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See details 37.32400221B16.3.0Rel-17Introduction of NR MBS Details R2-2203700 agreedRAN2#117-eSamsung Details RP-220484 approvedRAN#95-eRAN217.0.0NR_MBS-Core
See details 37.3240022-B16.3.0Rel-17Introduction of NR MBS Details R2-2202300 revisedRAN2#117-eSamsung    NR_MBS-Core
See details 37.3240021-F16.2.0Rel-16Correction of PQFI terminology in SDAP – Alt. 2 Details R2-2102998 notedRAN2#113-bis-eEricsson    5G_V2X_NRSL-Core
See details 37.32400202F16.2.0Rel-16Correction of PQFI terminology in SDAP Details R2-2105497 agreedRAN2#114-eEricsson Details RP-211470 approvedRAN#92-eRAN216.3.05G_V2X_NRSL-Core
See details 37.32400201F16.2.0Rel-16Correction of PQFI terminology in SDAP – Alt. 1 Details R2-2104542 revisedRAN2#113-bis-eEricsson    5G_V2X_NRSL-Core
See details 37.3240020-F16.2.0Rel-16Correction of PQFI terminology in SDAP – Alt. 1 Details R2-2102997 revisedRAN2#113-bis-eEricsson    5G_V2X_NRSL-Core
See details 37.3240019-F16.1.0Rel-1637.324 corrections on Sidelink Details R2-2008359 agreedRAN2#111-eCATT, ASUSTeK Details RP-201927 approvedRAN#89-eRAN216.2.05G_V2X_NRSL-Core
See details 37.3240018-F16.1.0Rel-16Clarification on PC5 QoS flow remapping Details R2-2007734  RAN2#111-eASUSTeK    5G_V2X_NRSL-Core
See details 37.3240017-F16.1.0Rel-16Corrections on TS 37.324 Details R2-2006616  RAN2#111-eCATT    5G_V2X_NRSL-Core
See details 37.32400161F16.0.0Rel-16Capture latest agreements on SDAP Details R2-2006431 agreedRAN2#110-evivo Details RP-201176 approvedRAN#88-eRAN216.1.05G_V2X_NRSL-Core
See details 37.3240016-F16.0.0Rel-16Capture latest agreements on SDAP Details R2-2005961 revisedRAN2#110-evivo    5G_V2X_NRSL-Core
See details 37.3240015-F16.0.0Rel-16Editorial Corrections on SDAP for NR sidelink Details R2-2003113 not treatedRAN2#109-bis-eEricsson    5G_V2X_NRSL-Core
See details 37.32400141B15.1.0Rel-16Introduction of 5G_V2X_NRSL to 37.324 Details R2-2001901 agreedRAN2#109-eRapporteur (vivo) Details RP-200346 approvedRAN#87-eRAN216.0.05G_V2X_NRSL-Core
See details 37.3240014-B15.1.0Rel-15Running CR to 37324 for 5G_V2X_NRSL Details R2-2002319  RAN2#109-evivo (Rapporteur)    5G_V2X_NRSL-Core
See details 37.3240014-B15.1.0Rel-16Running CR to 37324 for 5G_V2X_NRSL Details R2-2001874 revisedRAN2#109-eRapporteur (vivo)    5G_V2X_NRSL-Core
See details 37.3240013-F15.1.0Rel-15Clarification on SDAP end-marker procedure Details R2-1901930 not treatedRAN2#105Qualcomm Incorp...    NR_newRAT-Core
See details 37.32400121F15.1.0Rel-15Correction to the condition for constructing end-marker control PDU Details R2-1818614 not pursuedRAN2#104Qualcomm Incorp...    NR_newRAT-Core
See details 37.3240012-F15.1.0Rel-15Correction to the condition for constructing end-marker control PDU Details R2-1818584 revisedRAN2#104Qualcomm Incorp...    NR_newRAT-Core
See details 37.3240011-F15.1.0Rel-15Reflective mapping in case AS reflective QoS is not supported Details R2-1815384 not pursuedRAN2#103-BisSHARP Corporation    NR_newRAT-Core
See details 37.3240010-F15.1.0Rel-15CR on UE handlings of reflective QoS Details R2-1814309 not pursuedRAN2#103-BisHuawei, HiSilicon    NR_newRAT-Core
See details 37.3240009-F15.1.0Rel-15Priority handling at QoS flow relocation Details R2-1814218 not treatedRAN2#103-BisNokia, Nokia Sh...    NR_newRAT
See details 37.32400081F15.0.0Rel-15Correction on flow remapping from default DRB Details R2-1813433 agreedRAN2#103Qualcomm Incorp... Details RP-181942 approvedRAN#81RAN215.1.0NR_newRAT-Core
See details 37.3240008-F15.0.0Rel-15Correction on flow remapping from default DRB Details R2-1813029 revisedRAN2#103Qualcomm Incorp...    NR_newRAT-Core
See details 37.3240007-D15.0.0Rel-15Miscellaneous corrections to SDAP Details R2-1812401 agreedRAN2#103Huawei, HiSilicon Details RP-181939 approvedRAN#81RAN215.1.0NR_newRAT-Core
See details 37.32400061F15.0.0Rel-15Miscellaneous corrections for SDAP Details R2-1812780 agreedRAN2#103LG Electronics Inc. Details RP-181940 approvedRAN#81RAN215.1.0NR_newRAT-Core
See details 37.3240006-F15.0.0Rel-15Miscellaneous corrections for NR SDAP Details R2-1810526 agreedRAN2-AH-1807LG Electronics Inc.    NR_newRAT-Core
See details 37.3240005-F15.0.0Rel-15Correction on end-marker control PDU transmission through default DRB Details R2-1810011 not treatedRAN2-AH-1807SHARP Corporation    NR_newRAT-Core
See details 37.3240004-F15.0.0Rel-15Corrections on RDI Setting Issues Details R2-1809832  RAN2-AH-1807TCL, vivo, xiaomi    NR_newRAT-Core
See details 37.3240003-F15.0.0Rel-15Correction on triggering SDAP control PDU Details R2-1809501 not pursuedRAN2-AH-1807ASUSTeK    NR_newRAT-Core
See details 37.3240002-F15.0.0Rel-15QoS flow remapping without SDAP header presence Details R2-1809468 not pursuedRAN2-AH-1807OPPO    NR_newRAT-Core
See details 37.3240001-F15.0.0Rel-15The manitance of QoS flow to DRB mapping rule Details R2-1809465 not pursuedRAN2-AH-1807OPPO    NR_newRAT-Core