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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.1040022-15.4.0Rel-15Introduction of 30 kHz channel raster and SS raster for band n38 in TS38.104  RP-190484  
38.1040021-15.4.0Rel-15CR 38.104: OTA Co-location blocking and TX intermodulation for dual polarized BSR4-1902007not pursued   
38.1040020-15.4.0Rel-15CR: Updates to PUCCH formats 3 and 4 performance requirements in TS 38.104R4-1901814withdrawn   
38.1040019-15.4.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.104 on Combined updates from RAN4 #90R4-1901686agreedRP-190403  
38.1040018115.3.0Rel-157.5 kHz carrier shift in UL for remaining bands  RP-182741withdrawn 
38.1040018-15.3.0Rel-157.5 kHz carrier shift in UL for remaining bands  RP-182693revised 
38.1040017-15.3.0Rel-15CR to 38.104 on Combined CRs for BS Demodulation performanceR4-1815570agreedRP-182362approved15.4.0
38.1040016115.3.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.104 on Combined updates from RAN4 #88bis and #89 (including 7.5 kHz carrier shift in UL for remaining bands)  RP-182837approved15.4.0
38.1040016-15.3.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.104 on Combined updates from RAN4 #88bis and #89R4-1815562agreedRP-182359revised 
38.1040015-15.3.0Rel-15CR to 38.104: Corrections to co-location requirementsR4-1815007withdrawn   
38.1040014-15.3.0Rel-15Support of 7.5 kHz carrier shift for additional operating bandsR4-1814706withdrawn   
38.1040013-15.3.0Rel-15CR to 38.104 (5.3.4) RB alignmentR4-1814601withdrawn   
38.1040012-15.3.0Rel-15CR to TS 38.104: Improvement of transition region between in-band blocking and out-of-band blocking requirment for NR BS type 2-O in sub-clause   
38.1040011-15.3.0Rel-15Correction to interfering signal for RX intermodulation requirementR4-1812648withdrawn   
38.1040010-15.2.0Rel-15Addition parameters about n50 in TS 38.104R4-1811145withdrawn   
38.1040009-15.2.0Rel-15CR on spurious emission requirement in 38.104R4-1810443withdrawn   
38.1040008-15.2.0Rel-15TS 38.104 Combined updates from RAN4 #88R4-1809983agreedRP-181896approved15.3.0
38.1040007-15.1.0Rel-15Draft CR to TS 38.104: multi-band RIB correction (4.8)R4-1807736withdrawn   
38.1040006-15.1.0Rel-15Addition parameters about n50 & n51 in TS 38.104R4-1807687withdrawn   
38.1040005-15.1.0Rel-15TS 38.104 Combined updates (NSA) from RAN4 #86bis and RAN4 #87R4-1806932agreedRP-181076approved15.2.0
38.1040004-15.0.0Rel-15TS 38.104 Combined updates (NSA) from RAN4 #86 and AH-1801R4-1802142agreedRP-180264approved15.1.0
38.1040003-15.0.0Rel-15Draft CR for TS 38.104: Addition of missing spurious emission requirement in sub-clause (OTA spurious emission for co-location)R4-1800269withdrawn   
38.1040002-15.0.0Rel-15Draft CR for TS 38.104: Alignment of requirement text for transmitter intermodulation requirements in sub-clause 6.7 and sub-clause 9.8.R4-1800268withdrawn   
38.1040001-15.0.0Rel-15pCR for TS 38.104: Editorial update of figure and text in sub-clause 4.9.R4-1800267withdrawn