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See details 51.010-11237-F5.0.0Rel-5Inter-SGSN RAU Macro Details GP-023221 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023221 approvedGERAN-#12Ericsson5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11236-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1236 Changing the wait time in steps 5, 10 and 15 of the Expected Sequence for clause - RR / Paging / on PCCCH for GPRS service / paging reorganisation successful Details GP-023234 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023234 approvedGERAN-#12Nokia5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11235-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1235 Changing the wait time in steps 5, 10 and 15 of the Expected Sequence for clause - RR / Paging / on PCCCH for EGPRS service / paging reorganisation successful Details GP-023233 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023233 approvedGERAN-#12Nokia5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11234-F5.0.0Rel-544. Combined routing area updating / rejected / PLMN not allowed Details GP-023176 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023176 approvedGERAN-#12Ericsson5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-112331F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1 Section 40: Wrong HCS PRIORITY CLASS value for the near cell in PSI 3 and 3bis messages. Details GP-023384 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023384 approvedGERAN-#12Rohde & Sc5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11232-F5.0.0Rel-5Addition of PACKET TIMESLOT RECONFIGURE message to Section 40 Details GP-023204 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023204 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone G5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-11231-F5.0.0Rel-5Removal of DTM from the list of missing tests. Details GP-023203 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023203 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone G5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-11230-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1230 Editorial correction on default input level in sect.40 Details GP-023192 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023192 approvedGERAN-#12Nokia5.1.0TEI5
See details 51.010-11229-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1229 Clarification on required power level in 13.17.4, step b) Details GP-023191 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023191 approvedGERAN-#12Nokia5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-112281F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1228 r1 Clarification on required power level in 13.16.3, step b) Details GP-023333 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023333 approvedGERAN-#12Nokia5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11227-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1227 Addition of missing parameters for DL Power Control and clarification on the test requirement in 14.18.1 Details GP-023189 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023189 approvedGERAN-#12Nokia5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11226-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1226 Clarification on test procedure for GPRS USF-sensitivity Details GP-023188 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023188 approvedGERAN-#12Nokia5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11225-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1225 Removal of redundant EGPRS USF-sensitivity tests Details GP-023187 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023187 approvedGERAN-#12Nokia5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-112232F5.0.0Rel-544. Combined routing area updating/rejected/roaming not allowed in this location area Details GP-023383 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023383 approvedGERAN-#12Ericsson5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11222-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1222 Section 14.16.1 Minimum Input level for Reference Performance Details GP-023174 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023174 approvedGERAN-#12Rohde & Schwarz5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11221-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1221 Section 20.22 GPRS Cell Selection and Reselection Details GP-023173 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023173 approvedGERAN-#12Rohde & Schwarz5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-112201F5.0.0Rel-5GPRS detach / rejected / GPRS services not allowed in this PLMN Details GP-023351 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023351 approvedGERAN-#12Motorola5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-112191F5.0.0Rel-5GPRS attach / rejected / GPRS services not allowed in this PLMN Details GP-023350 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023350 approvedGERAN-#12Motorola5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11218-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1218 TC Modification to test steps 5, 6 and 7 to align with test purpose Details GP-023157 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023157 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-112171F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1217 r1 TC Addition of optional steps to cater to MS reaction time Details GP-023328 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023328 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-112161F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1216 r1 TC Use of Packet Uplink Assignment instead of Packet Timeslot reconfigure Details GP-023339 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023339 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-112141F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1214 r1 Correction to test cases and Details GP-023329 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023329 approvedGERAN-#12Motorola5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-112131F5.0.0Rel-5EOTD MOLR Positioning Measurement Details GP-023389 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023389 approvedGERAN-#12Motorola5.1.0LCS
