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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
25.1420145-5.1.0Rel-51,28 Mcps TDD option Local Area BS ACS and Dynamic Range desired signal level correctionR4-021288agreedRP-020491approved5.2.0
25.1420144-5.1.0Rel-5Update of reference to ITU-R recommendation SM.329-9R4-021234agreedRP-020490approved5.2.0
25.1420143-5.1.0Rel-5Correction of 16QAM EVM/PCDE testing for HSDPA for 1.28 Mcps TDD optionR4-021221agreedRP-020495approved5.2.0
25.1420142-5.1.0Rel-5Correction of QPSK EVM/PCDE test for 1.28 Mcps TDD option.R4-021217agreedRP-020489approved5.2.0
25.1420141-5.1.0Rel-5Correction of Node B test configurationsR4-021216agreedRP-020489approved5.2.0
25.1420140-5.1.0Rel-5Total power dynamic range definition.R4-021215agreedRP-020494approved5.2.0
25.1420139-5.1.0Rel-5Applicability of requirements in case of RF devices external to the BSR4-021214agreedRP-020493approved5.2.0
25.142013815.1.0Rel-5General corrections to TS25.142R4-021316agreedRP-020489approved5.2.0
25.1420137-5.1.0Rel-5Correction to blocking testing procedure for 1,28 Mcps TDD option.R4-021212agreedRP-020482approved5.2.0
25.1420135-5.1.0Rel-5Correction of Minimum Output power test for 1,28 Mcps TDD option.R4-021210agreedRP-020482approved5.2.0
25.1420133-5.1.0Rel-5Alignment of minimum output power definition with core specification.R4-021208agreedRP-020476approved5.2.0
25.142013015.1.0Rel-53,84 Mcps TDD option LA ACS and DR desired signal level correctionR4-021310agreedRP-020491approved5.2.0