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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.123-31729-5.4.0Rel-5Correction of erroneous determination of OP-Mode in multiple ATSsR5s060117agreedRP-060327approved5.5.0
34.123-31728-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to the RRC compressed mode testcasesR5s060132agreedRP-060327approved5.5.0
34.123-31727-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to the RRC test case
34.123-31726-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to Cell Broadcast test case 16.3R5s060125agreedRP-060327approved5.5.0
34.123-31725-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to the common security teststeps to add the default test stepR5s060133agreedRP-060327approved5.5.0
34.123-31724-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to the GCF WI-12 test case
34.123-31723-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to the approved IR_U test cases and
34.123-31722-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to the IR_U test case
34.123-31721-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to GCF WI-10 SMS Test Case 16.xR5s060136agreedRP-060327approved5.5.0
34.123-31720-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to GCF WI-12 NAS Test Case
34.123-31719-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to the RRC test case
34.123-31718-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to GCF WI-10 IR-U Test Case
34.123-31717-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to GCF WI-12 Testcase
34.123-31716-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to GCF WI-10 Testcase
34.123-31715-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to GCF Test Case
34.123-31714-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to QOS parameters for UMTS only mobilesR5s060041agreedRP-060326approved5.5.0
34.123-31713-5.4.0Rel-5Empty all PCOs when TC beginsR5s060064agreedRP-060326approved5.5.0
34.123-31712-5.4.0Rel-5Corrections to TTCN test cases due to the review of 34.123-2 and, related, the implementation of test case selection expressions in the TTCN.R5s060116agreedRP-060326approved5.5.0
34.123-31711-5.4.0Rel-5Summary of regression errors in the wk11 ATS.R5s060111agreedRP-060326approved5.5.0
34.123-31710-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to RRC test cases and
34.123-31709-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to the constraints used for the Radio Bearer Reconfiguration MessageR5s060113agreedRP-060326approved5.5.0
34.123-31708-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to GCF WI-10 RRC Test Case
34.123-31707-5.4.0Rel-5Corrections to RAB testcase 14.2.41R5s060120agreedRP-060326approved5.5.0
34.123-31706-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to RRC GCF WI 12 test case
34.123-31705-5.4.0Rel-5Correction in TTCN for RLC Test cases, and
34.123-31704-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to GCF WI-10 GMM test case
34.123-31703-5.4.0Rel-5Correction of approved HSD_ENH_R5 test cases, and of (under approval).R5s060098agreedRP-060326approved5.5.0
34.123-31702-5.4.0Rel-5Correction of approved IR_U test case
34.123-31701-5.4.0Rel-5TTCN correction to Approved RRC TC
34.123-31700-5.4.0Rel-5TTCN correction to Approved RRC TCs, and
34.123-31699-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to GCF WI-15 Test CasesR5s060104agreedRP-060326approved5.5.0
34.123-31698-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to GCF WI-10 Testcase
34.123-31697-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to GCF WI-12 Testcase
34.123-31696-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to GCF WI-12 Testcase
34.123-31695-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to SM GCF WI 10 test case 11.3.1R5s060090agreedRP-060325approved5.5.0
34.123-31694-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to the IR_U test case
34.123-31693-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to WI10 Idle Mode test case
