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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
25.212008413.2.0R1999Correction on the spreading factor selection for the RACH Details R1-000776 agreedRP-000266approved3.3.0
25.2120083-3.2.0R1999Correction for bit separation and bit collection Details R1-000744 agreedRP-000266approved3.3.0
25.2120082-3.2.0R1999Editorial corrections in channel coding section Details R1-000743 agreedRP-000266approved3.3.0
25.2120081-3.2.0R1999Correction of order of checking TFC during flexible position RM parameter determination Details R1-000741 agreedRP-000266approved3.3.0
25.2120080-3.2.0R1999Clarification on BTFD utilisation (single CCTrCH) Details R1-000706 agreedRP-000266approved3.3.0
25.212007823.2.0R1999Clarifying the rate matching parameter setting for the RACH and BCH Details R1-000775 agreedRP-000266approved3.3.0
25.2120077-3.2.0R1999Clarifications for TFCI coding Details R1-000657 agreedRP-000266approved3.3.0
25.212007613.2.0R1999Revision of code block segmentation description Details R1-000723 agreedRP-000266approved3.3.0
25.212007423.2.0R1999Bit separation of the Turbo encoded data Details R1-000716 agreedRP-000266approved3.3.0
25.2120073-3.2.0R1999Editorial correction in 25.212 coding/multiplexing Details R1-000634 agreedRP-000266approved3.3.0
25.212007243.2.0R1999Corrections to 25.212 (Rate Matching, p-bit insertion, PhCH segmentation) Details R1-000735 agreedRP-000266approved3.3.0
25.212007113.2.0R1999Corrections and editorial modifications of 25.212 for 2nd insertion of DTX bits for CM Details R1-000572 agreedRP-000266approved3.3.0
25.212007013.2.0R1999Editorial modifications Details R1-000560 agreedRP-000266approved3.3.0
25.2120069-3.2.0R1999Removal of BTFD for flexible positions in Release 99 Details R1-000541 agreedRP-000266approved3.3.0
25.2120068-3.2.0R1999Editorial modifications of 25.212 Details R1-000539 agreedRP-000266approved3.3.0
25.212006613.2.0R1999Section 4.4.5 and table 9 is moved to informative annex Details R1-000585 agreedRP-000266approved3.3.0