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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
45.0080083-5.3.0Rel-5Alignment of predefined configuration handling according to RAN 2 views Details GP-012499 agreedGP-012499approved5.4.0
45.0080077-5.3.0Rel-5Clarification on UTRAN FDD RSSI reporting Details GP-012490 agreedGP-012490approved5.4.0
45.0080075-5.3.0Rel-5Corrections and improvements for abnormal cell reselection Details GP-012487 agreedGP-012487approved5.4.0
45.0080073-5.3.0Rel-5NDRX definition Details GP-012412 agreedGP-012412approved5.4.0
45.008007115.3.0Rel-5Correction of parameters related to enhanced and 3G measurements Details GP-012761 agreedGP-012761approved5.4.0
45.0080069-5.3.0Rel-5Number of cells/frequencies to be monitored by a dual mode terminal Details GP-012397 agreedGP-012397approved5.4.0
45.008006515.3.0Rel-5Correction of references to relevant 3GPP specifications Details GP-012775 agreedGP-012775approved5.4.0
45.0080063-5.3.0Rel-5Introduction of accuracy requirements for RXQUAL_EPC Details GP-012356 agreedGP-012356approved5.4.0
45.0080062-5.3.0Rel-5Introduction of adaptive half rate speech channels with 8-PSK modulation Details GP-012353 agreedGP-012353approved5.4.0
45.0080061-5.3.0Rel-5Clarification on Packet Enhanced Measurement Reporting Details GP-012223 agreedGP-012223approved5.4.0