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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
44.060084527.4.0Rel-7Initial choice of encoding for one RLC block when MCS-8 is commandedGP-061443agreedGP-061443approved7.5.0
44.060083917.4.0Rel-7T3107, T3101 expiry for RR connection establishment in Pkt Transfer ModeGP-061347agreedGP-061347approved7.5.0
44.060083717.4.0Rel-7Correction to CSN.1 encoding of Packet CS Release IndicationGP-061345agreedGP-061345approved7.5.0
44.0600833-7.4.0Rel-7Correction of terminology: ‘allocation’ vs. ‘assignment’GP-061190agreedGP-061190approved7.5.0
44.0600832-7.4.0Rel-7Correction to CSN.1 coding in the MBMS Session Parameters List IEGP-061158agreedGP-061158approved7.5.0
44.060083047.4.0Rel-7Preventing MS to send Packet CS Request message when not operating in extended uplink TBF modeGP-061456agreedGP-061456approved7.5.0
44.060082827.4.0Rel-7MS’s behavior when can’t get uplink radio resource to send PS handover access or RLC/MAC block during PS handover to A/Gb modeGP-061325agreedGP-061325approved7.5.0
44.060082627.4.0Rel-7Correction to MS_ID release procedureGP-061417agreedGP-061417approved7.5.0
44.060082417.4.0Rel-7CSN.1 coding errorGP-061321agreedGP-061321approved7.5.0
44.060082257.4.0Rel-7TBF handling upon reception of a DTM ASSIGNMENT COMMANDGP-061454agreedGP-061454approved7.5.0