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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
37.3240013-15.1.0Rel-15Clarification on SDAP end-marker procedureR2-1901930not treated   
37.3240012115.1.0Rel-15Correction to the condition for constructing end-marker control PDUR2-1818614not pursued   
37.3240012-15.1.0Rel-15Correction to the condition for constructing end-marker control PDUR2-1818584revised   
37.3240011-15.1.0Rel-15Reflective mapping in case AS reflective QoS is not supportedR2-1815384not pursued   
37.3240010-15.1.0Rel-15CR on UE handlings of reflective QoSR2-1814309not pursued   
37.3240009-15.1.0Rel-15Priority handling at QoS flow relocationR2-1814218not treated   
37.3240008115.0.0Rel-15Correction on flow remapping from default DRBR2-1813433agreedRP-181942approved15.1.0
37.3240008-15.0.0Rel-15Correction on flow remapping from default DRBR2-1813029revised   
37.3240007-15.0.0Rel-15Miscellaneous corrections to SDAPR2-1812401agreedRP-181939approved15.1.0
37.3240006115.0.0Rel-15Miscellaneous corrections for SDAPR2-1812780agreedRP-181940approved15.1.0
37.3240006-15.0.0Rel-15Miscellaneous corrections for NR SDAPR2-1810526agreed   
37.3240005-15.0.0Rel-15Correction on end-marker control PDU transmission through default DRBR2-1810011not treated   
37.3240004-15.0.0Rel-15Corrections on RDI Setting IssuesR2-1809832    
37.3240003-15.0.0Rel-15Correction on triggering SDAP control PDUR2-1809501not pursued   
37.3240002-15.0.0Rel-15QoS flow remapping without SDAP header presenceR2-1809468not pursued   
37.3240001-15.0.0Rel-15The manitance of QoS flow to DRB mapping ruleR2-1809465not pursued