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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
34.123-30359-3.5.2R1999Updating Annex ATP-040123 TP-040123approved3.6.0
34.123-30358-3.5.2R1999Not providedT1s040079agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30357-3.5.2R1999Corrections to RRC Package 1 TC to modify timers and RRC Setup Request ConstraintsT1s040077agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30356-3.5.2R1999Modification to ATT flag usage in TC (Re-submission of T1-031923 on v3.4.0)T1s040164agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30355-3.5.2R1999Correction to RRC Package 1 TC and for the mismatch between Radio Bearer setup and PDP context Activation Request message (Revision of T1s040071).T1s040163agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30354-3.5.2R1999General correction to approved GCF P1 (Cell FACH) MAC test casesT1s040185agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30353-3.5.2R1999TTCN corrections to Generic Setup ProceduresT1s040189agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30352-3.5.2R1999Error correction lists to iWD-wk04 and iWD-wk07T1s040188agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30351-3.5.2R1999Correction to RRC Package 1 TC modification to UE system specific capabilities (Revision of T1s040078).T1s040221agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30350-3.5.2R1999Correction to NAS Package 1 TC 12.5 for selecting UE operation mode C only when mode A not supported and validating RRC connection establishment causeT1s040220agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30349-3.5.2R1999Correction to RRC Package 2 TC for radio bearer messages with specified IEs and correction of default PS RAB and SRBs RLC configurations in RRC ATS. (Revision of T1s040165).T1s040219agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30348-3.5.2R1999Correction to Approved RRC Package 1 TC
34.123-30347-3.5.2R1999Correction to Approved RRC Package 1 TC and
34.123-30346-3.5.2R1999Correction to GFC P3 RAB test cases 14.2.26 and 14.2.27T1s040251agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30345-3.5.2R1999Correction to GFC P1 RAB test case 14.2.4T1s040272agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30344-3.5.2R1999Correction to Package 2 MM TC 9.4.9 to handle situation when pc_PS is TRUE also.T1s040273agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30343-3.5.2R1999Regression error corrections to wk12 and wk15.T1s040274agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30342-3.5.2R1999Correction to Package 1 GMM test case for P-TMSI signature check at Step 12.T1s040278agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30341-3.5.2R1999Changes to the test step ts_CC_InitTCV_MOT1s040277agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30340-3.5.2R1999Correction to Approved RRC Package 1 TC
34.123-30339-3.5.2R1999Correction to package 2 TC 9.1 to handle PS attach and detach.T1s040282agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30338-3.5.2R1999Correction to Approved Package 1 TC
34.123-30337-3.5.2R1999Correction to Package 1 SM TC, 11.3.1 and 11.3.2 to harmonize the timer handling and to account for T1-040514, T1s040243 and T1s040244 concerning RAB release and detaching.T1s040287agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30336-3.5.2R1999Correction to common test step “ts_SS_2_FACH_1_RACH_ModifyDCH_Cfg” of RRC ATS to release unused RLC entity, related to test cases and
34.123-30335-3.5.2R1999Correction to RRC Package 2 TC and for contents of SIB 11 and Measurement reporting Interval.T1s040292agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30334-3.5.2R1999Correction to RRC TC on contents of radio bearer reconfiguration message.T1s040291agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30333-3.5.2R1999Correction to Package 3 NAS CC test case for assigning FAIL verdict on receiving unexpected RELEASE message.T1s040288agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30332-3.5.2R1999Modification to RLC TTCN to meet Test Procedure ‘f’ in Prose 34.123-1-571.T1s040306agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30331-3.5.2R1999Correction to Package 2 NAS MM test case 9.4.9, introducing postamble to remove PLMN2 from USIM forbidden PLMN list.T1s040305agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30330-3.5.2R1999Correction to Package 3 NAS MM test case to disable cell C ATT flagT1s040304agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30329-3.5.2R1999Correction to RRC Package 2 TC to delete the Radio Bearer BCCH mapped to FACH(RB_BCCH_FACH) in the old cell before configuring in the new cell.T1s040303agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30328-3.5.2R1999Correction to RRC TC and on contents of radio bearer reconfiguration message and comments in test steps of TC
34.123-30327-3.5.2R1999Correction to Package 3 RAB test case Radio Bearer setup in the SS.T1s040301agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30326-3.5.2R1999Correction to Radio Bearer setup message for Package 1 RAB test case and package 2 RAB test case 14.2.15.T1s040300agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30325-3.5.2R1999Correction to Package 1 SM test case in handling Modify PDP Context procedure.T1s040299agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30324-3.5.2R1999Correction to Package 3 NAS CC test cases, introducing PIXIT parameter for UE Call waiting support.T1s040298agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30323-3.5.2R1999Correction to Package 3 NAS CC test cases 10_1_2_5_5, 10_1_2_6_2 and 10_1_2_7_2 to validate the current TI value.T1s040297agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30322-3.5.2R1999Correction to Package 2 GMM test case for supporting USIM removal without power offT1s040289agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30321-3.5.2R1999Correction to RRC Package 1 TC and to add delay before switching to CELL_PCH or URA_PCHT1s040321agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30320-3.5.2R1999Correction to RRC TC on the contents of CELL UPDATE CONFIRM messageT1s040324agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30319-3.5.2R1999Corrections to RRC package 1 and 2 test cases from sections 8.1.x, 8.2.x and 8.3.x to add a delay before SS reconfigures MAC according to the new C-RNTI or U-RNTI assigned to UE.T1s040323agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30318-3.5.2R1999Correction to RRC Package 2 TC to stop the timer t_WaitS after receiving expected UTRAN MOBILITY INFORMATION CONFIRM message from UE.T1s040322agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30317-3.5.2R1999Quality of Service (QoS) initialisation when setting up a PS callT1s040320agreedTP-040119approved3.6.0
