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See details 51.010-10746-F4.7.0Rel-4Removal of Correction to section;;;; and - Packet Uplink Assignment / One phase access agreed  Details GP-021212 approvedGERAN-#9MCC4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10745-F4.7.0Rel-4Removal of on Wrong use of PACKTE TIMESLOT RECONFIGURE in agreed  Details GP-021211 approvedGERAN-#9MCC4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10744-F4.7.0Rel-4Removal of on Incompatibility between PDP context activated and the access procedure in section 42.2.2 1 agreed  Details GP-021210 approvedGERAN-#9MCC4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-107431F4.7.0Rel-4MT-LR Privacy Options – Location Allowed for Mobiles Supporting MS-Assisted A-GPS Details GP-021176 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021176 approvedGERAN-#9Qualcomm,4.8.0LCS
See details 51.010-107421F4.7.0Rel-4MT-LR Privacy Options – Location Allowed for Mobiles Supporting MS-Based A-GPS Details GP-021175 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021175 approvedGERAN-#9Qualcomm,4.8.0LCS
See details 51.010-107411F4.7.0Rel-4MT-LR Privacy Options - Location Not Allowed for Mobiles Supporting MS-Assisted A-GPS Details GP-021174 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021174 approvedGERAN-#9Qualcomm,4.8.0LCS
See details 51.010-107401F4.7.0Rel-4MT-LR Privacy Options - Location Not Allowed for Mobiles Supporting MS-Based A-GPS Details GP-021167 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021167 approvedGERAN-#9Qualcomm,4.8.0LCS
See details 51.010-107391F4.7.0Rel-4MT-LR Location Notification for Mobile Supporting MS-Assisted A-GPS Details GP-021166 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021166 approvedGERAN-#9Qualcomm,4.8.0LCS
See details 51.010-107381F4.7.0Rel-4MT-LR Location Notification for Mobile Supporting MS-Based A-GPS Details GP-021165 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021165 approvedGERAN-#9Qualcomm,4.8.0LCS
See details 51.010-107371F4.7.0Rel-4Network Induced Test on TCH Radio Channel for Mobile Supporting MS-Assisted A-GPS Details GP-021164 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021164 approvedGERAN-#9Qualcomm,4.8.0LCS
See details 51.010-107361F4.7.0Rel-4Network Induced Test on TCH Radio Channel for Mobile Supporting MS-Based A-GPS Details GP-021163 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021163 approvedGERAN-#9Qualcomm,4.8.0LCS
See details 51.010-107331F4.7.0Rel-4NI LCS test case correction for Emergency Call on an SDCCH, Idle, no IMSI for MS-Assisted A-GPS Details GP-021160 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021160 approvedGERAN-#9Qualcomm,4.8.0LCS
See details 51.010-107321F4.7.0Rel-4NI LCS test case correction for Emergency Call on an SDCCH, Idle, no IMSI for MS-Based A-GPS Details GP-021159 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021159 approvedGERAN-#9Qualcomm,4.8.0LCS
See details 51.010-107301F4.7.0Rel-4LCS Classmark Interrogation test case corrections for Mobiles Supporting MS-Based A-GPS Details GP-021179 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021179 approvedGERAN-#9Qualcomm,4.8.0LCS
See details 51.010-10729-F4.7.0Rel-4Contradiction in test case to core specifications 3GPP TS 04.88 Details GP-021066 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021066 approvedGERAN-#9Cetecom4.8.0
See details 51.010-10728-B4.7.0Rel-4E-OTD Sensitivity Performance agreed  Details GP-021111 approvedGERAN-#9AT&T Wireless4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-107261F4.7.0Rel-4Section 40, GPRS default conditions, message contents and macros – addition of missing tables and rationalisation of ARFCN allocation Details GP-021057 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021057 approvedGERAN-#9Anite Tele4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-107252F4.7.0Rel-4Modification to Annex 6 for E-OTD Accuracy Measurement Test Environment agreed  Details GP-021120 approvedGERAN-#9AT&T Wireless4.8.0LCS
See details 51.010-107241B4.7.0Rel-4E-OTD Accuracy, Multipath Performance Test, 8PSK agreed  Details GP-021110 approvedGERAN-#9AT&T Wireless4.8.0LCS
See details 51.010-107231B4.7.0Rel-4E-OTD Accuracy, Interference Performance Tests, 8PSK BCCH agreed  Details GP-021109 approvedGERAN-#9AT&T Wireless4.8.0LCS
