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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
22.0780123-5.3.0Rel-5CAMEL and IM application registrationS1-010666agreedSP-010432approved5.4.0
22.078012215.3.0Rel-5Applicability of CAMEL to IP Multimedia sessionsS1-010878agreedSP-010432approved5.4.0
22.078012115.3.0Rel-5Applicability of CAMEL to IMSS1-010853agreedSP-010432approved5.4.0
22.0780120-5.3.0Rel-5Correction of on line charging procedures in case of CPHS1-010806agreedSP-010432approved5.4.0
22.078011925.3.0Rel-5Tones support for CAMEL phase 4S1-010852agreedSP-010432approved5.4.0
22.0780118-5.3.0Rel-5additional information called party connection procedure 22.078-118; Rel 5; CS1-010695agreedSP-010432approved5.4.0
22.0780116-5.3.0Rel-5additional procedure description to Charging Notification 22.078-116; Rel 5; CS1-010693agreedSP-010432approved5.4.0
22.078011515.3.0Rel-5Introduction service requirements for CAMEL interworking with the IP multimedia subsystem 22.078-115; Rel 5; BS1-010873agreedSP-010432approved5.4.0
22.078011415.3.0Rel-5to 22.078 on Editorial corrections to subclause 8.1. 22.078-114; Rel 5; FS1-010691agreedSP-010432approved5.4.0
22.078011325.3.0Rel-5to 22.078 on Introduction of definitions for CPH 22.078-113; Rel 5; FS1-010851agreedSP-010432approved5.4.0
22.078011235.3.0Rel-5Enhanced charging for Call Party Handling. 22.078-112; Rel 5; FS1-010782agreedSP-010432approved5.4.0