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See details 38.3510013-F17.2.0Rel-17Correction on SRAP for sidelink relay Details R2-2212137  RAN2#120CATT    NR_SL_relay_enh-Core
See details 38.35100122F17.2.0Rel-17Corrections for L2 U2N Relay Details R2-2213129 agreedRAN2#120OPPO, ZTE, Sams... Details RP-223412 approvedRAN#98-eRAN217.3.0NR_SL_relay-Core
See details 38.35100121F17.2.0Rel-17Correction for L2 U2N Relay Details R2-2211211 revisedRAN2#120OPPO    NR_SL_relay-Core
See details 38.3510012-F17.2.0Rel-17Corrections for L2 U2N Relay Details R2-2210972 revisedRAN2#119-bis-eOPPO, ZTE, Sams...    NR_SL_relay-Core
See details 38.3510011-F17.2.0Rel-17Miscellaneous corrections to 38.351 Details R2-2210043  RAN2#119-bis-eSamsung R&D Ins...    NR_SL_relay-Core
See details 38.3510010-F17.2.0Rel-17Correction on SRAP for L2 U2N Relay Details R2-2209893  RAN2#119-bis-eCATT    NR_SL_relay_enh-Core
See details 38.35100092F17.1.0Rel-17Correction on SRAP for L2 U2N Relay Details R2-2209275 agreedRAN2#119-eOPPO Details RP-222524 approvedRAN#97-eRAN217.2.0NR_SL_relay-Core
See details 38.35100091F17.1.0Rel-17Correction on SRAP for L2 U2N Relay Details R2-2209209 revisedRAN2#119-eOPPO    NR_SL_relay-Core
See details 38.3510009-F17.1.0Rel-17Correction on SRAP for L2 U2N Relay Details R2-2208799 revisedRAN2#119-eOPPO    NR_SL_relay-Core
See details 38.3510008-F17.1.0Rel-17SRAP data PDU discard examination Details R2-2208361  RAN2#119-eASUSTeK    NR_SL_relay-Core
See details 38.3510007-F17.1.0Rel-17Correction on SRAP header handling in L2 Relay UE Details R2-2207453  RAN2#119-eApple    NR_SL_relay-Core
See details 38.3510006-F17.1.0Rel-17Correction on SRAP for L2 U2N Relay Details R2-2207020 revisedRAN2#119-eOPPO    NR_SL_relay-Core
See details 38.3510005-F17.0.0Rel-17Correction on the handling of unknown, unforeseen, and erroneous protocol data and other miscellaneous in SRAP Details R2-2205431  RAN2#118-eHuawei, HiSilicon    NR_SL_relay-Core
See details 38.3510004-F17.0.0Rel-17Corrections on SRAP PDU handling and ID field determination Details R2-2205133  RAN2#118-eASUSTeK    NR_SL_relay-Core
See details 38.3510003-F17.0.0Rel-17Correction on the DL bearer mapping Details R2-2204797  RAN2#118-eZTE, Sanechips    NR_SL_relay-Core
See details 38.3510002-F17.0.0Rel-17Correction on BEARER ID determination Details R2-2204796  RAN2#118-eZTE, Sanechips    NR_SL_relay-Core
See details 38.35100011F17.0.0Rel-17Correction on SRAP for L2 UE-to-Network Relay Details R2-2206238 agreedRAN2#118-eOPPO Details RP-221732 approvedRAN#96RAN217.1.0NR_SL_relay-Core
See details 38.3510001-F17.0.0Rel-17Correction on SRAP for L2 U2N Relay Details R2-2204632 revisedRAN2#118-eOPPO    NR_SL_relay-Core