See details 51.010-11212-F5.0.0Rel-5EOTD MOLR Autonomous Location Details GP-023143 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023143 approvedGERAN-#12Motorola5.1.0LCS
See details 51.010-112112F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1211 r2 Extended Uplink TBF Mode (New Test Cases) Details GP-023416 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023416 approvedGERAN-#12Ericsson5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-112101F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1210 r1 new testcase added and testcase deleted Details GP-023276 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023276 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-112081F5.0.0Rel-5Introduction of UTRAN Classmark Change test cases in section 26.6.11 Details GP-023391 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023391 approvedGERAN-#12Ericsson5.1.0TEI
See details 51.010-11207-F5.0.0Rel-5Section 60 Inter-system hard handover from GSM to UTRAN Details GP-023083 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023083 approvedGERAN-#12Ericsson &5.1.0
See details 51.010-11205-F5.0.0Rel-5TC correction of AMR threshold and hysteresis values Details GP-023073 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023073 approvedGERAN-#12Racal Inst5.1.0
See details 51.010-11204-F5.0.0Rel-5TC correction of message flow and AMR threshold and hysteresis values Details GP-023072 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023072 approvedGERAN-#12Racal Inst5.1.0
See details 51.010-11200-F5.0.0Rel-5Dynamic Allocation / Uplink Transfer / Normal / Starting time Details GP-023067 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023067 approvedGERAN-#12Mitsubishi5.1.0EGPRS
See details 51.010-11199-F5.0.0Rel-5Dynamic Allocation / Uplink Transfer / Normal / Starting time Details GP-023066 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023066 approvedGERAN-#12Mitsubishi5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-111981F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1 Section 40.5 Test PDP contexts Details GP-023349 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023349 approvedGERAN-#12Rohde & Sc5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-111971F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1197 r1Section 50 EGPRS Default Conditions, Message Contents and Macros Details GP-023278 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023278 approvedGERAN-#12Rohde & Schwarz5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11196-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1196 Section 20 Cell selection and reselection Details GP-023050 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023050 approvedGERAN-#12Rohde & Schwarz5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-111951F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1195 r1 Section 20.22.9 Cell reselection when the best cell does not support GPRS Details GP-023330 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023330 approvedGERAN-#12Rohde & Schwarz5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11194-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1194 Section 20.22.2 Cell reselection in Packet Idle mode Details GP-023048 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023048 approvedGERAN-#12Rohde & Schwarz5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-111911F5.0.0Rel-5New EGPRS test cases for verification of correct Access Type when EGPRS PACKET CHANNEL REQUEST is supported and when it is not supported in the cell. Clauses 52.6 - EGPRS Packet Access for signalling Details GP-023337 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023337 approvedGERAN-#12Nokia5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11189-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1189 Adding an uplink TBF in order to be able to test all the conformance requirements for´ clauses and - Acknowledged Mode / Downlink TBF / Window Size. Details GP-023042 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023042 approvedGERAN-#12Nokia5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11188-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1188 Preventing of T3182 expiry in clause - Acknowledged Mode/ Uplink TBF/ Pre-emptive Transmission Bit Set to '1' Details GP-023041 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023041 approvedGERAN-#12Nokia5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-111871F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1187 r1 Changing of Window Size in the Expected Sequence in order to avoid expiry of T3182 for clause - Acknowledged Mode/ Uplink TBF/ Window Size/ Assigned Value Details GP-023327 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023327 approvedGERAN-#12Nokia5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11186-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1186 Change of steps 8 and 10 of the Expected Sequence in clause - Acknowledged Mode / Uplink TBF / Retransmission / Puncturing Scheme Cycle Details GP-023039 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023039 approvedGERAN-#12Nokia5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11185-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1185 Correction of Conformance Requirement and Expected Sequence for clause - Acknowledged Mode/ Uplink TBF/ Recalculation of CV on MCS change Details GP-023038 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023038 approvedGERAN-#12Nokia5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-111841F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1184 r1 Setting pre-emptive bit to 0 in step 3 in clause - Acknowledged Mode/ Uplink TBF/ Pre-emptive Transmission Bit Set to '0'/ PENDING_ACK Blocks Details GP-023326 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023326 approvedGERAN-#12Nokia5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-111831F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1183 r1 Alignment of GERAN#7 CR GP-012786 and correction in Specific Message Content for step 4 in clauses, and - Downlink Transfer / Reestablishment Details GP-023336 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023336 approvedGERAN-#12Nokia5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11182-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1182 Steps 9 to 24 are made optional for K=1 and the wait