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See details 51.010-11806-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1806 Section Packet Downlink Assignment/ Frequency hopping Details GP-032238 agreedGERAN#16Setcom Details GP-032238 approvedGERAN#16Setcom5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-118041F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1804 rev1 Section 70: New test case: Conventional GPS Details GP-032177 agreedGERAN#16Alcatel Details GP-032177 approvedGERAN#16Alcatel5.5.0LCS
See details 51.010-118033F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1803 rev2 Section 42: New test cases: NC2 in Packet transfer mode Details GP-032252 agreedGERAN#16Alcatel Details GP-032252 approvedGERAN#16Alcatel5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11802-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1802 MS test case alignment to DTM core spec changes Details GP-032080 agreedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone Details GP-032080 approvedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone5.5.0DTM
See details 51.010-118001F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1800 rev1 Section Correction of expected sequence Details GP-032172 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-032172 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11799-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1799 MS test case alignment to DTM core spec changes. Details GP-032060 agreedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone Details GP-032060 approvedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone5.5.0DTM
See details 51.010-11797-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1797 MS test case alignment to DTM core spec changes. Details GP-032058 agreedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone Details GP-032058 approvedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone5.5.0DTM
See details 51.010-11796-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1796 MS test case alignment to DTM core spec changes. Details GP-032057 agreedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone Details GP-032057 approvedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone5.5.0DTM
See details 51.010-11795-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1795 MS test case alignment to DTM core spec changes. Details GP-032056 agreedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone Details GP-032056 approvedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone5.5.0TEI
See details 51.010-11794-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1794 MS test case alignment to DTM core spec changes. Details GP-032055 agreedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone Details GP-032055 approvedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone5.5.0DTM
See details 51.010-11793-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1793 MS test case alignment to DTM core spec changes. Details GP-032054 agreedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone Details GP-032054 approvedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone5.5.0TEI
See details 51.010-11792-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1792 MS test case alignment to DTM core spec changes. Details GP-032053 agreedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone Details GP-032053 approvedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone5.5.0TEI
See details 51.010-11791-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1791 MS test case alignment to DTM core spec changes. Details GP-032052 agreedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone Details GP-032052 approvedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone5.5.0TEI
See details 51.010-11790-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1790 MS test case alignment to DTM core spec changes. Details GP-032051 agreedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone Details GP-032051 approvedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone5.5.0DTM
See details 51.010-11789-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1789 MS test case alignment to DTM core spec changes. Details GP-032050 agreedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone Details GP-032050 approvedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone5.5.0TEI
See details 51.010-11788-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1788 MS test case alignment to DTM core spec changes. Details GP-032049 agreedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone Details GP-032049 approvedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone5.5.0TEI
See details 51.010-11787-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1787 MS test case alignment to DTM core spec changes. Details GP-032048 agreedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone Details GP-032048 approvedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone5.5.0TEI
See details 51.010-11786-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1786 Test case update to mirror the changes to the DTM feature (Sub-clause 22.11). Details GP-031973 agreedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone Details GP-031973 approvedGERAN#16Vodafone5.5.0DTM
See details 51.010-11785-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1785 Test case update to mirror the changes to the DTM feature (Section 41). Details GP-031972 agreedGERAN#16Nokia, Vodafone Details GP-031972 approvedGERAN#16Vodafone5.5.0DTM