See details 51.010-107212F4.7.0Rel-4Section 40, GPRS default conditions, message contents and macros – editorial change: PCS column moved next to GSM700 and GSM850 columns Details GP-021056 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021056 approvedGERAN-#9Anite Tele4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10720-F4.7.0Rel-4Correction of Procedure Method of test agreed  Details GP-020935 approvedGERAN-#9Anite4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10719-F4.7.0Rel-4Test cases– deletion of T200 in step 4 Details GP-020904 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-020904 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10718-F4.7.0Rel-4Correction to sections;;; Details GP-020903 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-020903 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-107171F4.7.0Rel-4Test case - The Unacknowledgement bitmap may exceed the window size. Details GP-021178 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021178 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10715-F4.7.0Rel-4Wrong precision of the expected N-PDU Number in Test case Details GP-020900 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-020900 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10714-F4.7.0Rel-4Uplink data transfer is not needed in test case Details GP-020899 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-020899 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10713-F4.7.0Rel-4PDP contexts are wrong in Details GP-020898 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-020898 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10711-F4.7.0Rel-4Correction to sections Details GP-020896 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-020896 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10708-F4.7.0Rel-4Correction of Procedure and Test Requirements agreed  Details GP-020789 approvedGERAN-#9Anite4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10707-F4.7.0Rel-4Correction of Procedure Initial conditions agreed  Details GP-020788 approvedGERAN-#9Anite4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10706-F4.7.0Rel-4Correction of Procedure Initial conditions agreed  Details GP-020787 approvedGERAN-#9Anite4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10705-F4.7.0Rel-4Correction sequence agreed  Details GP-020786 approvedGERAN-#9Anite4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10704-F4.7.0Rel-4Clause ,, and Details GP-020785 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-020785 approvedGERAN-#9Anite Tele4.8.0TEI
See details 51.010-10703-F4.7.0Rel-4Removal of testcase agreed  Details GP-020783 approvedGERAN-#9Anite4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10702-F4.7.0Rel-4Correction of Procedure agreed  Details GP-020782 approvedGERAN-#9Anite4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-107001F4.7.0Rel-4Clause; Periodic routing area update / no cell available / network mode I Details GP-021065 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021065 approvedGERAN-#9Anite Tele4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-106991F4.7.0Rel-4Clause Additonnal detail at step 8, unecessary step 10 removed Details GP-021061 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021061 approvedGERAN-#9Anite Tele4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10696-F4.7.0Rel-4Changes to Test procedure and Initial conditions agreed  Details GP-020746 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10695-F4.7.0Rel-4Changes to value calculation of T3146 used in the testcase. agreed  Details GP-020745 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10694-F4.7.0Rel-4Change to Initial Conditions and addition of optional Location Update Macro after Step-7 agreed  Details GP-020744 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10692-F4.7.0Rel-4Removal of SM layer procedures from the testcase. agreed  Details GP-020742 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10691-F4.7.0Rel-4Changes to Type of Access in Test procedure to align with Testcase. agreed  Details GP-020741 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10690-F4.7.0Rel-4Changes to Initial conditions and Testcase Initialisation agreed  Details GP-020740 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-106891F4.7.0Rel-4Changes to the number of octets to transfer and coding scheme used. agreed  Details GP-021118 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-106881F4.7.0Rel-4Changes to type of allocation and number of octets to transfer used in testcase. agreed  Details GP-021117 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10687-F4.7.0Rel-4Addition of optional steps to cater to MS reaction time agreed  Details GP-020737 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10686-F4.7.0Rel-4Correction to the value calculation of T3142 used in testcase agreed  Details GP-020736 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10685-F4.7.0Rel-4Correction of BSN in Steps 12 and 15 agreed  Details GP-020735 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-106821F4.7.0Rel-4Clause 40 - Timer tolerance for higher layer test cases Details GP-021052 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021052 approvedGERAN-#9Motorola4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10680-F4.7.0Rel-4Removal of Fixed Allocation in section 53.x - Test of EGPRS Radio Link Control (RLC) Protocol. agreed  Details GP-020664 approvedGERAN-#9Nokia4.8.0EDGE
