
34.121-20085-9.1.0Rel-9Applicability for TC 5.4.4A (out of synch handling / RX diverstity) Details R5-104842 agreedRP-100811approved9.2.0
34.121-20084-9.1.0Rel-9Correction 34.121-2 TC7.8.1 add test 2 Details R5-104841 agreedRP-100808approved9.2.0
34.121-20083-9.1.0Rel-934121-2 General update to add-E-UTRA TCs applicability and editorials Details R5-104838 agreedRP-100812approved9.2.0
34.121-20082-9.1.0Rel-9Modification of MIMO CQI fading test case names Details R5-104385 agreedRP-100811approved9.2.0
34.121-20081-9.1.0Rel-9Addition of CQI fading test case for 64QAM UEs into TS 34.121-2 Details R5-104381 agreedRP-100811approved9.2.0
34.121-20080-9.1.0Rel-9Addition of TC 5.13.2A and TC 5.13.2B into TS 34.121-2 Details R5-104374 agreedRP-100810approved9.2.0
34.121-20079-9.1.0Rel-9Correction 34.121-2 Table 1 TC 7.8.1A_add test 1 Details R5-104189 agreedRP-100808approved9.2.0
34.121-20077-8.10.0Rel-8Removal of technical content in 34.121-2 v8.10.0 and substitution with pointer to the next Release Details R5-103229d agreedRP-100511approved8.11.0
34.121-20076-9.0.0Rel-9Including test cases 5.2C and 5.2D into TS 34.121-2 Details R5-103508 agreedRP-100507approved9.1.0
34.121-20075-9.0.0Rel-9Introduction of E-AI detection performance test case into TS 34.121-2 Details R5-103504 agreedRP-100519approved9.1.0
34.121-20074-8.9.0Rel-8Applicability corrections and additions for HSDPA test cases Details R5-100904 agreedRP-100140approved8.10.0
34.121-20073-8.9.0Rel-8CR to 34.121-2: Update baseline implementation capabilities with extended UMTS1500 operating bands Details R5-100558 agreedRP-100154approved8.10.0
34.121-20072-8.9.0Rel-8Updates to test applicability section of 34.121-2 related to DC-HSDPA type3i requirement Details R5-100212 agreedRP-100149approved8.10.0
34.121-20071-8.9.0Rel-8Title change for test case in TC in TS 34.121-2 Details R5-100150 agreedRP-100139approved8.10.0
34.121-20070-8.9.0Rel-8Introduction of enhanced serving HS-DSCH cell change test case into TS 34.121-2 Details R5-100142 agreedRP-100159approved8.10.0
34.121-2006918.8.0Rel-8Addition of DC-HSDPA receiver tests into TS 34.121-2 Details R5-095930 agreedRP-091124approved8.9.0
34.121-20068-8.8.0Rel-8Updates to Applicability table corresponding to DC-HSDPA tests Details R5-096285 agreedRP-091124approved8.9.0
34.121-20063-8.7.0Rel-8Update to 34.121-2 Details R5-094975 agreedRP-090807approved8.8.0
34.121-20062-8.7.0Rel-8Correction of ICS proforma tables for test loop mode 1 (UL RLC SDU block size) Details R5-094820 agreedRP-090791approved8.8.0
34.121-20061-8.6.0Rel-8Applicability of New TC9.2.1L -- Single Link Performance - Enhanced Performance Requirements Type 3i - QPSK, Fixed Reference Channel (FRC) H-Set 6 Details R5-092655 agreedRP-090442approved8.7.0
34.121-20060-8.6.0Rel-8New HSDPA demodulation test for MIMO + 64QAM into 34.121-2 Details R5-092632 agreedRP-090444approved8.7.0
34.121-20059-8.6.0Rel-8Adding test 9.2.3E applicability Details R5-092173 agreedRP-090433approved8.7.0
34.121-20057-8.5.0Rel-8Applicability changes in 34.121-2 for HSDPA demodulation tests Details R5-091107 agreedRP-090218approved8.6.0
34.121-20056-8.5.0Rel-8Add applicability for the new test cases in Section 9.3.7 Details R5-091096 agreedRP-090218approved8.6.0
34.121-20055-8.5.0Rel-8Applicability changes to CQI test cases Details R5-091072 agreedRP-090204approved8.6.0
34.121-20054-8.5.0Rel-8Correction to titles of test cases 3 and 4 in TC 7.9.1 Details R5-090092 agreedRP-090204approved8.6.0
34.121-20053-8.4.0Rel-8Applicability changes for Demodulation of HS-DSCH in 34.121-2. Details R5-085734 agreedRP-080956approved8.5.0
34.121-20052-8.4.0Rel-8Clarification of titles for MIMO test cases 9.3.7A and 9.3.7B Details R5-085172 agreedRP-080955approved8.5.0
