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See details 51.010-13136-F6.3.0Rel-620.22.5 - Increase the value of NC_REPORTING_PERIOD_T Details GP-052202 agreedGERAN#26Anite Details GP-052202 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13135-F6.3.0Rel-6Clarifications in section 40 and 50 Details GP-052200 agreedGERAN#26Wavecom Details GP-052200 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13134-F6.3.0Rel-6051.010-1 Section - Peak Throughput Class for MS supporting SMS over EGPRS Details GP-052179 agreedGERAN#26setcom Details GP-052179 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0EDGE
See details 51.010-13133-F6.3.0Rel-6051.010-1 Section - Peak Throughput Class for MS supporting SMS over GPRS Details GP-052178 agreedGERAN#26Setcom Details GP-052178 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-131321F6.3.0Rel-6Corrections to GPS scenario files Details GP-052204 agreedGERAN#26Spirent, Anite Details GP-052204 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0TEI
See details 51.010-13131-F6.3.0Rel-642. Error in initial conditions Details GP-052160 agreedGERAN#26Ericsson Details GP-052160 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13126-F6.3.0Rel-6New Test Case for MS-Based A-GPS: Multiple RRLP Requests with different Reference Number Details GP-052013 agreedGERAN#26Qualcomm Europe Details GP-052013 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0TEI
See details 51.010-13125-F6.3.0Rel-6New Test Case for MS-Based A-GPS: Multiple RRLP Requests with same Reference Number Details GP-052012 agreedGERAN#26Qualcomm Europe Details GP-052012 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0TEI
See details 51.010-131241F6.3.0Rel-6Sections and Need To Allow Multiple Packet SI Status Messages Details GP-052188 agreedGERAN#26Qualcomm Europe... Details GP-052188 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13123-F6.3.0Rel-6Section 14.12.1 - Additon Of DCS Band Details and Correction To Sample Rate Details GP-052010 agreedGERAN#26Qualcomm Europe... Details GP-052010 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0DARP
See details 51.010-131201F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1 Correction to sections 52.6.3 and 52.6.4 (EGPRS Packet Access for signalling / PCCCH case) Details GP-052289 agreedGERAN#26Setcom Details GP-052289 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0EDGE
See details 51.010-13119-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1 47.4.1 PDP Context Activation / Performed on main DCCH and TBFs Details GP-052005 agreedGERAN#26setcom Details GP-052005 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-131181F6.3.0Rel-6051.010-1 Section Extended Dynamic Allocation / Uplink Transfer / Normal / PACCH operation in downlink Details GP-052206 agreedGERAN#26Setcom Details GP-052206 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0EDGE
See details 51.010-13117-F6.3.0Rel-6051.010-1 Section Extended Dynamic Allocation / Uplink Transfer / Normal / USF_GRANULARITY = 4 blocks Details GP-052003 agreedGERAN#26Setcom Details GP-052003 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0EDGE
See details 51.010-131161F6.3.0Rel-6051.010-1 Section Extended Dynamic Allocation / Uplink Transfer / Normal / PACCH operation in downlink Details GP-052205 agreedGERAN#26Setcom Details GP-052205 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-131151F6.3.0Rel-6051.010-1 Section Extended Dynamic Allocation / Uplink Transfer / Normal / USF_GRANULARITY = 4 blocks Details GP-052187 agreedGERAN#26Setcom Details GP-052187 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13114-F6.3.0Rel-651010-1: Changes in the testcases and Details GP-052000 agreedGERAN#26SASKEN Details GP-052000 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0EGPRS
See details 51.010-131121B6.3.0Rel-651010-1: Addition of new testcases in the area of ôConfigration Change during uplink data transfer in extended dynamic allcationö. Details GP-052186 agreedGERAN#26SASKEN Details GP-052186 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13111-F6.3.0Rel-651010-1: Changes in testcases in the section 52.9.2. Details GP-051996 agreedGERAN#26SASKEN Details GP-051996 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0EGPRS
See details 51.010-131081F6.3.0Rel-651010-1: Changes in the initial conditions of the testcase 44.2.10. Details GP-052183 agreedGERAN#26SASKEN Details GP-052183 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13106-F6.3.0Rel-651010-1: Changes in testcases in the section 42.9.2. Details GP-051991 agreedGERAN#26SASKEN Details GP-051991 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13105-F6.3.0Rel-6Changing wait time in step 2 of the Expected Sequence for clauses, and Details GP-051990 agreedGERAN#26Nokia Details GP-051990 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-13104-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3104 Section - Location updating/periodic search for higher priority PLMN when the list of equivalent PLMNs includes the HPLMN, when a MS is registered in a foreign countryÆs Details GP-051944 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-051944 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-13103-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3103 Section - Dedicated assignment / successful case Details GP-051943 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-051943 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-13102-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3102 Section - Measurement / DTX Details GP-051942 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-051942 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-131011F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3101 Section 26.16.5 - AMR signalling / Handover / active call / successful case Details GP-052134 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-052134 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-131002B6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3100 Section 80 - Generic Access default conditions, message contents and macros Details GP-052195 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-052195 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13099-D6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3099 Section 80 - TTY Services - Move to section 90 Details GP-051939 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-051939 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13098-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3098 Section - Correction of test procedure. Details GP-051938 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-051938 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0EDGE