See details 51.010-10679-F4.7.0Rel-4Removal of Fixed Allocation in section 52.x - EGPRS Test of Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol. agreed  Details GP-020663 approvedGERAN-#9Nokia4.8.0EDGE
See details 51.010-10678-F4.7.0Rel-4Removal of Fixed Allocation in section 51.x - EGPRS Paging, TBF establishment/release and DCCH related procedures. agreed  Details GP-020662 approvedGERAN-#9Nokia4.8.0EDGE
See details 51.010-10677-F4.7.0Rel-4Removal of Fixed Allocation in section 50.x - EGPRS Default Conditions, Message Contents and Macros. agreed  Details GP-020661 approvedGERAN-#9Nokia4.8.0EDGE
See details 51.010-10676-F4.7.0Rel-4Removal of Fixed Allocation in section 43.x - RLC Test Cases. agreed  Details GP-020660 approvedGERAN-#9Nokia4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10675-F4.7.0Rel-4Removal of Fixed Allocation in section 42.x - Test of Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol. agreed  Details GP-020659 approvedGERAN-#9Nokia4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10674-F4.7.0Rel-4Removal of Fixed Allocation in section 41.x - GPRS Paging, TBF establishment/release and DCCH related procedures. agreed  Details GP-020658 approvedGERAN-#9Nokia4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-106731F4.7.0Rel-4Removal of Fixed Allocation in section 40.x - GPRS Default Conditions, Message Contents and Macros agreed  Details GP-021112 approvedGERAN-#9Nokia4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-106721F4.7.0Rel-4Test cases– PSI2 corrected according to section 40 agreed  Details GP-021041 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-106711F4.7.0Rel-4Test cases PACKET UPLINK ACK/NACK should be sent on only one RLC/MAC Control Block agreed  Details GP-021116 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-106701F4.7.0Rel-4Test cases PSI2 in initial condition was corrected agreed  Details GP-021040 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10669-F4.7.0Rel-4Two PDCHs but only one cell needed agreed  Details GP-020635 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10668-F4.7.0Rel-4Two PDCHs but only one cell needed agreed  Details GP-020634 approvedGERAN-#9Setcom4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10667-F4.7.0Rel-4Correction to section - Random references for one phase packet access agreed  Details GP-020633 approvedGERAN-#9Alcatel4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10666-F4.7.0Rel-4Correction to section – Combined routing area updating / abnormal cases / attempt counter check / procedure timeout Details GP-020632 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-020632 approvedGERAN-#9Alcatel4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10665-F4.7.0Rel-4Correction to section 26.16.7/ 26.16.8 : AMR Signalling / Directed Retry Details GP-020631 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-020631 approvedGERAN-#9Alcatel4.8.0
See details 51.010-10664-F4.7.0Rel-4Correction to section 70.2 – Network Induced Location Request. Details GP-020630 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-020630 approvedGERAN-#9Nokia4.8.0LCS
See details 51.010-106631F4.7.0Rel-4Correction to section – Combined routing area updating / RA only accepted. Details GP-021064 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021064 approvedGERAN-#9Nokia4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10662-F4.7.0Rel-4Correction to section – GPRS detach / abnormal cases / GMM common procedure collision. Details GP-020628 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-020628 approvedGERAN-#9Nokia4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-106611F4.7.0Rel-4Correction to section – Combined GPRS attach / GPRS only attach accepted. Details GP-021060 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021060 approvedGERAN-#9Nokia4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10660-F4.7.0Rel-4Correction to section - Default messages / PACKET UPLINK ASSIGNMENT message (single block allocation). agreed  Details GP-020626 approvedGERAN-#9Nokia4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10659-F4.7.0Rel-4Correction to section - Packet Channel Request / Access persistence control on PRACH / Successive Attempts. agreed  Details GP-020625 approvedGERAN-#9Nokia4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10658-F4.7.0Rel-4Test cases 46.1.2.