34.123-31692-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to RRC test cases and
34.123-31691-5.4.0Rel-5Corrections to GCF WI-10 IR_U test case and
34.123-31690-5.4.0Rel-5Summary of regression errors in the wk09 GCF WI-10 and GCF WI-12 ATSR5s060073agreedRP-060325approved5.5.0
34.123-31689-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to GCF WI-12 RAB Test Case 14.2.9R5s060068agreedRP-060325approved5.5.0
34.123-31688-5.4.0Rel-5Generic correction to test step æts_MM_IMSI_DetachÆR5s060069agreedRP-060325approved5.5.0
34.123-31687-5.4.0Rel-5Corrections to IRU Measurement test cases for handling of UL only and Dl only compressed mode branchesR5s060051agreedRP-060325approved5.5.0
34.123-31686-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to approved GCF WI-10/2 InterRAT test case
34.123-31685-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to approved GCF WI-10/2 InterRAT test case
34.123-31684-5.4.0Rel-5Clarification of the usage of 4 PICS parametersR5s060053agreedRP-060325approved5.5.0
34.123-31683-5.4.0Rel-5Change to expected value of Qos ôDeliveryOrderö IE.R5s060058agreedRP-060325approved5.5.0
34.123-31682-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to the test step ts_DownlinkTBFEstablishmentR5s060060agreedRP-060325approved5.5.0
34.123-31681-5.4.0Rel-5Summary of regression errors in the wk06 GCF WI-10 and GCF WI-12 ATSR5s060047agreedRP-060325approved5.5.0
34.123-31680-5.4.0Rel-5Corrections to Security procedure to make UL SRB3 ciphering preconfiguration optionalR5s060057agreedRP-060325approved5.5.0
34.123-31679-5.4.0Rel-5Summary of regression errors in the wk06 ATS.R5s060056agreedRP-060325approved5.5.0
34.123-31678-5.4.0Rel-5Correction of GCF WI-10 test case
34.123-31677-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to GCF WI-10 RRC Test Case
34.123-31676-5.4.0Rel-5Additional for agreed TC ( implicitly affected)R5s060118agreedRP-060330approved5.5.0
34.123-31675-5.4.0Rel-5Corrections to Approved GCF WI-013 RRC testcases
34.123-31674-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to GCF WI-13 Idle Mode test case
34.123-31673-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to GCF WI13 test case
34.123-31672-5.4.0Rel-5Revised summary of regression errors in IR_U and HSD_ENH_R5 ATS (wk03, 2006)R5s060088agreedRP-060330approved5.5.0
34.123-31671-5.4.0Rel-5Corrections to GCF WI 14 RRC test case
34.123-31670-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to teststep ts_RRC_MultiCallEstPS_MO_HSDPA, ts_RRC_NAS_SessionActPS_MO_P9_P10_HSR5s060114agreedRP-060339approved5.5.0
34.123-31669-5.4.0Rel-5Corrections to RAB testcase 14.6.3aR5s060121agreedRP-060339approved5.5.0
34.123-31668-5.4.0Rel-5Change of the relative channel powers for HS-PDSCH and HS-SCCHR5s060074agreedRP-060339approved5.5.0
34.123-31667-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to GCF WI14 test case 8_3_1_34 and 8_3_1_36R5s060061agreedRP-060339approved5.5.0
34.123-31666-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to GCF WI14 RAB test case 14_6_1, 14_6_2, 14_6_3, 14_6_3a, 14_6_4, 14_6_4a, 14_6_5, 14_6_5aR5s060059agreedRP-060339approved5.5.0
34.123-31665-5.4.0Rel-5Addition of GCF WI13 Inter-RAT cell change order from UTRAN test case to HSD_ENH ATS v5.4.0 (Revision of R5s060092)R5s060094agreedRP-060330approved5.5.0
34.123-31664-5.4.0Rel-5Addition of GCF WI-13 RRC test case to HSD_ENH ATS v5.3.0R5s060070agreedRP-060330approved5.5.0
34.123-31663-5.4.0Rel-5Addition of GCF WI-10 MM test case
34.123-31662-5.4.0Rel-5Addition of GCF WI12 RRC test case to RRC ATS v5.4.0 (Revision of R5s060078)R5s060082agreedRP-060327approved5.5.0
34.123-31661-5.4.0Rel-5Addition of GCF WI12 RRC test case to RRC ATS v5.4.0 (Revision of R5s060076)R5s060080agreedRP-060327approved5.5.0
34.123-31660-5.4.0Rel-5Addition of GCF WI12 RRC test case to RRC ATS v5.3.0R5s060084agreedRP-060327approved5.5.0
34.123-31659-5.4.0Rel-5Addition of GCF WI-12 test case