See details 51.010-13097-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3097 Section - Correction of test procedure. Details GP-051937 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-051937 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0EDGE
See details 51.010-13096-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3096 Section - Incorrect references to step number in the test sequenceÆs comment Details GP-051936 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-051936 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13095-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3095 Section 52.6.1, 52.6.2, 52.6.3, 52.6.4 - table in conformance requirement updated Details GP-051935 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-051935 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0EGPRS
See details 51.010-13094-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3094 Section - Packet Uplink Assignment / One phase access / Contention resolution / TLLI in Packet Resource Request message retransmission Details GP-051934 agreedGERAN#26 Details GP-051934 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-130921F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3092 Section - Extended Uplink TBF / Cell change while in Extended Uplink / With Packet Neighbouring Cell Data Details GP-052131 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-052131 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0EGPRS
See details 51.010-13091-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1 Section - Remove unnecessary restriction of applicability Details GP-051931 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-051931 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13090-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3090 Section - Packet access rejection / Interpretation of Extended RA i / Extended RA i not included Details GP-051930 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-051930 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13089-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3089 Section - Packet access rejection / Interpretation of Extended RA i / Correct value of Extended RA i Details GP-051929 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-051929 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13088-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3088 Section - Handover to different routeing area whilst in DTM / Performed on TBFs / RAU complete before CS release Details GP-051928 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-051928 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0DTM
See details 51.010-13086-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3086 Section 47.2.1 - Mobile originated CS realease Details GP-051926 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-051926 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0DTM
See details 51.010-13085-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3085 Section Improvement of requirement check of N200 and T201 after XID reset Details GP-051925 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-051925 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13084-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3084 Section - Incorrect references to step number in the test sequenceÆs comment Details GP-051924 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-051924 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13083-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3083 Section - Ignoring Packet Measurement Order and Packet Cell Change Order whilst in DTM Details GP-051923 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-051923 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0DTM
See details 51.010-130821F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3082 Section - MT CS establishment whilst in NC2 with a uplink TBF established Details GP-052185 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-052185 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13081-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3081 Section Avoid expiry of T3158 while T3174 is running Details GP-051921 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-051921 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-130801F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3080 Section - Network Control measurement reporting / Uplink Transfer / Continuation in Idle mode Details GP-052182 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-052182 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13079-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3079 Section - Dynamic Allocation / Uplink Transfer / Normal / USF assigned with MCS-1 to MCS-4 Details GP-051919 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-051919 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13078-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3078 Section - Dynamic Allocation / Uplink Transfer / Normal / Frequency Parameters Details GP-051918 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-051918 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13077-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3077 Section - Uplink TBF establishment with a downlink TBF established and no PS downlink reallocation Details GP-051917 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-051917 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0DTM
See details 51.010-130762F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3076 Section - MO CS Establishment whilst in packet transfer mode with uplink and downlink TBFs established Details GP-052285 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-052285 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0DTM
