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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
11.10-3C377-4.22.0Ph2Creation of a Dual Band ATS including 26.6, 26.11 and 20.20 series tests for inclusion in GSM 11.10-3 Details 186/98 agreed98-0350approved4.23.0
11.10-3C376-4.22.0Ph2Test Case 20.1 TTCN implementation error regarding Carrier 2 RAM value Details 185/98 agreed98-0349approved4.23.0
11.10-3C375-4.22.0Ph2Test Case 20.15 TTCN implementation error regarding Carrier 2 LU timing Details 184/98 agreed98-0349approved4.23.0
11.10-3C374-4.22.0Ph2Test Case 20.10 TTCN implementation error regarding Carrier 2 RACH timing Details 183/98 agreed98-0349approved4.23.0
11.10-3C373-4.22.0Ph2Cell Selection ATS - System Information message implementation errors Details 182/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C372-4.22.0Ph2Test Case incorrect failure when MS attempts LU Details 181/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C371-4.22.0Ph2TTCN Errors in DCS frequency lists for TC Details 180/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C370-4.22.0Ph2Incorrect frequency hopping parameters used in 26.6.13 series frequency hopping checks Details 179/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C369-4.22.0Ph2TTCN Additions to GSM ATSs required for future 8 transceiver tests Details 178/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C368-4.22.0Ph2Modifications to TTCN for to align it with GSM 11.10-1 Details 177/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C367-4.22.0Ph2Implementation errors In Test Case Details 176/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C366-4.22.0Ph2The test step Adjust_gsmanddcs_powerlvl performs assignment to a parameter Details 235/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C365-4.22.0Ph2Classmark Updates In-Order To Allow Dual-Band MS On Current ATS’s Details 233/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C364-4.22.0Ph2Test cases TC_26_6_5_9 has a TTCN implementation error with layer 1 deactivation on cell B Details 173/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C363-4.22.0Ph2Test cases TC_26_6_5_5_1, TC_26_6_5_5_2, TC_26_6_5_6, TC_26_6_5_7, TC_26_6_5_8 and TC_26_6_5_9 have TTCN implementation errors in cell B power levels Details 172/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0
11.10-3C362-4.22.0Ph2Test steps Checkhoacc_Timing and Checkhoacc_Pwr have TTCN implementation errors which cause incorrect handling of negative numbers Details 171/98 agreed98-0348approved4.23.0