indication value for K=2 has been changed for clause - Dynamic Allocation / Resource reallocation / Reject Details GP-023035 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023035 approvedGERAN-#12Nokia5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11181-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1181 Alignment of the Expected Sequence for clause - Packet Downlink Assignment / Response to Packet Polling Details GP-023034 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023034 approvedGERAN-#12Ericsson & Nokia5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11180-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1180 Updates to allow the new Acces Type 'signalling' in clauses; and - Initiation of the packet access procedure Details GP-023032 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023032 approvedGERAN-#12Nokia5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11179-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1179 Correction of Initial Conditions and Expected Sequence for clause - RR / Paging / on CCCH for EGPRS service / paging reorganisation Details GP-023031 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023031 approvedGERAN-#12Nokia5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11178-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1178 Steps 9 to 24 are made optional for K=1 and the wait indication value for K=2 has been changed for clause - Dynamic Allocation / Resource reallocation / Reject Details GP-023030 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023030 approvedGERAN-#12Nokia5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11177-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1177 Alignment of the Expected Sequence for clause - Packet Downlink Assignment / Response to Packet Polling Details GP-023029 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023029 approvedGERAN-#12Ericsson & Nokia5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11176-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1176 Correction of Initial Conditions and Expected Sequence for clause - RR / Paging / on CCCH for GPRS service / paging reorganisation Details GP-023028 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023028 approvedGERAN-#12Nokia5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-111751F5.0.0Rel-5Transfer to 3rd Party Test Case for Assisted GPS Details GP-023387 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023387 approvedGERAN-#12Qualcomm,5.1.0LCS
See details 51.010-111741F5.0.0Rel-5Basic Self Location in Dedicated Mode Test Case for Assisted GPS Details GP-023386 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023386 approvedGERAN-#12Qualcomm,5.1.0LCS
See details 51.010-111731B5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1173 r1 Enhanced Measurement Report, All neighbors present Details GP-023332 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023332 approvedGERAN-#12Motorola5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-111722F5.0.0Rel-526.16.4 and 26.16.4a To correct the specification of speech versions supported by MS. Details GP-023394 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023394 approvedGERAN-#12Anite Tele5.1.0
See details 51.010-111711F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1171 r152. Incorect step numbering in the and missing information about USF addressing the MS in the Test steps comments Details GP-023275 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023275 approvedGERAN-#12Anite5.1.0EGPRS
See details 51.010-111701F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1170 r152. Insufficient Reaction time permitted for the MS for the DownLink Assignment in step 2 Details GP-023274 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023274 approvedGERAN-#12Anite5.1.0EGPRS
See details 51.010-111671F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1167 The order of the optional steps A6 and A12 is incorrect. Details GP-023345 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023345 approvedGERAN-#12Anite5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-111651F5.0.0Rel-546. – Correction of testing time and macro direction in step 14) Details GP-023381 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023381 approvedGERAN-#12Anite Tele5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11164-F5.0.0Rel-546. – Correction of amount of uplink data in step 12) Details GP-023008 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023008 approvedGERAN-#12Anite Tele5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11163-F5.0.0Rel-546. – Removal of constraint for C/R bit in step 7) Details GP-023007 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023007 approvedGERAN-#12Anite Tele5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-111621F5.0.0Rel-546. Removal of step 5 and correction of test procedure. Details GP-023354 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023354 approvedGERAN-#12Anite Tele5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11161-F5.0.0Rel-546. Correction of test step 2: Remove Initiation of data transfer Details GP-023005 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023005 approvedGERAN-#12Anite Tele5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11160-F5.0.0Rel-546. Algorithm type in step 2 removed Details GP-023004 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023004 approvedGERAN-#12Anite Tele5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11159-F5.0.0Rel-546. Add new test step 5 Details GP-023003 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023003 approvedGERAN-#12Anite Tele5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-111581F5.0.0Rel-546. Correction of test procedure and clarify ambiguity of sending RR in step 6 Details GP-023355 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023355 approvedGERAN-#12Anite Tele5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-111571F5.0.0Rel-546. Correction of N(R) and N(S) values and removal of steps 12 and 13 Details GP-023353 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023353 approvedGERAN-#12Anite Tele5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-111561F5.0.0Rel-546. New test step 5: Reception of an UI frame Details GP-023352 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023352 