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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.123-30456-3.6.1R1999Correction to GCF P1 test case
34.123-30455-3.6.1R1999Correction to Package 3 SMS test case 16.2.1.T1s040497agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30454-3.6.1R1999Correction to NAS test cases (P2), Proc 2 (P2), and (P1)T1s040514agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30453-3.6.1R1999Modification to MAC Package 2 test case
34.123-30452-3.6.1R1999Addition of RAB Package 3 test case 14.2.38b to RAB ATS V3.6.1T1s040533agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30451-3.6.1R1999Addition of GCF P4 test case ATS V3.6.0T1s040450agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30450-3.6.1R1999Addition of P3 test case to RRC ATS V3.6.1T1s040476agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30449-3.6.1R1999Addition of P3 test case to RRC ATS V3.6.1T1s040474agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30448-3.6.1R1999Addition of GCF P4 test case 9.5.4 ATS V3.6.0T1s040440agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30447-3.6.1R1999Addition of GCF P4 test case to RRC ATS V3.6.0T1s040444agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30446-3.6.1R1999Addition of GCF P4 test case to RRC ATS V3.6.0T1s040446agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30445-3.6.1R1999Addition of P4 RRC test case
34.123-30444-3.6.1R1999Addition of P4 RRC test case
34.123-30443-3.6.1R1999Addition of P4 RRC test case
34.123-30442-3.6.1R1999Addition of P4 RRC test case
34.123-30441-3.6.1R1999Addition of RRC Package 4 test case to RRC ATS V3.6.1T1s040498agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30440-3.6.1R1999Addition of RRC Package 4 test case to RRC ATS V3.6.1T1s040504agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30439-3.6.1R1999Addition of RRC Package 4 test case to RRC ATS V3.6.1T1s040502agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30438-3.6.1R1999Addition of RRC Package 4 test case to RRC ATS V3.6.1T1s040500agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30437-3.6.1R1999Addition of RAB test case 14.2.41 to RAB ATS V3.6.0T1s040525agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30436-3.6.1R1999Addition of RAB test case 14.2.40 to RAB ATS V3.6.0T1s040523agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30435-3.6.1R1999Addition of RAB test case 14.2.38f to RAB ATS V3.6.0T1s040529agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30434-3.6.1R1999Addition of RAB test case 14.2.38c to RAB ATS V3.6.0T1s040527agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30433-3.6.1R1999Addition of RRC test case to RRC ATS V3.6.0T1s040517agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30432-3.6.1R1999Addition of RRC test case to RRC ATS V3.6.0T1s040515agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30431-3.6.1R1999Addition of NAS test case 12.9.4 to NAS ATS V3.6.0T1s040521agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30430-3.6.1R1999Addition of NAS test case 12.9.3 to NAS ATS V3.6.0T1s040519agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30429-3.6.1R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.6.0T1s040452agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30428-3.6.1R1999Addition of NAS test case 12.9.14 to NAS ATS V3.6.0T1s040458agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30427-3.6.1R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.6.0T1s040456agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30426-3.6.1R1999Addition of GCF P4 test case 9.5.5 ATS V3.6.0T1s040408agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30425-3.6.1R1999Addition of GCF P4 test case ATS V3.6.0T1s040410agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30424-3.6.1R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.6.0T1s040460agreedTP-040167approved3.7.0
34.123-30423-3.6.1R1999TTCN Correction to test case to RRC ATS V3.6.0T1s040390agreedTP-040148approved3.7.0
34.123-30422-3.6.1R1999Correction to Approved RRC Package 2 TC
34.123-30421-3.6.1R1999Correction to RRC TC in ts_RRC_ReceiveRB_SetupCmpl.T1s040478agreedTP-040148approved3.7.0
34.123-30420-3.6.1R1999Corrections to RRC Package 3 TC and
34.123-30419-3.6.1R1999General correction for test cases where UE is switched off Cell(s) relased and reconfiguredT1s040425agreedTP-040148approved3.7.0
34.123-30418-3.6.1R1999Addition of a delay after reception of an RRC Connection Release Complete MessageT1s040424agreedTP-040148approved3.7.0
34.123-30417-3.6.1R1999Correction to Package 2 RAB test case 14.4.3 to assign tcv_CN_Domain.T1s040423agreedTP-040148approved3.7.0
34.123-30416-3.6.1R1999Correction to RRC Package 2 TC
34.123-30415-3.6.1R1999Guard timer setting if registration is made to a PLMN different from the normal oneT1s040420agreedTP-040148approved3.7.0
34.123-30414-3.6.1R1999Delay to ensure the proper transmission of Cell Update Confirm in
34.123-30413-3.6.1R1999Correction to GMM Package 2 approved TC in handling Attach procedure.T1s040402agreedTP-040148approved3.7.0
34.123-30412-3.6.1R1999Correction to test steps “ts_ReceiveFirstSDUs_RB10” and “ts_ReceiveFirstSDUs_RB13” of Package 3 RAB test case
34.123-30411-3.6.1R1999Correction to Package 2 RAB test case 14.4.3T1s040384agreedTP-040148approved3.7.0
34.123-30410-3.6.1R1999Correction to Package 3 RAB test case 14.2.27, 14.2.29, for the dl_TxPower in DL DPCH Info during Radio Bearer Setup at the SS.T1s040383agreedTP-040148approved3.7.0
34.123-30409-3.6.1R1999Correction to RRC TC and to add delay before switching to CELL_PCH/URA_PCHT1s040378agreedTP-040148approved3.7.0
34.123-30408-3.6.1R1999Correction to RRC Package 2 TC to handle cell update before configuring radio bearer from DCH to FACH.T1s040377agreedTP-040148approved3.7.0