See details 51.010-11784-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1784 TC Routing area updating / rejected / location area not allowed Details GP-031970 agreedGERAN#16Siemens Details GP-031970 approvedGERAN#16Siemens5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11783-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1783 TC Packet Uplink Assignment / Two phase access / Contention resolution / TLLI mismatch Details GP-031969 agreedGERAN#16Siemens Details GP-031969 approvedGERAN#16Siemens5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11782-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1782 TC Packet Uplink Assignment / Abnormal cases / Incorrect PDCH assignment Details GP-031968 agreedGERAN#16Siemens Details GP-031968 approvedGERAN#16Siemens5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11781-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1781 TC Packet Uplink Assignment / Two phase access / Contention resolution / TLLI mismatch Details GP-031967 agreedGERAN#16Siemens Details GP-031967 approvedGERAN#16Siemens5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11780-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1780 TC Packet Uplink Assignment / Abnormal cases / Incorrect PDCH assignment Details GP-031966 agreedGERAN#16Siemens Details GP-031966 approvedGERAN#16Siemens5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11779-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1779 2G to 3G Cell Change Order 42.4.7 Details GP-031960 agreedGERAN#16Motorola Details GP-031960 approvedGERAN#16Motorola5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11778-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1778 Correction to RLC Test Case Details GP-031959 agreedGERAN#16Motorola Details GP-031959 approvedGERAN#16Motorola5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11777-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1777 26.16.10 splitted in two test cases Details GP-031943 agreedGERAN#16WAVECOM Details GP-031943 approvedGERAN#16Wavecom5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-117763F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1776 rev3 Correction to timers values Details GP-032251 agreedGERAN#16WAVECOM Details GP-032251 approvedGERAN#16Wavecom5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-117741F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1774 rev1 Section 21.4, TEI, Update on radio Access Network Details GP-032180 agreedGERAN#16Nokia Details GP-032180 approvedGERAN#16Nokia5.5.0TEI
See details 51.010-11773-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1773 Clause 45.5.1 - Error Cases Details GP-031936 agreedGERAN#16Ericsson Details GP-031936 approvedGERAN#16Ericsson5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11771-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1771 - Correction to initial conditions of system simulator Details GP-031923 agreedGERAN#16Anite Details GP-031923 approvedGERAN#16Anite5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11770-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1770 section In G850, GSM900, GSM450, GSM700 and GSM480 bands HANDOVER COMMAND message changed to match PCS1900 and PCN1800 bands Details GP-031921 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031921 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0
See details 51.010-11769-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1769 section Table, ARFCN, band identity corrections Details GP-031920 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031920 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0
See details 51.010-11768-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1768 section In G850 system information type 5 K=3 indicated channel numbers can not be set using variable bitmap format Details GP-031919 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031919 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0
See details 51.010-11767-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1767 Section 26.6.3.x BCCH allocation sequence number missing from SYSTEM INFORMATION 5Bis messages Details GP-031918 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031918 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0
See details 51.010-11766-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1766 Section 40.2.2.* Incorrect RFL contents in PSIs for cells B,C,D,E,F Details GP-031917 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031917 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11765-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1765 Section Optional steps needed to consider blocks already scheduled in the MS's buffer Details GP-031916 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031916 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11764-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1764 Section Correction of logical channel for sending PACKET UL ASSIGNMENT (PBCCH not present case) Details GP-031915 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031915 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-117631F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1763 rev1 Section Corrections to expected sequence Details GP-032171 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-032171 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11762-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1762 Section Removal of close ended TBF missing Details GP-031913 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031913 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11761-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1761 Section PICS/PIXIT not needed Details GP-031912 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031912 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11759-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1759 Section Correct Macro in step 4 {Uplink data transfer, dynamic allocation} Details GP-031902 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031902 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11758-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1758 Section Clean up of specific message contents Details GP-031901 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031901 