approvedGERAN-#12Anite Tele5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11155-F5.0.0Rel-546. Release and re-establishment of LLC added in step 3 to 6 Details GP-022999 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022999 approvedGERAN-#12Anite Tele5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11154-F5.0.0Rel-546. - Removal of test step 6, 7, 8 and 13 Details GP-022998 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022998 approvedGERAN-#12Anite Tele5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11153-F5.0.0Rel-546. Correction of T in SN-DATA PDU in step 11 Details GP-022997 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022997 approvedGERAN-#12Anite Tele5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11152-F5.0.0Rel-546. Move initiation of data transfer to new test step 4 Details GP-022996 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022996 approvedGERAN-#12Anite Tele5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11150-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1150 Incorect step numbering in the and missing information about USF addressing the MS in the Test steps comments Details GP-022994 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022994 approvedGERAN-#12Anite5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-111491F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1149 r1 Insufficient Reaction time permitted for the MS for the DownLink Assignment in step 2 Details GP-023273 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023273 approvedGERAN-#12Anite5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11145-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1145 20, Table 20.1 BA ARFCNs for PCS 1900 for Multiband test cases Details GP-022989 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022989 approvedGERAN-#12Anite5.1.0TEI5
See details 51.010-111441F5.0.0Rel-526.16.6 - Restricting repetition of procedure to FR and HR speech version 3. Details GP-023296 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023296 approvedGERAN-#12Anite Tele5.1.0
See details 51.010-111431F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1143 r1 22.3 remove unnecessary constraint in initial conditions Details GP-023331 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023331 approvedGERAN-#12Anite5.1.0TEI5
See details 51.010-11142-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1142 modification in MNC value for PCS 1900 band Details GP-022986 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022986 approvedGERAN-#12Anite5.1.0TEI5
See details 51.010-11139-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1139 Modify no. of channels to be searched for PCS 1900 band Details GP-022983 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022983 approvedGERAN-#12Anite5.1.0TEI5
See details 51.010-11138-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1138 20.22.12 Removal of wrong step d) Details GP-022982 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022982 approvedGERAN-#12Anite5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11137-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1137 20.22.09 Correction of cell configuration in step p) Details GP-022981 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022981 approvedGERAN-#12Anite5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11136-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1136 14.16.1 Minimum Input Level for Reference Performance, USF/CS-1 and USF/CS-2 to 4 Details GP-022980 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022980 approvedGERAN-#12Anite5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11135-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1135 S50 EGPRS Default Conditions, Message Contents and Macros for the Higher Layer Testcases Details GP-023418 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023418 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-111341F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1134 r1 Acknowledged Mode/ Uplink TBF/ Retransmission/ Padding in the Data Field Details GP-023325 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023325 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-111332F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1133 TC 14.18.7 Incremental Redundancy Performance Details GP-023419 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023419 approvedGERAN-#12Siemens5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11132-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1132 TC Packet Channel Request / Response to Packet Paging Details GP-022952 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022952 approvedGERAN-#12Siemens5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-111311F5.0.0Rel-5Corrections to WG5 DTM Test Cases Details GP-023305 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023305 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone G5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-111301F5.0.0Rel-5Handover to UTRAN while in DTM Details GP-023348 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023348 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone G5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-111291F5.0.0Rel-5Handover to different routeing area whilst in DM / Performed on main DCCH / CS release before RAU complete Details GP-023346 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023346 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone G5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-111281F5.0.0Rel-5Handover to different routeing area whilst in DM / Performed on main DCCH / RAU complete before CS release Details GP-023310 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023310 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone G5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-111271F5.0.0Rel-5Network originating CS release Details GP-023309 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023309 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone G5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-111261F5.0.0Rel-5Mobile originating CS release Details GP-023308 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023308 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone