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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
03.60A090-6.1.0R1997A interface suspend and resume98S821 98-0753approved6.2.0
03.60A088-6.1.0R1997GPRS information in the SIM and the ME98S817 98-0753approved6.2.0
03.60A08216.1.0R1997Various improvements98SXXX 98-0753approved6.2.0
03.60A08016.1.0R1997Inconsistency in MS unreachable specification between 09.18 and 03.60.98S647 98-0753approved6.2.0
03.60A07916.1.0R1997Removing GPRS’s degradation of CAMEL’s Any Time Interrogation procedure98S622 98-0752approved6.2.0
03.60A07826.1.0R1997Alignment of references to NSAPI and addition of TI to context tables98S643 98-0752approved6.2.0
03.60A07716.1.0R1997Handling of GPRS Classmark98S548 98-0753approved6.2.0
03.60A07626.1.0R1997Signalling and SMS radio priority levels98S620 98-0753approved6.2.0
03.60A075-6.1.0R1997Generation and distribution of Charging Id98S448 98-0752approved6.2.0
03.60A074-6.1.0R1997PDP context deactivation after GGSN failure98S447 98-0753approved6.2.0
03.60A073-6.1.0R1997PDP Context Modification for one NSAPI only98S446 98-0753approved6.2.0
03.60A07226.1.0R1997Incremental Insert and Delete Subscriber Data procedures98S706 98-0753approved6.2.0
03.60A071-6.1.0R1997Restoration procedures98S431 98-0753approved6.2.0
03.60A07026.1.0R1997Alignment of 03.60 on 08.18 RAC added to cell identity IE98S616 98-0753approved6.2.0
03.60A069-6.1.0R1997BSSGP flow control98S348 98-0753approved6.2.0
03.60A06816.1.0R1997Improvement for the SGSN change procedure98S619 98-0753approved6.2.0
03.60A06616.1.0R1997Clarification for the usage of combined procedures98S642 98-0753approved6.2.0
03.60A06516.1.0R1997Deletion of the Standby timer function98S618 98-0753approved6.2.0