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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.1400082-5.2.0Rel-5Correction of incomplete/inconsistent MM4 interface responsibility allocation for delivery reports. Details T2-020570 agreedTP-020105approved5.3.0
23.1400081-5.2.0Rel-5Definition of Message Size in a CDR Details T2-020564 agreedTP-020105approved5.3.0
23.1400080-5.2.0Rel-5Clarifications Details T2-020563 agreedTP-020105approved5.3.0
23.1400079-5.2.0Rel-5Additional information elements for the MM1 abstract messages. Details T2-020560 agreedTP-020105approved5.3.0
23.1400078-5.2.0Rel-5Binary Encoding of MMS Connectivity Information for storage on the USIM Details T2-020559 agreedTP-020105approved5.3.0
23.1400077-5.2.0Rel-5Alignment of 3GPP TS 23.140 with 3GPP TS 26.140 Details T2-020551 agreedTP-020105approved5.3.0
23.1400076-5.2.0Rel-5Clarification of Persistent Network-based Storage: Store Status and Store Status Text throughout MM1 Reference Point Details T2-020549 agreedTP-020105approved5.3.0
23.1400075-5.2.0Rel-5Consistent terminology Details T2-020548 agreedTP-020105approved5.3.0
23.1400074-5.2.0Rel-5MM1 and MM7 Interfaces: Message Distribution Indicator. Details T2-020547 agreedTP-020105approved5.3.0
23.1400073-5.2.0Rel-5Encapsulation of a short message (SMS) in a multimedia message (MMS) Details T2-020550 agreedTP-020105approved5.3.0
23.1400070-5.2.0Rel-5Correction to MM7 Stage 2 on Address Visibility in Sender and Recipient IEs Details T2-020536 agreedTP-020105approved5.3.0
23.1400069-5.2.0Rel-5MM7 stage 3 Details T2-020587 agreedTP-020158approved5.3.0
23.1400068-5.2.0Rel-5MM1 - MM7 and MM4 - MM7 header mapping Details T2-020534 agreedTP-020105approved5.3.0
23.1400067-5.2.0Rel-5Charged Party Indication on MM7 Details T2-020533 agreedTP-020105approved5.3.0
23.1400066-5.2.0Rel-5Automatic Bearer Selection for MMS Details T2-020586 agreedTP-020105approved5.3.0
23.1400065-5.2.0Rel-5Parameters for CDR creation related to VASP/VAS connectivity via MM7 Details T2-020511 agreedTP-020105approved5.3.0