34.123-30407-3.6.1R1999Correction to RRC TC on value of the wait timer started for the UE to enter Idle mode.T1s040376agreedTP-040148approved3.7.0
34.123-30406-3.6.1R1999Correction to Package 2 NAS CCMM test cases 9.4.8, for removal of ‘USIM removal possible while UE is powered’ support.T1s040375agreedTP-040148approved3.7.0
34.123-30405-3.6.1R1999TTCN Correction to GCF P2 IR_U &
34.123-30404-3.6.1R1999Regression error corrections to wk17, wk20 and wk23.T1s040367agreedTP-040148approved3.7.0
34.123-30403-3.6.1R1999Correction to Approved RRC Package 1 TC
34.123-30402-3.6.1R1999Correction to Approved RRC Package 2 TC
34.123-30401-3.6.1R1999Correction to Approved RRC Package 1 TC
34.123-30400-3.6.1R1999Corrections to RRC test case
34.123-30399-3.6.1R1999Corrections to RRC test case
34.123-30398-3.6.1R1999Correction to Approved Package 1 RRC TC
34.123-30397-3.6.1R1999Correction to RRC Package 2 TC and TC for inconsistency in System Information Block 12.T1s040336agreedTP-040148approved3.7.0
34.123-30396-3.6.1R1999Correction to Package 2 NAS MM test case to validate of LOCATION UPDATE REQUEST message and disable ATT flag.T1s040335agreedTP-040148approved3.7.0
34.123-30395-3.6.1R1999Correction to Approved RRC Package 1 TC
34.123-30394-3.6.1R1999TTCN correction to P2 test case
34.123-30393-3.6.1R1999Addition of GCF P3 test case to IR_U ATS v3.6.1T1s040479agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30392-3.6.1R1999Addition of NAS test case 9.4.7 to NAS ATS V3.6.0T1s040513agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30391-3.6.1R1999Revision to introduce GCF P3 Test Case to ATS v3.6.0T1s040483agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30390-3.6.1R1999Revision to introduce GCF P3 Test Case to ATS v3.6.0T1s040482agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30389-3.6.1R1999Addition of P3 test case to RRC ATS V3.6.1T1s040470agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30388-3.6.1R1999Addition of RAB test case 14.2.51a.1 to RAB ATS V3.6.0T1s040468agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30387-3.6.1R1999Addition of RAB test case to RAB ATS V3.6.0T1s040466agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30386-3.6.1R1999Addition of RAB Package 2 test case to RAB ATS V3.6.1T1s040464agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30385-3.6.1R1999Addition of RAB Package 2 test case to RAB ATS V3.6.1T1s040462agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30384-3.6.1R1999Addition of RAB Package 3 test case 14.2.38e to RAB ATS V3.6.1T1s040433agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30383-3.6.1R1999Addition of RAB Package 3 test case 14.2.38a to RAB ATS V3.6.1T1s040432agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30382-3.6.1R1999Addition of RAB Package 2 test case to RAB ATS V3.6.1T1s040430agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30381-3.6.1R1999Addition of GCF P1 test case to RRC ATS v3.6.1T1s040400agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30380-3.6.1R1999Addition of GCF P1 test cases to RRC ATS v3.6.1T1s040398agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30379-3.6.1R1999Addition of GCF P3 test case 14.2.58 to RAB ATS V3.6.1T1s040395agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30378-3.6.1R1999Addition of RAB Package 3 test case 14.2.57 to RAB ATS V3.6.1T1s040387agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30377-3.6.1R1999Addition of GCF P3 test case to RRC ATS V3.6.1T1s040385agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30376-3.6.1R1999for the addition of GCF P3 test case to IR_U ATS V3.6.1T1s040364agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30375-3.6.1R1999Revised for the addition of GCF P3 test case to IR_U ATS V3.5.1T1s040361agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30374-3.6.1R1999Revised for addition of GCF P3 test case 16.1.2 to SMS ATS V3.5.1T1s040360agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30373-3.6.1R1999Addition of RRC Package 3 test case to IR_U ATS V3.5.1T1s040358agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30372-3.6.1R1999Addition of RRC test case to RRC ATS V3.5.1T1s040352agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30371-3.6.1R1999Revised for Addition of P2 test case to IR_U ATS v3.5.1 (Revision of T1s040327)T1s040346agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30370-3.6.1R1999Revised for Addition of P2 test case to IR_U ATS v3.5.1 (Revision of T1s040325)T1s040345agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30369-3.6.1R1999Revised for addition of GCF P3 test case to RRC ATS V3.5.1T1s040339agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30368-3.6.1R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.5.1T1s040337agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30367-3.6.1R1999Addition of P2 NAS test case proc 2 to NAS ATS V3.5.1 (revision of T1-040109)T1s040329agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30366-3.6.1R1999Addition of GCF P3 test case 16.2.10 to SMS ATS V3.5.1T1s040317agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30365-3.6.1R1999Addition of GCF P3 test case 16.2.2 to SMS ATS V3.5.1T1s040315agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30364-3.6.1R1999Addition of GCF P3 test case 16.2.1 to SMS ATS V3.6.1T1s040313agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30363-3.6.1R1999Addition of GCF P3 test case 16.1.10 to SMS ATS V3.5.1T1s040311agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30362-3.6.1R1999Addition of GCF P3 test case to SMS ATS V3.5.1T1s040309agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30361-3.6.1R1999Addition of GCF P3 test case to SMS ATS V3.5.1T1s040307agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30360-3.6.1R1999Addition of GCF P3 test case 16.1.1 to SMS ATS V3.5.1T1s040264agreedTP-040149approved3.7.0
34.123-30359-3.6.1R1999ASP updating and other correctionsT1-041407agreedTP-040162approved3.7.0