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See details 23.12200221F3.5.0R1999Equiv handling of PLMN with different PLMN codes agreed  Details NP-010180 approved Mola,Telia,Vdfone3.6.02G3Ginterworking
See details 23.12200201F3.5.0R1999Identification for PLMN of same country as the current VPLMN    Details NP-010186 approved Motorola3.6.0TEI
See details 23.12200194F3.5.0R1999Clarification to PLMN Search    Details NP-010186 approved Motorola3.6.0TEI
See details 23.1220018-F3.5.0R1999Requirement of priority on High Quality Signal cell concerning Acceptable cell (for limited service as emergency call) Details N1-010443 agreed Details NP-010190 approved N13.6.0TEI 2G
See details 23.1220017-F3.5.0R1999To remove the use of GSM as the default access technology in PLMN search. Details N1-010334 agreed Details NP-010205 approved N13.6.0TEI
See details 23.12200161F3.5.0R1999Roaming restrictions for GPRS service Details N1-010224   Details NP-010168 approved N13.6.0GPRS 2G
See details 23.12200143F3.5.0R1999Clarification of the PLMN selection for UMTS regarding high quality signal Details N1-010472 agreed Details NP-010207 approved N13.6.02G3Ginterworking