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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.401163319.4.0Rel-9Support for ECN in eUTRAN Details S2-103020 agreedSP-100324approved9.5.0
23.401163219.4.0Rel-9HSS does not need modification to support ISR Details S2-102772 agreedSP-100333approved9.5.0
23.401163029.4.0Rel-9Dual-stack MS Should Request for Parallel Single Stack Contexts Details S2-103076 agreedSP-100333approved9.5.0
23.401162819.4.0Rel-9S1-based handover cancel Details S2-102769 agreedSP-100314approved9.5.0
23.401162619.4.0Rel-9Emergency bearer correction in TAU procedures Details S2-102793 agreedSP-100321approved9.5.0
23.401162519.4.0Rel-9Correction to AMBR handling when interworking to Gn/Gp SGSNs Details S2-102792 agreedSP-100333approved9.5.0
23.401162429.4.0Rel-9Correction to APN-OI usage  SP-100308approved9.5.0
23.401161939.4.0Rel-9Introduce a SRB-Only PS HO method Details S2-103066 agreedSP-100333approved9.5.0
23.401159729.4.0Rel-9ISR maintain and deactivation during X2 HO Details S2-102994 agreedSP-100314approved9.5.0
23.401159219.4.0Rel-9Clarification of PDN GW initiated modification in idle mode Details S2-102775 agreedSP-100314approved9.5.0
23.401157419.4.0Rel-9The PDN disconnection during S1 HO procedure Details S2-102044 agreedSP-100314approved9.5.0
23.401157219.4.0Rel-9MME initiated procedure on UE's CSG Membership expiration Details S2-102040 agreedSP-100318approved9.5.0
23.4011571-9.4.0Rel-9Correction of RIM applicability Details S2-101972 agreedSP-100333approved9.5.0
23.401156819.4.0Rel-9Correction of UE network capability Details S2-102035 agreedSP-100333approved9.5.0
23.4011567-9.4.0Rel-9EPS bearer context handling during the IRAT handover Details S2-101946 agreedSP-100313approved9.5.0
23.401156529.4.0Rel-9Correction of HSS update conditions Details S2-102784 agreedSP-100314approved9.5.0
23.401155449.4.0Rel-9Mapping of EPS QoS to R'99 QoS Details S2-103046 agreedSP-100314approved9.5.0
23.401155249.4.0Rel-9TAU without MME change Details S2-103049 agreedSP-100313approved9.5.0
23.401154449.4.0Rel-9Fix error on ISR deactivation in S1 HO with MME relocation without S-GW change Details S2-102992 agreedSP-100313approved9.5.0
23.401154219.4.0Rel-9Clarification about the MME behaviour during the TAU procedure Details S2-101998 agreedSP-100313approved9.5.0
23.401154019.4.0Rel-9Clarify the condition of MME initiated QoS modification Details S2-101996 agreedSP-100313approved9.5.0
23.401151729.4.0Rel-9Correction to the pre- Rel-8 QoS mapping Details S2-102002 agreedSP-100313approved9.5.0
23.401151539.4.0Rel-9RFSP Index implementation guideline Details S2-103050 agreedSP-100333approved9.5.0
23.401149729.4.0Rel-9Renaming of pre-Rel-8 QoS parameters Details S2-101920 agreedSP-100333approved9.5.0
23.401148829.4.0Rel-9IP-CAN Session Modification procedure with RAT type changed in D.3.6 Details S2-101978 agreedSP-100313approved9.5.0
23.401148639.4.0Rel-9The UE MM State in the old S4 SGSN/old MME during the TAU/RAU/HO procedure Details S2-102042 agreedSP-100333approved9.5.0
23.401147229.4.0Rel-9MME usage of UE provided settings for selecting an RFSP value Details S2-101913 agreedSP-100333approved9.5.0
23.401147139.4.0Rel-9Refactoring security parameters Details S2-102010 agreedSP-100313approved9.5.0
23.401146939.4.0Rel-9Correction of Update Location request signalling Details S2-102008 agreedSP-100314approved9.5.0