34.123-31658-5.4.0Rel-5Addition of GCF WI14 test case to HSD_ENH ATS V5.4.0R5s060139agreedRP-060339approved5.5.0
34.123-31657-5.4.0Rel-5to 34.123-3: Add new verified and e-mail agreed TTCN test cases in the TC lists in 34.123-3 (prose), Annex A- RP-060321approved5.5.0
34.123-31656-5.4.0Rel-5Correction to ASP CPHY_TFCI_Detected_INDR5-061377agreedRP-060324approved5.5.0
34.123-31655-5.4.0Rel-5Update PIXITR5-061003agreedRP-060324approved5.5.0
34.123-31654-5.4.0Rel-5Update E-DCH test model and ASP (to 34.123-3)R5-061285agreedRP-060333approved5.5.0
34.123-31653-5.4.0Rel-5Change of ASP and IEs for LTDDR5-061300agreedRP-060338approved5.5.0
34.123-31652-5.4.0Rel-5Update HSDPA test configurationR5-061004agreedRP-060338approved5.5.0
34.123-31184- Rel-5Regression test error corrections to TTCN deliveries of wk42T1s040699agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31183- Rel-5Correction to GCF P1 test case
34.123-31182- Rel-5Correction to Package 3 SMS test case 16.2.1.T1s040497agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31181- Rel-5Correction to NAS test cases (P2), Proc 2 (P2), and (P1)T1s040514agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31180- Rel-5Modification to MAC Package 2 test case
34.123-31179- Rel-5Regression error corrections to TTCN deliveries of wk26 and wk31T1s040558agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31178- Rel-5Addition of verdicts in RRC default message handler on Dc SAP for Deactivate PDP Context Request message in RRC ATS.(Revision of T1s040512)T1s040569agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31177- Rel-5Correction to Approved RRC Package 2 TC
34.123-31176- Rel-5Correction to MultiRAB test cases 14.2.38a, 14.2.38b and 14.2.38eT1s040575agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31175- Rel-5TTCN changes to approved package 1 RRC testcase
34.123-31174- Rel-5Correction of GCF package 2 IR_U test case
34.123-31173- Rel-5Correction of GCF package 2 IR_U test case
34.123-31172- Rel-5Correction of GCF package 2 IR_U test case
34.123-31171- Rel-5Correction of GCF package 2 IR_U test case
34.123-31170- Rel-5Correction of GCF package 2 IR_U test case
34.123-31169- Rel-5Corrections to GCF package 2 IR_U test case
34.123-31168- Rel-5Corrections to GCF package 2 IR_U test case
34.123-31167- Rel-5Correction to Approved RRC Package 2 TC
34.123-31166- Rel-5TTCN Correction to Test Case 14.2.12 and 14.2.16T1s040581agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31165- Rel-5Radiolink removal and subsequent addition to align the TTCN with 34.123-1T1s040583agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31164- Rel-5Correction to Approved RRC Package 1 TC
34.123-31163- Rel-5Correction to Package 2 RRC test case to increase the timer while waiting for URA Update.T1s040599agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31162- Rel-5Corrections Required for the wk37 ATS (Revision of T1s040606)T1s040619agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31161- Rel-5Correction to RRC Package 1 test cases and (Revision of T1s040532)T1s040618agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31160- Rel-5Summary of regression errors in the wk37 ATS.T1s040617agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31159- Rel-5Regression error corrections to TTCN deliveries of wk34 and wk37T1s040636agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31158- Rel-5Correction to Package 4 NAS test case for increasing the guard timer.T1s040630agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31157- Rel-5Correction to approved package 4 NAS Test case tc_12_4_1_4d2T1s040648agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31156- Rel-5Correction to Package 3 SMS test cases.T1s040637agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31155- Rel-5Correction to Approved RRC Package 2 TC