34.121-20051-8.3.0Rel-8Multi_RAT Capability condition removal Details R5-083831 agreedRP-080554approved8.4.0
34.121-20050-8.3.0Rel-8Multi_RAT Capability condition removal Details R5-083396 agreedRP-080554approved8.4.0
34.121-20049-8.3.0Rel-8ICS for TC5.13.1AAA (EVM and IQ offset) Details R5-083386 agreedRP-080745approved8.4.0
34.121-20049-8.3.0Rel-8ICS for TC5.13.1AAA (EVM and IQ offset) Details R5-083386 agreedRP-080740reissued 
34.121-20048-8.2.1Rel-8Deletion of PICS ‘Support of UE assisted Network Assisted GPS’ from 34.121-2 Details R5-081439 agreedRP-080363approved8.3.0
34.121-20047-8.2.1Rel-8Correction to applicability of MBMS RF performance test case 11.2A Details R5-081448 agreedRP-080365approved8.3.0
34.121-20046-8.2.1Rel-8Correction to 34.121-2 HSDPA tests’ applicabilities for Enhanced Performance type 1 type 2 and type 3 terminals. Details R5-081222 agreedRP-080364approved8.3.0
34.121-20045-8.2.1Rel-8to 34.121-2: Correction to test case 8.7.3C: UE Transmitted Power Applicability Details R5-081438 agreedRP-080427approved8.3.0
34.121-20044-8.2.1Rel-8to 34.121-2: Introduction of Bands XII XIII and XIV (UMTS700 MHz) Applicability Details R5-081434 agreedRP-080370approved8.3.0
34.121-20043-8.1.0Rel-8Applicability of new MIMO Test case: HS-SCCH Detection Performance: HS-SCCH Type M Performance Details R5-080171 agreedRP-080105approved8.2.0
34.121-20042-8.1.0Rel-8to 34.121-2: Introduction of UE Transmitter 16-QAM Applicability Details R5-080396 agreedRP-080108approved8.2.0
34.121-20041-8.1.0Rel-8Addition of new testcases for 64QAM Single Link Performance Details R5-080264 agreedRP-080107approved8.2.0
34.121-20040-8.1.0Rel-8Corrections to applicability of CQI test cases 9.3.1 to 9.3.6 Details R5-080251 agreedRP-080093approved8.2.0
34.121-20039-8.1.0Rel-8Correction to 34.121-2 HSDPA testsÆ applicabilities for Enhanced Performance type 1 and type 3 terminals. Details R5-080246 agreedRP-080095approved8.2.0
34.121-20038-8.1.0Rel-8to 34.121-2: Introduction of power control in the downlink for F-DPCH Applicability Details R5-080388 agreedRP-080095approved8.2.0
34.121-20037-8.0.0Rel-8Applicability of new MIMO Test Case: Demodulation of HS-DSCH (Fixed Refernce Channel): MIMO Performance Details R5-073376 agreedRP-070881approved8.1.0
34.121-20036-8.0.0Rel-8Addition of HS-SCCH-less demodulation of HS-DSCH test case Details R5-073153 agreedRP-070885approved8.1.0
34.121-20035-8.0.0Rel-8Applicability of new 64QAM Test Case: Maximum Input Level for HS-PDSCH Reception (64QAM) Details R5-073350 agreedRP-070884approved8.1.0
34.121-20034-8.0.0Rel-8to 34.121-2: Introduction of new Power Control in the Downlink, Wind Up Effects (Release 6 and later) Requirements Applicability Details R5-073371 agreedRP-070872approved8.1.0
34.121-20033-8.0.0Rel-8to 34.121-2: Introduction of new Constant BLER Target Requirements using DL Reference Measurement Channel 2 (64 kbps) Applicability Details R5-073075 agreedRP-070872approved8.1.0
34.121-20032-8.0.0Rel-8to 34.121-2: Introduction of new UE Rx-Tx Time Difference type 1 (Release 6 and later) Applicability Details R5-073359 agreedRP-070872approved8.1.0
34.121-20031-8.0.0Rel-8to 34.121-2: Introduction of new Downlink Compressed Mode Layer 1 (Release 6 and later) Applicability Details R5-073358 agreedRP-070872approved8.1.0
34.121-20030-8.0.0Rel-8Applicability of new test cases: EDCH tests with enhanced performance requirements type 1 Details R5-073330 agreedRP-070876approved8.1.0
34.121-20029-8.0.0Rel-8Correction of applicability of HSDPA tests testing UE supporting enhanced performance type 3. Details R5-073121 agreedRP-070876approved8.1.0
34.121-20028-7.5.0Rel-7Production of 34.121-2 Rel-7 pointer version to point to Rel-8 of the spec Details R5-072592 agreedRP-070600approved7.6.0
34.121-20027-7.5.0Rel-7to 34.121-2:Addition of test cases missing from applicability Details R5-072412 agreedRP-070593approved7.6.0