See details 51.010-130751F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3075 Section - MT CS establishment whilst in packet transfer mode with a uplink TBF established Details GP-052133 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-052133 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0DTM
See details 51.010-13074-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3074 Section - Expanded applicability Details GP-051914 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-051914 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-130711F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3071 Section - Extended Uplink TBF / Cell change while in Extended Uplink / With Packet Neighbouring Cell Data Details GP-052132 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz... Details GP-052132 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13070-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3070 Section - Uplink TBF Establishment with a downlink TBF established and PS downlink reallocation Details GP-051910 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-051910 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0DTM
See details 51.010-130691F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1-3069 Section 34.2.9 - Multiple SMS mobile originated - release dependencies removed Details GP-052207 agreedGERAN#26Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-052207 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-13068-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1 Chapter SACK frame Details GP-051908 agreedGERAN#26CETECOM Details GP-051908 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-130672F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1 Inconsistency in sections, Details GP-052197 agreedGERAN#26CETECOM Details GP-052197 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13066-F6.3.0Rel-651.010-1 Section Rejection after new password mismatch Details GP-051904 agreedGERAN#26CETECOM Details GP-051904 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-13065-F6.3.0Rel-613.17.3 Change to use restricted interslot dynamic range for multislot uplink configurations Details GP-051900 agreedGERAN#26Nokia Details GP-051900 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0EDGE
See details 51.010-13064-F6.3.0Rel-613.16.2 Change to use restricted interslot dynamic range for multislot uplink configurations Details GP-051899 agreedGERAN#26Nokia Details GP-051899 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13063-F6.3.0Rel-6Removal of test cases 21.5, 21.6 and 21.7 Details GP-051897 agreedGERAN#26Nokia Details GP-051897 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-13062-F6.3.0Rel-614.4.20 Co-channel rejection - O-TCH/AHS-INB (new test) Details GP-051895 agreedGERAN#26Nokia Details GP-051895 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.08PSK-AH
See details 51.010-130601B6.3.0Rel-6New sub-clause Extended Dynamic Allocation / Uplink Transfer / Normal / Allocation via polling mechanism Details GP-052181 agreedGERAN#26NEC Details GP-052181 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13059-F6.3.0Rel-652. Dynamic Allocation / Uplink Transfer / Abnormal with cell reselection in acknowledged mode Details GP-051879 agreedGERAN#26Siemens AG Details GP-051879 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0EDGE
See details 51.010-13058-F6.3.0Rel-642. Cell change order procedure / Uplink transfer / Failure cases / REJECT from the new cell Details GP-051878 agreedGERAN#26Siemens AG Details GP-051878 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13057-F6.3.0Rel-642. Dynamic Allocation / Uplink Transfer / Abnormal / with cell reselection in acknowledged mode Details GP-051877 agreedGERAN#26Siemens AG Details GP-051877 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13056-F6.3.0Rel-653.1.1.19 EGPRS Acknowledged mode / Uplink TBF / Link Adaptation Procedure for initial transmission Details GP-051875 agreedGERAN#26Siemens Details GP-051875 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0EDGE
See details 51.010-13055-F6.3.0Rel-651.3.6.10 TBF Release / Extended Uplink / Change of RLC mode / Abnormal release Details GP-051874 agreedGERAN#26Siemens AG Details GP-051874 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0EGPRS
See details 51.010-13054-F6.3.0Rel-641.3.6.10 TBF Release / Extended Uplink / Change of RLC mode / Abnormal release Details GP-051873 agreedGERAN#26Siemens AG Details GP-051873 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13053-F6.3.0Rel-651.3.6.9 TBF Release / Extended Uplink / Change of RLC mode / Normal release Details GP-051872 agreedGERAN#26Siemens AG Details GP-051872 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0EDGE
See details 51.010-13052-F6.3.0Rel-641.3.6.9 TBF Release / Extended Uplink / Change of RLC mode / Normal release Details GP-051871 agreedGERAN#26Siemens AG Details GP-051871 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-130511F6.3.0Rel-642.4.5.9 Network Assisted Cell Change / NC mode change / Packet Neighbour Cell Data Details GP-052176 agreedGERAN#26Siemens AG Details GP-052176 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-130501F6.3.0Rel-642.4.5.7 Network Assisted Cell Change / CCN not supported towards target cell Details GP-052175 agreedGERAN#26Siemens AG Details GP-052175 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-130491F6.3.0Rel-642.4.5.5 Network Assisted Cell Change / Expiry of T3208 and T3210 Details GP-052174 agreedGERAN#26Siemens AG Details GP-052174 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-130481F6.3.0Rel-642.4.5.4 Network Assisted Cell Change / Packet Neighbour Cell Data and Packet Cell Change Order Details GP-052173 agreedGERAN#26Siemens AG Details GP-052173 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-130471F6.3.0Rel-642.4.5.3 Network Assisted Cell Change / Packet Neighbour Cell Data and Packet Cell Change Continue Details GP-052172 agreedGERAN#26Siemens AG Details GP-052172 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13044-F6.3.0Rel-620.22.29: Allow all GSM Bands Details GP-051861 agreedGERAN#26STF 272 Details GP-051861 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-13042-F6.3.0Rel-6Corrections to - Extend Measurement Reporting Time to Allow BSIC Decoding Details GP-051857 agreedGERAN#26Motorola Details GP-051857 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13041-F6.3.0Rel-652.8.1.12 - Change of channel type from PRACH to RACH for EP. Details GP-051855 agreedGERAN#26ANITE Details GP-051855 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0EDGE