34.123-31154- Rel-5Corrections Required for the wk40 ATST1s040663agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31153- Rel-5Correction of GCF P3 SMS test cases 16.1.1, 16.1.2,,, 16.1.10, 16.2.1, 16.2.2, 16.2.10T1s040662agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31152- Rel-5Correction of GCF P1 test case
34.123-31151- Rel-5Correction of GCF P1 test case
34.123-31150- Rel-5Regression test error corrections to TTCN deliveries of wk40T1s040666agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31149- Rel-5Correction to approved RRC Package 4 TC
34.123-31148- Rel-5Correction to approved RRC Package 1
34.123-31147- Rel-5Corrections to release of SS resources for a cell during test case executionT1s040681agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31146- Rel-5Corrections Required for the wk42 ATST1s040682agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31145- Rel-5Correction to RRC TC 8.1.12 for handling correct number of RRC Connection Release Complete message based on the value of N308T1s040687agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31144- Rel-5Extension to Guard Timer for Approved NAS GMM Test CasesT1s040692agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31143- Rel-5Correction to GCF P4 RRC test Case
34.123-31142- Rel-5Global correction of Structured Type Constraints containing wildcards violating coding convention E.3.7T1s040695agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31141- Rel-5Correction of GCF P1 test case
34.123-31140- Rel-5Correction to GCF P4 NAS test Case (Revision of T1-040673)T1s040696agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31139- Rel-5Correction to Package 2 RAB test case and
34.123-31138- Rel-5Correction to GCF P2 test cases, and to IR_U ATS v3.7.0 to check the displayed PLMN.T1s040693agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31137- Rel-5Correction to Approved RRC Package 3 TC
34.123-31136- Rel-5Correction to Approved RRC Package 3 TC
34.123-31135- Rel-5Correction to Approved RRC Package 2 TC
34.123-31134- Rel-5Correction to approved NAS test case 12.9.4T1s040716agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31133- Rel-5Correction to Package 3 RRC inter-RAT measurement test cases + + + + +
34.123-31132- Rel-5Correction to Package 2 RRC test case
34.123-31131- Rel-5Correction to RRC Package 1 TC
34.123-31130- Rel-5Correction to RRC test cases,, and
34.123-31128- Rel-5Correction to RRC test cases and
34.123-31127- Rel-5Correction to RRC Package 4 TC
34.123-31126- Rel-5Correction in TTCN for execution of Opmode C UE.T1s040725agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31125- Rel-5Correction to AT Command used for GCF P1 NAS test Case
34.123-31124- Rel-5Correction to RRC Package 2 TC
34.123-31123- Rel-5Correction to RAB test case and 14.4.2a.3.T1s040714agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31122- Rel-5Correction to GCF P4 NAS test Case
34.123-31121- Rel-5Correction to GCF P3 NAS test Cases, and
34.123-31120- Rel-5Correction to RRC P4 TC for comments in test steps.T1s040711agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31119- Rel-5Summary of regression errors in the wk45 ATS.T1s040723agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31118- Rel-5Correction to approved package 4 NAS Test case tc_12_6_1_3_1T1s040733agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31117- Rel-5Correction to TTCN for MultiRAB test cases.T1s040732agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31116- Rel-5Correction to the RRC default message handler on Dc SAP for Deactivate PDP Context Request message in RRC ATS.T1s040731agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31115- Rel-5Corrections to RRC Package 1 TC
34.123-31114- Rel-5Correction to approved package 4 NAS Test case tc_12_6_1_3_2T1s040737agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31113- Rel-5Correction to approved GCF P4 test cases
34.123-31112- Rel-5Correction to RRC P2 TC for the timer value before step 5.T1s040736agreedTP-040242approved5.5.0
34.123-31111-3.7.0Rel-5Correction to RRC P3 TC