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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
11.10-30249-4.17.0Ph2Call Hold in TC_31_6_1_7 Details 34/97  010/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30248-4.17.0Ph2Wrong ASN.1 INTEGER encoding for e-parameters Details 33/97  010/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30247-4.17.0Ph2OM_FHCHK & OM_FreqDef Details 32/97  010/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30246-4.17.0Ph2CM Re-establishment Request in TC_26_7_3_2 Details 31/97  010/97approved4.18.0
11.10-3024514.17.0Ph2Corrections in TC_26_9_4 & 26_9_5 Details 37/97  010/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30244-4.17.0Ph2Call clearing during CP data exchange in TC_34_2_1 Details 29/97  010/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30243-4.17.0Ph2Wrong TCVs in TC_26_9_6_1_2 & TC_34_2_3 Details 28/97  010/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30242-4.17.0Ph2Verdict corrections in TC_34_3 Details 27/97  010/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30241-4.17.0Ph2Corrections of TC_31_6_2_5 Details 26/97  010/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30240-4.17.0Ph2Corrections in TC_26_5_6_3 Details 25/97  010/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30239-4.17.0Ph2Wrong TI flag in TC_31_8_1_1, TC_31_8_3_1, TC_34_2_3 Details 24/97  010/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30237-4.17.0Ph2T_guard time too short in TC_34_2_1, TC_34_2_2 Details 22/97  010/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30236-4.17.0Ph2Corrections of constraints for for SMS testing Details 21/97  010/97approved4.18.0
11.10-3023514.17.0Ph2Problems related to channel release Details 38/97  010/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30234-4.17.0Ph2Corrections on the test step for stop of a main DCCH channel Details 19/97  010/97approved4.18.0
11.10-3023224.17.0Ph2TSOs for change of cell power levels Details 119/97  010/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30231-4.17.0Ph2Corrections in TC_26_7_4_3_3 Details 14/97  009/97approved4.18.0
11.10-3023024.17.0Ph2Improvement in test step BasicServiceMO Details 16/97  009/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30229-4.17.0Ph2Corrections in TC_26_6_6_1 Details 14/97  009/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30228-4.17.0Ph2Corrections in TC_26_2_4_6 Details 14/97  009/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30227-4.17.0Ph2Corrections in TC_26_7_3_2 Details 14/97  009/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30226-4.17.0Ph2Default RELEASE message in section 26.9 Details 14/97  009/97approved4.18.0
11.10-3022514.17.0Ph2Corrections in TC_26_7_4_3_2 Details 14/97  009/97approved4.18.0
11.10-3022424.17.0Ph2Improvement in test step IdleUpdated Details 35/97  009/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30223-4.17.0Ph2Replacement of TSO OC_LengthOfComp1 Details 14/97  008/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30222-4.17.0Ph2Timing check Details 14/97  008/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30221-4.17.0Ph2Reconfigure test system during test in TC_26_6_2_3_1 Details 14/97  008/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30220-4.17.0Ph2Facility iei in non FACILITY messages Details 14/97  008/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30219-4.17.0Ph2Wrong variable storing frame number in MM_LUP_imsi1 Details 14/97  008/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30218-4.17.0Ph2CM service REQUEST & ACCEPT Details 14/97  008/97approved4.18.0
11.10-3021714.17.0Ph2Correction of location updating types Details 14/97  008/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30216-4.17.0Ph2LAI value parameterisation Details 14/97  008/97approved4.18.0
11.10-3021144.17.0Ph2Improvement in test step BasicServiceMT Details 15/97  008/97approved4.18.0
11.10-30000-4.17.0Ph2Corrections in TC_26_7_4_3_4 Details 18/97  010/97approved4.18.0