G5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-111251F5.0.0Rel-5Inter frequency reallocation of CS resources / DTM Assignment Command Details GP-023307 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023307 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone G5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-111241F5.0.0Rel-5Intra frequency reallocation of CS resources / DTM Assignment Command Details GP-023306 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023306 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone G5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-111231F5.0.0Rel-5Change of routeing area whilst in dedicated mode Details GP-023300 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023300 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone G5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-111222F5.0.0Rel-5Change of cell between two LAs in idle mode / LAU completes first / SS maintains channel Details GP-023304 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023304 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone G5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-111212F5.0.0Rel-5Change of cell between two LAs in idle mode / LAU completes first / SS releases channel Details GP-023303 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023303 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone G5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-111202F5.0.0Rel-5Change of cell between two LAs in idle mode / RAU completes first Details GP-023302 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023302 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone G5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-111191F5.0.0Rel-5PDP Context Activation / Performed on main DCCH and TBFs Details GP-023347 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023347 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone G5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-11118-F5.0.0Rel-551010-1-1118 Corrections to WG4 DTM Test Cases (Rel-5) Details GP-022903 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022903 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone Group5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-11117-F5.0.0Rel-551010-1-1117 Timing advance whilst in DTM (Rel-5) Details GP-022902 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022902 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone Group5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-111161F5.0.0Rel-551010-1-1116 r1 Power control in exclusive allocation mode (Rel-5) Details GP-023342 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023342 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone Group5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-11115-F5.0.0Rel-551010-1-1115 Downlink TBF establishment with a uplink TBF established and PS uplink reallocation (Rel-5) Details GP-022900 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022900 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone Group5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-11114-F5.0.0Rel-551010-1-1114 Downlink TBF establishment with a uplink TBF established and no PS uplink reallocation (Rel-5) Details GP-022899 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022899 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone Group5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-11113-F5.0.0Rel-551010-1-1113 Uplink TBF establishment with a downlink TBF established and PS downlink reallocation (Rel-5) Details GP-022898 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022898 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone Group5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-11112-F5.0.0Rel-551010-1-1112 Uplink TBF establishment with a downlink TBF established and no PS downlink reallocation (Rel-5) Details GP-022897 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022897 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone Group5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-111111F5.0.0Rel-551010-1-1111 r1 Uplink TBF establishment with no reallocation of CS resources / Abnormal cases / Inter System to UTRAN Handover Command (Rel-5) Details GP-023341 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023341 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone Group5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-11110-F5.0.0Rel-551010-1-1110 TBF release / Downlink / Normal / Network initiated / Whilst in DTM (Rel-5) Details GP-022895 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022895 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone Group5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-111091F5.0.0Rel-551010-1-1109 r1 TBF release / Uplink / Normal / Network initiated / Whilst in DTM (Rel-5) Details GP-023340 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023340 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone Group5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-11108-F5.0.0Rel-551010-1-1108 TBF release / Uplink / Normal / MS initiated / Whilst in DTM (Rel-5) Details GP-022893 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022893 approvedGERAN-#12Vodafone Group5.1.0DTM
See details 51.010-11107-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1- 1107 Correction of EOTD Test Cases Details GP-022890 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022890 approvedGERAN-#12Ericsson I5.1.0LCS
See details 51.010-11106-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1106 Two subsections, namely 14.1.5 and 14.1.6, have been duplicated Details GP-022889 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022889 approvedGERAN-#12NEC5.1.0
See details 51.010-111052F5.0.0Rel-5CR.51.010-1-1105 TC Acknowledged Mode/ Downlink TBF/ IR Operation Details GP-023420 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023420 approvedGERAN-#12Siemens5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11104-F5.0.0Rel-5Format of tests in section 9 Details GP-022885 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022885 approvedGERAN-#12Ericsson5.1.0TEI
