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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
25.2120028-3.0.0R1999TFCI coding and mapping including compressed mode Details R1-99k67 agreedRP-99681approved3.1.0
25.2120027-3.0.0R1999Modification of BTFD description in 25.212 Annex Details R1-99k82 agreedRP-99679approved3.1.0
25.212002613.0.0R1999Corrections to TS 25.212 Details R1-99k43 agreedRP-99680approved3.1.0
25.2120024-3.0.0R1999Rate matching parameter determination in DL and fixed positions Details R1-99k09 agreedRP-99680approved3.1.0
25.2120018-3.0.0R1999Minimum SF in UL Details R1-99i59 agreedRP-99680approved3.1.0
25.2120017-3.0.0R199920 ms RACH message length Details R1-99i38 agreedRP-99681approved3.1.0
25.2120016-3.0.0R1999Removal of TrCH restriction in DSCH CCTrCH Details R1-99i36 agreedRP-99680approved3.1.0
25.2120014-3.0.0R1999Update of channel coding sections Details R1-99i58 agreedRP-99679approved3.1.0
25.212001223.0.0R1999Zero length transport blocks Details R1-99l27 agreedRP-99680approved3.1.0
25.212001123.0.0R1999Connection between TTI and CFN Details R1-99l26 agreedRP-99680approved3.1.0
25.212001013.0.0R1999Clarification of bit separation and collection Details R1-99j25 agreedRP-99680approved3.1.0
25.2120009-3.0.0R1999Removal of SFN multiplexing Details R1-99i53 agreedRP-99680approved3.1.0
25.2120008-3.0.0R1999Editorial corrections to TS 25.212 Details R1-99h79 agreedRP-99679approved3.1.0
25.212000513.0.0R1999Introduction of compressed mode by higher layer scheduling Details R1-99k80 agreedRP-99681approved3.1.0
25.2120004-3.0.0R1999Changing the initial offset value for convolutional code rate matching Details R1-99j11 agreedRP-99680approved3.1.0
25.212000133.0.0R1999Correction of rate matching parameters for repetition after 1st unterleaving in 25.212 Details R1-99j97 agreedRP-99680approved3.1.0