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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.4740008-16.0.0Rel-16Correction in F1-U on DSCP Derivation in IAB-donor node Details R3-207134 agreedRP-202310approved16.1.0
38.4740007415.3.0Rel-16Support for IAB Details R3-204418 agreedRP-201077approved16.0.0
38.4740007315.3.0Rel-16Support for IAB Details R3-203018 revised   
38.4740007215.3.0Rel-16Support for IAB Details R3-201559 endorsed   
38.4740007115.3.0Rel-16Support for IAB Details R3-200605 revised   
38.4740007-15.3.0Rel-16Support for IAB Details R3-196758 revised   
38.4740006115.2.0Rel-15Correction of DSCP Derivation Details R3-194663 agreedRP-192166approved15.3.0
38.4740006-15.2.0Rel-15Correction of DSCP Derivation Details R3-193917 revised   
38.4740005415.2.0Rel-15Correction on transport layer address Details R3-192954     
38.4740005315.2.0Rel-15Correction on transport layer address Details R3-191927 revised   
38.4740005215.2.0Rel-15Correction on transport layer address Details R3-190394 revised   
38.4740005115.2.0Rel-15Correction on transport layer address Details R3-186413 revised   
38.4740005-15.2.0Rel-15Correction on transport layer address Details R3-185668 revised   
38.4740004-15.1.0Rel-15Updated reference to IPv6 Details R3-184029 agreedRP-181920approved15.2.0
38.4740003-15.0.0Rel-15Updated reference to IPv6 Details R3-183048     
38.4740002-15.0.0Rel-15Rapporteur's correction to TS 38.474 Details R3-182274 agreedRP-181238approved15.1.0
38.4740001-15.0.0Rel-15Rapporteur's correction to TS 38.474 Details R3-181181