* Correction of transferred amount of data Details GP-020624 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-020624 approvedGERAN-#9Rohde & Sc4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10657-F4.7.0Rel-4Test case Data transmission in unprotected mode Details GP-020623 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-020623 approvedGERAN-#9Rohde & Sc4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10656-F4.7.0Rel-4Test case 22.4 GPRS Uplink Power Control - Independence of TS Power Control agreed  Details GP-020608 approvedGERAN-#9Rohde & Schwarz4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-106551F4.7.0Rel-4Section 40.2.3 Default contents of Layer 2 messages Details GP-021055 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021055 approvedGERAN-#9Rohde & Schwarz4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-106542F4.7.0Rel-4Corrections in section 40 GPRS default conditions, message contents and macros Details GP-021182 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021182 approvedGERAN-#9Rohde & Sc4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-106532F4.7.0Rel-4GPRS attach / abnormal cases / change of cell into new routing area Details GP-021063 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021063 approvedGERAN-#9Ericsson M4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-106522F4.7.0Rel-4Routing area updating / abnormal cases / change of cell during routing area updating procedure Details GP-021062 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021062 approvedGERAN-#9Ericsson M4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-106501F4.7.0Rel-4Too short time for C32 calculation - Time for RLA_P dependent on MS paging block agreed  Details GP-021113 approvedGERAN-#9Ericsson4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10635-F4.7.0Rel-4TC – Modification to allow GPRS or GSM detach first Details GP-020575 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-020575 approvedGERAN-#9Philips4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10634-F4.7.0Rel-4TC + TC - suppression of the test on the Detach Type for the latest Detach Request Details GP-020574 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-020574 approvedGERAN-#9Philips4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-106331F4.7.0Rel-4Addition of missing IEs to MT-LR E-OTD LCS test case for Privacy Options- Location Not_Allowed if no response. Details GP-021069 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021069 approvedGERAN-#9ERICSSON I4.8.0LCS
See details 51.010-106321F4.7.0Rel-4Addition of Information Elements to existing MT-LR E-OTD LCS test cases for Privacy Options- Location Allowed if no response. Details GP-021068 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021068 approvedGERAN-#9ERICSSON I4.8.0LCS
See details 51.010-106311F4.7.0Rel-4Addition of IE to LCS test cases for Mobile Terminated Location Request. Details GP-021067 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021067 approvedGERAN-#9ERICSSON I4.8.0LCS
See details 51.010-106301B4.7.0Rel-4Addition of E-OTD Multipath Performance Tests agreed  Details GP-021108 approvedGERAN-#9Ericsson4.8.0LCS
See details 51.010-106291B4.7.0Rel-4Addition of E-OTD Interference Performance Tests agreed  Details GP-021106 approvedGERAN-#9Ericsson4.8.0LCS
See details 51.010-106271F4.7.0Rel-4TC 34.2.7, Test of the replace mechanism for SM type 1-7 Details GP-021051 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021051 approvedGERAN-#9Siemens AG4.8.0TEI
See details 51.010-10626-F4.7.0Rel-4Correction to reference clause Details GP-020548 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-020548 approvedGERAN-#9ETSI MCC4.8.0TEI
See details 51.010-10625-F4.7.0Rel-4Test case Response from MS on receiving an XID request from the SS with an unassigned entity number Details GP-020538 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-020538 approvedGERAN-#9Rohde & Sc4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10624-F4.7.0Rel-4Test case Response from MS on receiving XID request from the SS Details GP-020537 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-020537 approvedGERAN-#9Rohde & Sc4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10623-F4.7.0Rel-4Test cases Periodic routing area updating / no cell available / network mode Details GP-020535 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-020535 approvedGERAN-#9Rohde & Sc4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10622-D4.7.0Rel-4Test cases Sending FRMR due to reception of an I frame information field exceeding the maximum length Details GP-020534 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-020534 approvedGERAN-#9Rohde & Sc4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-10620-F4.7.0Rel-4Test cases Combined GPRS attach / GPRS only attach accepted Details GP-020532 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-020532 approvedGERAN-#9Rohde & Sc4.8.0GPRS
See details 51.010-106191F4.7.0Rel-4Section 34.2.6: Addition of test of short message type 0 Details GP-021058 agreedGERAN-#9 Details GP-021058 approvedGERAN-#9Rohde & Sc4.8.0TEI
See details 51.010-104682F4.7.0Rel-4Introduction of AMR layer 1 tests, section 14 general part agreed  Details GP-020579 approvedGERAN-#9Motorola4.8.0
See details 51.010-104673F4.7.0Rel-4Introduction of AMR layer 1 tests, Co-channel rejection agreed  Details GP-021102 approvedGERAN-#9Motorola4.8.0
See details 51.010-104663F4.7.0Rel-4Introduction of AMR layer 1 tests, reference sensitivity agreed  Details GP-021101 approvedGERAN-#9Motorola4.8.0