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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
11.10-3C393-4.23.0Ph2Implementation of Tdoc SMG7 137/98 (Hopping Channel required) Details 282/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C392-4.23.0Ph2RF Signal parameter change for TC_20_1 Details 280/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C391-4.23.0Ph2Problem in MO test cases for Dual Rate phones Details 279/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C390-4.23.0Ph2Implementation problems in 26.6.13 series DCS Test Cases Details 278/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C389-4.23.0Ph2Implementation Error: Incorrect Use Of Cell Allocation Data Strucutures Details 277/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C388-4.23.0Ph2Problem with conflicting carrier initialisation in TC_20_15 Details 272/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C387-4.23.0Ph2Implementation errors in the test case series Details 271/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C386-4.23.0Ph2DCS implementation error in the test case Details 270/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C385-4.23.0Ph2Problem implementing a TTCN pre-defined operation Details 269/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C384-4.23.0Ph2Implementing TDoc 7-67/98 Details 268/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C383-4.23.0Ph2DCS Handover Tests, NCD to include BCCH arfcn Details 267/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C382-4.23.0Ph2Correction for DCS frequencies for 26_6_4_1 Details 265/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C381-4.23.0Ph2Implementation error in Handover test cases sends wrong SysInfo6 message Details 264/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C380-4.23.0Ph2Implementation errors in Handover test cases cause L2 reaching N200 limit Details 263/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C379-4.23.0Ph2SI3 coding conflict in and Details 262/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0
11.10-3C378-4.23.0Ph2Implementation errors in Handover test cases for Releasing the Channel being Handed Over From Details 261/98 agreed98-0540approved4.24.0