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11757-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1757 Section Removal of TIMESLOT_ALLOCATION = '00000010' Details GP-031900 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031900 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11755-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1755 Section Removal of TIMESLOT_ALLOCATION = '00000010' Details GP-031898 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031898 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11754-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1754 Section Removal of TIMESLOT_ALLOCATION = '00000010' Details GP-031897 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031897 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11753-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1753 Section Correction of expected BSN for test run using MCS-6 Details GP-031896 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031896 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11751-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1751 Section Inclusion of optional steps to match number of uplink blocks sent Details GP-031894 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031894 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-117502F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1750 rev2 Section Correction of expected sequence Details GP-032247 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-032247 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11749-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1749 Section Correction of expected sequence Details GP-031892 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031892 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-117481F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1748 rev1 Section Ambiguous definitions of adjacent-channel interferer and typing error corrections Details GP-032245 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-032245 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0
See details 51.010-117471D5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1747 rev1 Section Ambiguous definitions of adjacent channel interferer Details GP-032244 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-032244 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0
See details 51.010-11746-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1746 Section 14.4.16 Ambiguous definitions of co-channel interferer and typing error corrections Details GP-031889 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031889 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0
See details 51.010-11745-D5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1745 Section 14.4.8 Ambiguous definitions of the co-channel interferer Details GP-031888 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031888 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0
See details 51.010-11744-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1744 Section R99 settings for ECSC flag in Non GPRS Cell Options Details GP-031887 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031887 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11743-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1743 Correction to AMR section for pre Rel-5 MS's Details GP-031874 agreedGERAN#16Ericsson Details GP-031874 approvedGERAN#16Ericsson5.5.0
See details 51.010-11742-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1742 Correction to AMR section for pre Rel-5 MS's Details GP-031873 agreedGERAN#16Ericsson Details GP-031873 approvedGERAN#16Ericsson5.5.0
See details 51.010-11741-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1741 Correction to AMR section 14.4.16 for pre Rel-5 MS's Details GP-031872 agreedGERAN#16Ericsson Details GP-031872 approvedGERAN#16Ericsson5.5.0
See details 51.010-11740-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1740 Correction to AMR section 14.2.18 for pre Rel-5 MS's Details GP-031871 agreedGERAN#16Ericsson Details GP-031871 approvedGERAN#16Ericsson5.5.0
See details 51.010-117391F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1739 rev 1 Correction to AMR section 14.2.10 for pre Rel-5 MS's Details GP-032067 agreedGERAN#16Ericsson Details GP-032067 approvedGERAN#16Ericsson5.5.0
See details 51.010-117381F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1738 rev1 Correction to AMR section 14 for pre Rel-5 MS's Details GP-032151 agreedGERAN#16Ericsson Details GP-032151 approvedGERAN#16Ericsson5.5.0
See details 51.010-11737-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1737 Section PICS/PIXIT not needed Details GP-031855 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031855 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11736-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1736 Section ? PSI2 settings to use same frequency for PBCCH and PCCCH Details GP-031854 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031854 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11734-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1734 Section PICS/PIXIT not needed Details GP-031852 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031852 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11733-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1733 Section Correction Initial conditions Details GP-031851 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031851 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11732-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1732 Section 41.1.6: Time constraints regarding WAIT_INDICATION not explicitely mentioned in expected sequence Details GP-031850 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031850 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11731-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1731 Section 