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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
29.198-010020-5.0.0Rel-5Add text to clarify relationship between 3GPP and ETSI/Parlay OSA specifications Details N5-020767 agreedNP-020395approved5.1.0
29.198-010018-5.0.0Rel-5Add general introduction to the OSA APIs in Part 1 Details N5-020740 agreedNP-020427approved5.1.0
29.198-010017-5.0.0Rel-5Add missing CORBA realization rules in Part 1 Details N5-020738 agreedNP-020427approved5.1.0
29.198-010016-5.0.0Rel-5Correction to void return types in WSDL Mapping Rules Details N5-020603 agreedNP-020427approved5.1.0
29.198-010015-5.0.0Rel-5Prepend class name to <message> name. Details N5-020602 agreedNP-020427approved5.1.0
29.198-010014-5.0.0Rel-5Correction to xmlns:wsdl Namespace Details N5-020601 agreedNP-020427approved5.1.0
29.198-010013-5.0.0Rel-5Correction to Namespace mapping in WSDL Mapping Rules Details N5-020600 agreedNP-020427approved5.1.0
29.198-010012-5.0.0Rel-5Replace all occurrences of the xsd:anyURI type to xsd:string Details N5-020599 agreedNP-020427approved5.1.0
29.198-010011-5.0.0Rel-5Addition of sequence tag to Choice types Details N5-020598 agreedNP-020427approved5.1.0
29.198-010010-5.0.0Rel-5Addition to ObjectRef description in WSDL Mapping Rules Details N5-020597 agreedNP-020427approved5.1.0