See details 51.010-13040-F6.3.0Rel-652.8.1.11 - Change of channel type from PAGCH to PACCH for sending Packet Uplink Assignment during packet transfer mode. Details GP-051854 agreedGERAN#26ANITE Details GP-051854 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0EDGE
See details 51.010-13038-F6.3.0Rel-660.x - Correction to Step numbering, use of Default Configuration Identity, use of Hopping Traffic Channel Details GP-051852 agreedGERAN#26Anite and MCC 272 Details GP-051852 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-13037-F6.3.0Rel-620.25.4 - Add SI13, improve explanation of Reselection timer Details GP-051851 agreedGERAN#26Anite Details GP-051851 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-130362F6.3.0Rel-642. - Clarification on the Access Type of Packet Resource Request in step 9. Details GP-052210 agreedGERAN#26 Details GP-052210 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-130351F6.3.0Rel-642., - Handling of Packet Measurement Report before starting with the test sequence. Details GP-052203 agreedGERAN#26Anite Details GP-052203 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13034-F6.3.0Rel-642.4.1.5 - GPRS_HCS_THR is changed for Carrier 2 Details GP-051848 agreedGERAN#26Anite Details GP-051848 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13033-F6.3.0Rel-652. - Clarification on the Access Type of Packet Resource Request in step 15. Details GP-051847 agreedGERAN#26 Details GP-051847 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13032-F6.3.0Rel-642. - Clarification on the Access Type of Packet Resource Request in step 15. Details GP-051846 agreedGERAN#26 Details GP-051846 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13031-F6.3.0Rel-626.6.11.3 - Correction Classmark Enquiry Mask value Details GP-051845 agreedGERAN#26ANITE Details GP-051845 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-13030-F6.3.0Rel-626.,,,, and - Remove erroneous power measurements. Details GP-051844 agreedGERAN#26Anite Details GP-051844 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-13029-F6.3.0Rel-642. PMR during T3122 Details GP-051842 agreedGERAN#26Ericsson Details GP-051842 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-13028-F6.3.0Rel-6Correction to TC Details GP-051841 agreedGERAN#26Ericsson Details GP-051841 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0EGPRS
See details 51.010-13027-F6.3.0Rel-6Correction to TC Details GP-051840 agreedGERAN#26Ericsson Details GP-051840 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0GPRS
See details 51.010-130251B6.3.0Rel-6New GPRS test case for Extended Dynamic Allocation / Shifted USF / Normal / Release of 2nd PDCH. Details GP-052163 agreedGERAN#26Ericsson Details GP-052163 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-130231B6.3.0Rel-6New GPRS test case for Extended Dynamic Allocation / Shifted USF / Normal / USF assignment on 2nd PDCH. Details GP-052162 agreedGERAN#26Ericsson Details GP-052162 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-130211B6.3.0Rel-6New GPRS test case for Extended Dynamic Allocation / Shifted USF / Normal / PACCH management. Details GP-052161 agreedGERAN#26Ericsson Details GP-052161 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-13020-B6.3.0Rel-6Addition of TC for O-TCH/AHS / performance of generation of CMR Details GP-051830 agreedGERAN#26Ericsson Details GP-051830 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.08PSK-AH
See details 51.010-13019-F6.3.0Rel-6Annex A7.1.4 - Minimum test duration due to fading profile reduced Details GP-051828 agreedGERAN#26Aeroflex Details GP-051828 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-13018-F6.3.0Rel-621.3.x, 21.4.x. Align notes and align 21.3.2 Details GP-051827 agreedGERAN#26Aeroflex Details GP-051827 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-13017-F6.3.0Rel-614.5.1.4 Adj-channel rejection - O-TCH/AHS (new test) Details GP-051826 agreedGERAN#26Aeroflex Details GP-051826 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.08PSK-AH
See details 51.010-13016-F6.3.0Rel-614.5.1.3 - Tests reduction Details GP-051825 agreedGERAN#26Aeroflex Details GP-051825 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-13015-F6.3.0Rel-614.5.1.2 - Tests reduction Details GP-051824 agreedGERAN#26Aeroflex Details GP-051824 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-13014-F6.3.0Rel-614.4.8 - Tests reduction Details GP-051823 agreedGERAN#26Aeroflex Details GP-051823 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-13013-F6.3.0Rel-614.4.19 Co-channel rejection - O-TCH/AHS (new test) Details GP-051822 agreedGERAN#26Aeroflex Details GP-051822 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.08PSK-AH
See details 51.010-13012-F6.3.0Rel-614.2.22 Reference sensitivity - O-TCH/WFS (new test) Details GP-051821 agreedGERAN#26Aeroflex Details GP-051821 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0AMRWB
See details 51.010-130111F6.3.0Rel-614.2.18 - Tests reduction Details GP-052184 agreedGERAN#26Aeroflex Details GP-052184 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-130101F6.3.0Rel-614.2.10 - Tests reduction Details GP-052177 agreedGERAN#26Aeroflex Details GP-052177 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0
See details 51.010-13009-F6.3.0Rel-652.8.x Handling of two phases access Details GP-051817 agreedGERAN#26Wavecom Details GP-051817 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0EGPRS
See details 51.010-130081B6.3.0Rel-6New 8-PSK AMR signalling test based on 26.16.10.x Details GP-052171 agreedGERAN#26Wavecom Details GP-052171 approvedGERAN#26G3new6.4.0