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See details 36.42303581C9.1.0Rel-9Inclusion of UE RLF Report in RLF INDICATION message Details R3-101295 agreed Huawei, Qualcom... Details RP-100228 approvedRAN#47R39.2.0SON
See details 36.42303563B9.1.0Rel-9RNL-based energy saving solution Details R3-101327 agreed Ericsson, Samsu... Details RP-100230 approvedRAN#47R39.2.0TEI9
See details 36.42303551F9.1.0Rel-9Rapporteur’s update of X2AP protocol Details R3-101079 agreed Ericsson Details RP-100229 approvedRAN#47R39.2.0TEI9
See details 36.4230352-F9.1.0Rel-9Addition of cause value for not admitted E-RAB Details R3-100885 agreed Alcatel-Lucent Details RP-100213 approvedRAN#47R39.2.0LTE-interfaces
See details 36.42303444F9.1.0Rel-9Cell pair identification for Mobility Settings Change procedure Details R3-101273 agreed ZTE, Samsung, C... Details RP-100228 approvedRAN#47R39.2.0SON
See details 36.42303412C9.1.0Rel-9Addition of MBSFN information on X2 interface Details R3-101161 agreed CATT, ZTE, CMCC Details RP-100229 approvedRAN#47R39.2.0TEI9
See details 36.4230337-A9.1.0Rel-9Correction to the Resource Status Reporting Initiation procedure Details R3-100648 agreedRAN3#67ZTE Details RP-100213 approvedRAN#47R39.2.0LTE-interfaces