See details 51.010-11103-B5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1103 New testcase Acknowledged Mode/ Uplink TBF/ Recalculation of CV on TBC change Details GP-022884 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022884 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-111021B5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1102 r1 New testcase Acknowledged Mode/ Uplink TBF/ Interpretation of Compressed Bitmap Details GP-023289 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023289 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11100-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1100 TC : Deletion of steps 5 and 6. Details GP-022881 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022881 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11099-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1099 TC Packet access rejection / wait indication Details GP-022880 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022880 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11097-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1097 TC TBF Release / Uplink / Normal / MS initiated / Acknowledged mode Details GP-022878 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022878 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11096-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1096 TC TBF Release / Downlink / Normal / Network initiated / Unacknowledged mode Details GP-022877 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022877 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-110951F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1095 r1 TC Acknowledged Mode/ Uplink TBF/ Pre-emptive Transmission Bit Set to '0'/ Negative Acknowledgement Details GP-023288 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023288 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11094-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1094 TC Acknowledged Mode/ Downlink TBF/ Split RLC Data Block Details GP-022875 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022875 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11092-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1092 TC Acknowledged Mode/ Downlink TBF/ Received Block Bitmap/ Compressed Bitmap Starting Colour Code Details GP-022873 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022873 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11091-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1091 TC Dynamic Allocation / Uplink Transfer with Downlink TBF establishment / Normal Details GP-022872 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022872 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-110881F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1088 r1 TC correction of some steps Details GP-023271 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023271 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-110871F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1087 r1 TC correction of some steps Details GP-023282 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023282 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11086-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1086 testcase not testing EGPRS Multislot class Details GP-022867 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022867 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-110851F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1085 r1 TC Addition of optional steps to cater to MS reaction time Details GP-023287 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023287 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11084-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1084 TC Addition of optional steps to cater to MS reaction time Details GP-022865 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022865 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EGPRS
See details 51.010-11083-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1083 TC CV calculation was wrong Details GP-022864 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022864 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-110821F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1082 r1 Testcase should be done in transfer mode. Details GP-023281 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023281 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-110791F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1079 r1 TC Addition of optional steps to cater to MS reaction time Details GP-023285 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023285 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-110781F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1078 r1 TC Addition of optional steps to cater to MS reaction time Details GP-023286 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023286 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-110771F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1077 r1 Testcase deleted and new Testcase added Details GP-023277 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023277 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11076-B5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1076 TC New Testcase added Details GP-022857 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022857 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11075-B5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1075 TC New Testcase added Details GP-022856 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022856 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-110721F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1072 r1 TC correction of some steps Details GP-023272 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023272 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-110711F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1169 r1 Correction of test procedure and expected sequence in order to clarify use of multiple timeslots Details GP-023280 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023280 approvedGERAN-#12Anite5.1.0EDGE
See details 51.010-110701F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1 Test cases – Modification of the size of uplink data to transfer Details GP-023382 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-023382 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11069-F5.0.0Rel-551.010-1-1069 TC Two-message assignment / Failure cases - Change to specific message contents Details GP-022850 agreedGERAN-#12 Details GP-022850 approvedGERAN-#12Setcom5.1.0EDGE