34.123-30316-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040016agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30315-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case 9.4.8 to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040023agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30314-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040080agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30313-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040093agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30312-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040091agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30311-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040107agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30310-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040101agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30309-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040099agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30308-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040139agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30307-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040123agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30306-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040121agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30305-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040129agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30304-3.5.2R1999Addition of RAB test case to RAB ATS V3.4.0T1s040053agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30303-3.5.2R1999Addition of RAB test case 14.2.17 to RAB ATS V3.4.0T1s040063agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30302-3.5.2R1999Addition of RAB test case 14.2.16 to RAB ATS V3.4.0T1s040061agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30301-3.5.2R1999Addition of RAB test case 14.2.15 to RAB ATS V3.4.0T1s040059agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30300-3.5.2R1999Addition of RAB test case to RAB ATS V3.4.0T1s040057agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30299-3.5.2R1999Addition of RAB test case to RAB ATS V3.4.0T1s040055agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30298-3.5.2R1999Addition of RAB test case 14.2.23c to RAB ATS V3.4.0T1s040069agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30297-3.5.2R1999Addition of RAB test case 14.2.23b to RAB ATS V3.4.0T1s040067agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30296-3.5.2R1999Addition of RAB test case 14.2.23a.1 to RAB ATS V3.4.0T1s040065agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30295-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040149agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30294-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040161agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30293-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040174agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30292-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040172agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30291-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040178agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30290-3.5.2R1999Introducing package 2 test case to RRCv340 (revision of T1-031737)T1s040203agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30289-3.5.2R1999Introducing package 2 test case to RRCv340 (revision of T1-031739)T1s040204agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30288-3.5.2R1999Addition of RRC test case to RRC ATS V3.4.0T1-040084agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30287-3.5.2R1999Addition of GCF P1 test case to RRC ATS V3.4.0T1s040205agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30286-3.5.2R1999Addition of RRC test case to RRC ATS V3.4.0T1s040207agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30285-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040209agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30284-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040213agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30283-3.5.2R1999Addition of GCF P2 test case to RRC ATS V3.4.0T1s040216agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30282-3.5.2R1999Addition of GCF P2 test case to RRC ATS V3.4.0T1s040215agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30281-3.5.2R1999Addition of RRC test case to RRC ATS V3.4.0T1s040223agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30280-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0 (Revision of T1s040170)T1s040222agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30279-3.5.2R1999Addition of GCF P3 test case 14.2.12 to RAB ATS V3.4.0T1s040225agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30278-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case to RRC ATS V3.4.0 (revision of T1-031809)T1s040228agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30277-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case to RRC ATS V3.4.0 (revision of T1-031807)T1s040227agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30276-3.5.2R1999Addition of NAS test case to RRC ATS V3.4.0 (revision of T1-031735)T1s040226agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30275-3.5.2R1999Addition of GCF P3 test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040229agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30274-3.5.2R1999Addition of GCF P3 test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040230agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30273-3.5.2R1999Addition of GCF P3 test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040232agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30272-3.5.2R1999Addition of GCF P3 test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040231agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30271-3.5.2R1999Addition of GCF P3 test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040233agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30270-3.5.2R1999Addition of GCF P3 test case to NAS ATS V3.4.0T1s040234agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30269-3.5.2R1999Test Case
34.123-30268-3.5.2R1999Addition of GCF P1 test case to NAS ATS V3.5.1T1s040266agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30267-3.5.2R1999Addition of RAB test case 14.2.4a to RAB ATS V3.5.1T1s040245agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30266-3.5.2R1999Addition of RAB test case 14.2.5a to RAB ATS V3.5.1T1s040247agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30265-3.5.2R1999Addition of RAB test case 14.2.7a to RAB ATS V3.5.1T1s040249agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30264-3.5.2R1999Addition of RRC test case to RRC ATS V3.5.1T1s040258agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30263-3.5.2R1999Addition of RRC test case to RRC ATS V3.5.1T1s040260agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30262-3.5.2R1999Addition of RRC test case to RRC ATS V3.5.1T1s040262agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30261-3.5.2R1999Revised for addition of GCF P2 test case to NAS ATS V3.5.1T1s040283agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30260-3.5.2R1999Addition of GCF P3 test case to RRC ATS v3.5.1T1s040285agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30259-3.5.2R1999Revised for P3 NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.5.1 (revision of T1-040241)T1s040331agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30258-3.5.2R1999Revised for P3 NAS test case to NAS ATS V3.5.1 (revision of T1-040239T1s040330agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30257-3.5.2R1999Addition of GCF P1 test case to RRC ATS V3.5.1T1s040252agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30256-3.5.2R1999Addition of RAB test case to RAB ATS V3.5.1T1s040254agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30255-3.5.2R1999Addition of MAC test case to MAC ATS V3.5.1T1s040295agreedTP-040118approved3.6.0
34.123-30234-3.5.2R1999GERAN generic procedures and TTCN encoding rules for CSN.1 specific encodingT1-040940agreedTP-040117approved3.6.0
34.123-30233-3.5.2R1999Clarification of Section 8.5.1 Authentication: Explicitly stating that Authentication after IDT is an optional/dependent procedure.T1-040761agreedTP-040117approved3.6.0