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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.121004113.0.0R1999Change to the current UMTS area concept- SP-99400approved3.1.0
23.1210037-3.0.0R1999Specification of the UMTS Multimedia Call Control Model- SP-99400approved3.1.0
23.1210036-3.0.0R1999Inter 3G-MSC HO- SP-99400approved3.1.0
23.121003513.0.0R1999GTP tunnel termination point in SRNS relocation for PS domain- SP-99400approved3.1.0
23.1210031-3.0.0R1999GSM to UMTS HO for CS services- SP-99400approved3.1.0
23.121003013.0.0R1999UMTS - GSM handover- SP-99400approved3.1.0
23.1210029-3.0.0R1999Mapping of LA/RA to cells- SP-99400approved3.1.0
23.121002723.0.0R1999Combined location procedures- SP-99400approved3.1.0
23.1210026-3.0.0R1999Procedures for volume based charging- SP-99400approved3.1.0
23.1210025-3.0.0R1999LA/RA - URA relationship- SP-99400approved3.1.0
23.121002433.0.0R1999SRNC relocation in relation with SGSN change- SP-99400approved3.1.0
23.121002323.0.0R1999Description of UTRAN coordination- SP-99400approved3.1.0
23.1210019-3.0.0R1999Clarifications on Iu_ps control plane- SP-99400approved3.1.0
23.1210016-3.0.0R1999LAI addition for combined area update procedure- SP-99400approved3.1.0
23.121001223.0.0R1999Hierarchical tracking concept, recovery of temporarily lost mobiles, and MM and SM relation - Revised version- SP-99400approved3.1.0
23.121000913.0.0R1999Allowed network and terminal implementation configurations in UMTS- SP-99400approved3.1.0
23.1210008-3.0.0R1999Clarification to MM procedures- SP-99400approved3.1.0
23.121000613.0.0R1999Iu network service for the packet domain- SP-99400approved3.1.0
23.121000313.0.0R1999Mobile IP in R99- SP-99400approved3.1.0
23.121000123.0.0R1999Architecture for multimedia- SP-99400approved3.1.0