51.1.6: Time constraints regarding WAIT_INDICATION not explicitely mentioned in expected sequence Details GP-031849 agreedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz Details GP-031849 approvedGERAN#16Rohde & Schwarz5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11730-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1730 - Correct handling of Detach cause and Attach Request type Details GP-031848 agreedGERAN#16Anite Telecoms Details GP-031848 approvedGERAN#16Anite5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11728-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1728 Correction of Test Procedure and Expected Sequence for section - Acknowledged Mode/ Uplink TBF/ Interpretation of PBSN Details GP-031846 agreedGERAN#16Nokia & Setcom Details GP-031846 approvedGERAN#16Nokia5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11727-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1727 Addition of note in macro, to allow reception of Control Ack in Access Bursts or in RLC/MAC Control block format. Details GP-031836 agreedGERAN#16SASKEN Details GP-031836 approvedGERAN#16Sasken5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-117261F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1726 rev1 51.010-1; Identifying the number of iterations for the testcase Details GP-032173 agreedGERAN#16SASKEN Details GP-032173 approvedGERAN#16Sasken5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11725-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1725 Addition of note to the section, for sending of PSI1, PSI13 on PACCH. Details GP-031834 agreedGERAN#16SASKEN Details GP-031834 approvedGERAN#16Sasken5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11717-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1717 -- Changes in the applicabilty of the testcase Details GP-031826 agreedGERAN#16SASKEN Details GP-031826 approvedGERAN#16Sasken5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11716-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1716 changes in the applicabilty of the testcases and 42.7.4 Details GP-031825 agreedGERAN#16SASKEN Details GP-031825 approvedGERAN#16Sasken5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11715-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1715 Changes in the MACRO used to bring MS into uplink transfer mode in testcases,,, Details GP-031824 agreedGERAN#16SASKEN Details GP-031824 approvedGERAN#16Sasken5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11714-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1714 52.6.2 - changing mobile identity in paging request from TMSI to P-TMSI. Details GP-031823 agreedGERAN#16SASKEN Details GP-031823 approvedGERAN#16Sasken5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11713-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1713 52.6.1 - changing mobile identity in paging request from TMSI to P-TMSI. Details GP-031822 agreedGERAN#16SASKEN Details GP-031822 approvedGERAN#16Sasken5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11712-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1712 Removal of the testcase Details GP-031821 agreedGERAN#16SASKEN Details GP-031821 approvedGERAN#16Sasken5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11711-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1711, - In step 3, the channel on which the paging is transmitted is changed from PPCH to PAGCH. Details GP-031820 agreedGERAN#16SASKEN Details GP-031820 approvedGERAN#16Sasken5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-117091F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1709 rev 1 Addition of new procedures for 44.2.7 and changes for R99 Details GP-032167 agreedGERAN#16SASKEN Details GP-032167 approvedGERAN#16Sasken5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-117081F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1708 rev1Changes in the sequence of 42.7.6 Details GP-032162 agreedGERAN#16SASKEN Details GP-032162 approvedGERAN#16Sasken5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-117071F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1707 rev1Changes in the sequence of 42.7.4 Details GP-032161 agreedGERAN#16SASKEN Details GP-032161 approvedGERAN#16Sasken5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11706-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1706 - PDP context changed from the default 3 to PDP context 2. Details GP-031814 agreedGERAN#16SASKEN Details GP-031814 approvedGERAN#16Sasken5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11705-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1705 Removal of the testcase Details GP-031813 agreedGERAN#16SASKEN Details GP-031813 approvedGERAN#16Sasken5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11704-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1704 - In step 3, channel on which paging is transmitted is changed from PPCH to PAGCH. Details GP-031812 agreedGERAN#16SASKEN Details GP-031812 approvedGERAN#16Sasken5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-117031F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1703 rev1 Updates in the timing requirement for the reselection for 20.22.6 Details GP-032175 agreedGERAN#16SASKEN Details GP-032175 approvedGERAN#16Sasken5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11702-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1702 Updates in the name of the testcase and the timing requirement for reselection of the testcase 20.22.5 Details GP-031810 agreedGERAN#16SASKEN Details GP-031810 approvedGERAN#16Sasken5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11701-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1701 Section editorial corrections Details GP-031809 agreedGERAN#16Racal Instruments Details GP-031809 approvedGERAN#16Racal Instruments5.5.0
