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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
36.579-70027-15.2.0Rel-15New MCData Test Case 7.2.2 Off-network Enhanced Status CT Details R5-222148 agreedRP-221081approved15.3.0
36.579-70026-15.2.0Rel-15New MCData Test Case 7.2.1 Off-network Enhanced Status CO Details R5-222147 agreedRP-221081approved15.3.0
36.579-70025-15.2.0Rel-15New MCData Test Case 7.1.4 Off-network SDS group call CT Details R5-222146 agreedRP-221081approved15.3.0
36.579-70024-15.2.0Rel-15New MCData Test Case 7.1.3 Off-network SDS group call CO Details R5-222145 agreedRP-221081approved15.3.0
36.579-70023-15.2.0Rel-15New MCData Test Case 7.1.2 Off-network SDS 1-to-1 call CT Details R5-222144 agreedRP-221081approved15.3.0
36.579-70022-15.2.0Rel-15New MCData Test Case 7.1.1 Off-network SDS 1-to-1 call CO Details R5-222143 agreedRP-221081approved15.3.0
36.579-70021-15.1.0Rel-15MCData condition clarification Details R5-220502 agreedRP-220122approved15.2.0
36.579-70020-15.1.0Rel-15Correction of MCData Test Case 5.4 Details R5-220501 agreedRP-220122approved15.2.0
36.579-70019-15.1.0Rel-15Correction of MCData Test Case 5.3 Details R5-220500 agreedRP-220122approved15.2.0
36.579-70018-15.1.0Rel-15Correction of MCData Test Case 5.2 Details R5-220499 agreedRP-220122approved15.2.0
36.579-70017-15.1.0Rel-15Correction of clause 6.3 - Enhanced Status Test Cases Details R5-220498 agreedRP-220122approved15.2.0
36.579-70016-15.1.0Rel-15Correction of clause 6.2 - File Distribution Test Cases Details R5-220497 agreedRP-220122approved15.2.0
36.579-70015-15.1.0Rel-15Correction of clause 6.1 - Short Data Service Details R5-220496 agreedRP-220122approved15.2.0
36.579-70014-15.1.0Rel-15Correction of clause 2 - References Details R5-220495 agreedRP-220122approved15.2.0
36.579-70013115.1.0Rel-15Addition of test files to annex A Details R5-221404 agreedRP-220122approved15.2.0
36.579-70013-15.1.0Rel-15Addition of test files to annex A Details R5-220494 revised   
36.579-70012-15.0.0Rel-15Correction of MCDATA Test Case 6.1.4 Details R5-216758 agreedRP-212800approved15.1.0
36.579-70011-15.0.0Rel-15Correction of MCDATA Test Case 6.1.3 Details R5-216757 agreedRP-212800approved15.1.0
36.579-70010-15.0.0Rel-15Correction of MCDATA Test Case 6.1.2 Details R5-216756 agreedRP-212800approved15.1.0
36.579-70009-15.0.0Rel-15Correction of MCDATA Test Case 6.1.1 Details R5-216755 agreedRP-212800approved15.1.0
36.579-70008-15.0.0Rel-15Correction of MCData test case 5.1 Details R5-216754 agreedRP-212800approved15.1.0
36.579-70007115.0.0Rel-15New Test Case - 6.3.2 MCData Enhanced Status CT Details R5-217915 agreedRP-212761approved15.1.0
36.579-70007-15.0.0Rel-15New Test Case - 6.3.2 MCData Enhanced Status CT Details R5-216592 revised   
36.579-70006115.0.0Rel-15New Test Case - 6.3.1 MCData Enhanced Status CO Details R5-217914 agreedRP-212761approved15.1.0
36.579-70006-15.0.0Rel-15New Test Case - 6.3.1 MCData Enhanced Status CO Details R5-216590 revised   
36.579-70005-14.2.0Rel-14Removal of technical content in 36.579-7 v14.2.0 and substitution with pointer to the next Release Details R5-215151 agreedRP-211737approved14.3.0
36.579-70004114.2.0Rel-15Addition of MCData Test Case 6.2.13 Details R5-213420 agreedRP-211003approved15.0.0
36.579-70004-0.2.0Rel-15Addition of MCData Test Case 6.2.13 Details R5-213270 revised   
36.579-70003114.1.0Rel-14Editorial for correcting heading styles Details R5-211355 agreedRP-210166approved14.2.0
36.579-70003-14.1.0Rel-14Editorial for correcting heading styles Details R5-211271 revised   
36.579-70002114.0.0Rel-14Update of MCDATA TC 6.2.1 Details R5-206467 agreedRP-202248approved14.1.0
36.579-70002-14.0.0Rel-14Update of MCDATA TC 6.2.1 Details R5-205150 revised   
36.579-70001114.0.0Rel-14Update of MCDATA TC 6.1.2 Details R5-206466 agreedRP-202248approved14.1.0
36.579-70001-14.0.0Rel-14Update of MCDATA TC 6.1.2 Details R5-205149 revised