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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.1710020-9.3.0Rel-9Void technical contents Details R5-120083 agreedRP-120184approved9.4.0
34.1710019-9.2.0Rel-9Transfer of A-GPS Assistance Data to TS 37.571-5 Details R5-113146 agreedRP-111152approved9.3.0
34.1710018- Rel-9Removal of lower humidity limit Details R5-112143 agreedRP-110652approved9.0.0
34.1710017-9.0.0Rel-9Clarification of Scope and ICS Details R5-110126 agreedRP-110173approved9.1.0
34.1710017-8.1.0Rel-8Removal of technical content in 34.171 v8.1.0 and substitution with pointer to the next Release Details R5-103229h agreedRP-100511approved8.2.0
34.1710016-8.0.0Rel-8Update of TS 34.171 from Rel-7 to Rel-8 Details R5-090762 agreedRP-090205approved8.1.0
34.1710015-7.1.0Rel-7Deletion of PICS ‘Support of UE assisted Network Assisted GPS’ from 34.171 Details R5-081347 agreedRP-080363approved7.2.0
34.1710014-7.0.1Rel-7Addition of test case applicability and ICS proforma to TS 34.171 Details R5-080400 agreedRP-080098approved7.1.0
34.1710013-6.5.0Rel-6Change to Pass/Fail criteria for Moving Scenario test case 5.6 Details R5-071344 agreedRP-070354approved6.6.0
34.1710012-6.4.0Rel-6Change to UE Simulated Altitude agreedRP-060560approved6.5.0
34.1710011-6.4.0Rel-6Test procedure change to A-GPS Minimum Performance TTFF test cases Details R5-062029 agreedRP-060560approved6.5.0
34.1710010-6.4.0Rel-6Implementation change for Moving Scenario and Periodic Update Performance Test Details R5-062028 agreedRP-060560approved6.5.0
34.1710009-6.3.0Rel-6Horizontal accuracy IE change for nominal accuracy test Details R5-061230 agreedRP-060331approved6.4.0
34.1710008-6.3.0Rel-6Correction to allowable GPS Simulator Positioning Uncertainty Details R5-061229 agreedRP-060331approved6.4.0
34.1710007-6.2.0Rel-6Correction of ô5.6 Moving scenario and periodic updatingö concerning statistics Details R5-060589 agreedRP-060166approved6.3.0
34.1710006-6.2.0Rel-6Correction of SIBs to be broadcast Details R5-060006 agreedRP-060166approved6.3.0
34.1710005-6.1.0Rel-6Changes to test procedure in Test Case 5.6 Details R5-052322 agreedRP-050720approved6.2.0
34.1710004-6.0.0Rel-6Change to method of selecting satellites in tests 5.4 and 5.5 Details R5-051437 agreedRP-050512approved6.1.0
34.1710003-6.0.0Rel-6Statistical testing in A-GPS Details R5-051435 agreedRP-050512approved6.1.0
34.1710002-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of maximum permitted test time to test 5.6 Details R5-051290 agreedRP-050512approved6.1.0
34.1710001-6.0.0Rel-6Addition of test tolerances to TS 34.171 Details R5-051075 agreedRP-050512approved6.1.0