See details 51.010-117002F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1700 rev2 R99 adaption of test case Details GP-032250 agreedGERAN#16Orange Details GP-032250 approvedGERAN#16Orange5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11699-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1699 - SABM corrected to XID command in step 4 Details GP-031807 agreedGERAN#16Anite Details GP-031807 approvedGERAN#16Anite5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11697-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1697 Acknowledged Mode/ Downlink TBF/ Window Size/Assigned Value Details GP-031804 agreedGERAN#16Setcom Details GP-031804 approvedGERAN#16Setcom5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11695-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1695 Section - RRBP value not matching expected sequence Details GP-031802 agreedGERAN#16Setcom Details GP-031802 approvedGERAN#16Setcom5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11693-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1693 51.1.2 RR / Paging / on PCCCH for circuit-switched services / paging successful Details GP-031800 agreedGERAN#16Setcom Details GP-031800 approvedGERAN#16Setcom5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11692-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1692 Section - RRBP value not matching expected sequence Details GP-031799 agreedGERAN#16Setcom Details GP-031799 approvedGERAN#16Setcom5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-116911F5.4.0Rel-5051.010-1-1691 rev1 Dynamic Allocation / Uplink Transfer / Abnormal / with cell reselection in acknowledged mode Details GP-032155 agreedGERAN#16Setcom Details GP-032155 approvedGERAN#16Setcom5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11689-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1689 41.1.2 RR / Paging / on PCCCH for circuit-switched services/ paging successful Details GP-031796 agreedGERAN#16Setcom Details GP-031796 approvedGERAN#16Setcom5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11687-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1687 - Various Corrections to test sequence Details GP-031794 agreedGERAN#16Anite Details GP-031794 approvedGERAN#16Anite5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11686-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1686 - Various Corrections to test sequence Details GP-031793 agreedGERAN#16Anite Details GP-031793 approvedGERAN#16Anite5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11685-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1685 - Correction of comment step7 regarding EGPRS PACKET CHANNEL REQUEST. Details GP-031792 agreedGERAN#16Anite Details GP-031792 approvedGERAN#16Anite5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11684-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1684 - Correction of calculation for N3104_MAX Details GP-031791 agreedGERAN#16Anite Details GP-031791 approvedGERAN#16Anite5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11682-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1682 20.22.13 - C32_QUAL specified and continuous paging swiched on on cell B and C Details GP-031789 agreedGERAN#16Anite Telecoms Details GP-031789 approvedGERAN#16Anite5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11681-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1681,, - Changes in the applicabilty of some parts of testcase Details GP-031788 agreedGERAN#16Anite Telecoms Details GP-031788 approvedGERAN#16Anite5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11680-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1680,, - Changes in the applicabilty of some parts of testcase Details GP-031787 agreedGERAN#16Anite Telecoms Details GP-031787 approvedGERAN#16Anite5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11678-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1678 - Change number of octets to perform Short Access Details GP-031785 agreedGERAN#16Anite Telecoms Details GP-031785 approvedGERAN#16Anite5.5.0GPRS
See details 51.010-11676-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1676 TC - Correction to the amount of data triggered Details GP-031771 agreedGERAN#16Setcom Details GP-031771 approvedGERAN#16Setcom5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11675-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1675 TC - Correction to timeslots allocated and coding of Window Size Details GP-031769 agreedGERAN#16Setcom Details GP-031769 approvedGERAN#16Setcom5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-11674-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1674 TC - Correction to coding of Window size Details GP-031768 agreedGERAN#16Setcom Details GP-031768 approvedGERAN#16Setcom5.5.0EDGE
See details 51.010-116701F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1670 rev1 section 60.9 Inter system handover to UTRAN/from GSM/Failure/Cause: Protocol Error Details GP-032176 agreedGERAN#16Racal Instruments Details GP-032176 approvedGERAN#16Racal Instruments5.5.0
See details 51.010-11664-F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1664 Section Threshold Change (normal) - correction of THRESH_REQ message contents Details GP-031748 agreedGERAN#16Racal Instruments Details GP-031748 approvedGERAN#16Racal Instruments5.5.0
See details 51.010-116621F5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1662 rev1 Sections 14.1.5 and 14.1.6 Bad frame indication AMR - corrections Details GP-032179 agreedGERAN#16Racal Instruments Details GP-032179 approvedGERAN#16Racal Instruments5.5.0
See details 51.010-116591C5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1659 rev 1 TC Removal of the close-ended TBF feature Details GP-031954 agreedGERAN#16Melco Mobile Co... Details GP-031954 approvedGERAN#16Melco Mobile5.5.0TEI
See details 51.010-116561C5.4.0Rel-551.010-1-1656 TC Removal of the close-ended TBF feature Details GP-031953 agreedGERAN#16Melco Mobile Co... Details GP-031953 approvedGERAN#16Melco Mobile5.5.0TEI