34.121-20026-7.5.0Rel-8Introduction of FDD Mode Test frequencies for Operating Band XI (UMTS1500) Details R5-072398 agreedRP-070599approved8.0.0
34.121-20025-7.5.0Rel-7Applicability of new test case for demodulation of MTCH and enhanced performance requirement 1 Details R5-072411 agreedRP-070617approved7.6.0
34.121-20024-7.5.0Rel-7to 34.121-2:Correction of test cases for UE Transmitted Power Details R5-072367 agreedRP-070593approved7.6.0
34.121-20023-7.5.0Rel-7to 34.121-2:Addition of test cases for Inter Frequency Cell identificaiton Details R5-072407 agreedRP-070597approved7.6.0
34.121-20022-7.5.0Rel-7UE performance requirements for high speed train Details R5-072282 agreedRP-070600approved7.6.0
34.121-20021-7.5.0Rel-7Corrections to the applicability for some HSDPA tests Details R5-072225 agreedRP-070593approved7.6.0
34.121-20020-7.5.0Rel-7Correction to TC 9.4.2A applicability Details R5-072178 agreedRP-070596approved7.6.0
34.121-20019-7.4.0Rel-7Addition of informative Annex for FDD/GSM band combinations for Inter-RAT RRM test cases Details R5-071495 agreedRP-070344approved7.5.0
34.121-20018-7.4.0Rel-7to 34.121-2:Introduction of test case UE Transitted Power (Rel-5 and later) Details R5-071368 agreedRP-070350approved7.5.0
34.121-20017-7.4.0Rel-7to 34.121-2:Introduction of test cases for multi-path fading intra-frequency cell identification Details R5-071348 agreedRP-070350approved7.5.0
34.121-20016-7.4.0Rel-7Applicability of MBMS New test case: Cell Reselection during an MBMS session, one frequency present in neighbour list Details R5-071301 agreedRP-070363approved7.5.0
34.121-20015-7.4.0Rel-7Correction to title for MBMS RRM TC Details R5-071248 agreedRP-070363approved7.5.0
34.121-20014-7.4.0Rel-7Addition of vibration condition to 34.121-2 Details R5-071158 agreedRP-070344approved7.5.0
34.121-20013-7.3.0Rel-7Correction to 34.121-2: Introduction of FDD Band X (Extended UMTS 1.7/2.1 GHz) for transmitter and receiver characteristics test cases Details R5-070167 agreedRP-070094approved7.4.0
34.121-20012-7.3.0Rel-7Applicability of new MBMS RF and RRM test cases Details R5-070554 agreedRP-070090approved7.4.0
34.121-20011-7.3.0Rel-7Correction to 34.121-2: Introduction of applicability for 2ms TTI E-DCH E-TFC restriction test case Details R5-070571 agreedRP-070097approved7.4.0
34.121-20010-7.2.0Rel-7Applicability of new UE Transmission Power Headroom test case Details R5-063442 agreedRP-060743approved7.3.0
34.121-20009-7.2.0Rel-7Addition of new test case 5.13.1AA Details R5-063424 agreedRP-060735approved7.3.0
34.121-20008-7.2.0Rel-7Addition of PICS parameter ‘speech’ and new condition for TC 8.3.4 in section 4 and Annex A.4.2 Details R5-063460 agreedRP-060732approved7.3.0
34.121-20007-7.2.0Rel-7Addition of new condition for TC 6.3A in section 4 Details R5-063459 agreedRP-060735approved7.3.0
34.121-20006-7.1.0Rel-7Correction of applicability for RF test case 6.7 Details R5-062416 agreedRP-060549approved7.2.0
34.121-20005-7.1.0Rel-7New Rel-6 RRM test case: 8.3.8 Serving HS-DSCH cell change Details R5-062232 agreedRP-060567approved7.2.0
34.121-20004-7.1.0Rel-7Addition of applicability for new test cases Details R5-062453 agreedRP-060549approved7.2.0
34.121-20003-7.1.0Rel-7Correction of applicability for RF test case 6.5 (narrow band blocking requirement) Details R5-062127 agreedRP-060549approved7.2.0
34.121-20002-7.0.0Rel-7Addition of new Rel-6 test cases introduced in RAN5#31 Details R5-061446 agreedRP-060332approved7.1.0
34.121-20001-7.0.0Rel-7Addition of new test cases from RAN5#30 and correction to applicability Details R5-061425 agreedRP-060329approved7.1.0
34.121-20000-8.4.0Rel-8Applicability changes for Demodulation of HS-DSCH in 34.121-2. Details R5-085302 revised-